Sunday, March 15, 2009

Glimpses of a folksy party...

"Book Readers"at the Party: Front: Tracy & Linea
Back L-R: Virginia, me, Alecia, Loretta, Grace

Dixie listening intently...

Grace and Zack...and cousin Kieran

Phil and Marc - the 'scholars'

Patrick, Amanda, baby Kimia and her mom, Michelle

Grandpa Leo and Gradma Linea with Zack

Family & Friends gathered to say
Happy Birthday
Family and friends...
Dale Nikkel and Kimbal Siebert -
the evenings entertainment in the Lanoie home
It was a superb party!
Much talking, laughing, singing and great entertainment by Mr. Nikkel and Mr. Siebert.
A house concert. Well, I'd never been to one ,but sure would like to go to one again. It could even be the same entertainers. Most excellent!
We all whisked the girl properly into her 6th decade. I think she'll enjoy it here. I am, at least.
God is good. Many of us met once again this morning at church to rehash and talk about the evening past.
Think I'm due for a nap.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Lauralea said...

Oh... that looks like it was fun. Wish I was there.

: )

Thanks for the pictures! Many happy returns of the day. You both make 60 look good- and definitely nothing to be afraid of!

: )