Monday, December 3, 2012

It's December...

Some ancient, wise person made the comment that life goes by faster after forty.

Then some other smart, experienced fella said that it goes by even faster once you reach sixty.

If those two statements are true...we need to look again at our watches...mine doesn't go by any faster than it did when I was 10!

However, there is something to be said for after retirement.  As much as I believe our time intervals don't minute is still one minute....something definitely changes after one retires.  I swear.  It does.

I can tell that it does.  And the best way I notice this rapid increase in the interval of one minute...or one week... is that one week before retirement really is 7 week after retirement is 1 day.  I thought about this when I was taking my pills on Saturday night...the last night of my weekly pills.  My weekly pill box begins on Sunday, but I swear that it was only the day before that I had to refill my pill couldn't possibly have been one week before...impossible!  Impossible, I say!!!!

So, I'm wondering what happened to those six days????  Where did they go????  Was I sleeping all that time?  And if I was, no one seemed to miss me!  Or maybe I was in a cough medicine induced coma.  That's it.  I was drugged out for a week.

But then little things come back...oh ya, I did such and such on Blackberry says so.  And I was at Kid's Klub...or was that two weeks go every week, so I must have been there!

See what I mean.  Days run into one another and then weeks...and now I'm finding months.  Wasn't it just October 1st?????  I'm sure it was just a day or two ago.

Heh...heh...heh....some of you are shaking your heads, thinking I've lost it, eh?  You just wait until you retire then you'll be able to fully understand the not-so-absurdness of my above story.

I wonder if it involves the lack of scheduling of my life, like it's a free running river, winding it's way down stream, over some rapid rapids, down some falls and out into the ocean.  It just appears to go on seamlessly without any actual orientation of time. 

The thing is, before retirement, I was anxious for my life to not be bound by schedules...and now I find I want them back.  We always want something we don't have...but in this case, I shall simply get a bit more scheduled.  It should work, right?

Seems as if I just wrote in my blog...and it was over a week strange.  But I think I shall hang on a bit more tightly in case this speeding bullet I'm on, careens off into oblivion.  But who knows, maybe oblivion is the place I need to be.....I'll keep you posted.

Nice snow today, eh? uhhhh....that was today, wasn't it?????  Think I'll go to bed before I find it's next Monday!!!

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