Sunday, October 19, 2008


Pastor Randall's last Communion Service at Gateway.

Me and my friend, Lauralea
who has a sense of humnor like no other human being!

A forced smile. A relaxed pose. Tears welling up and spilling over. A broken heart. All make for one person, me, who has said just one too many good-byes this week.

My body, mind and spirit are crashing.

And it all happened when husband came home from church and gave me my one last hug from my friend, Lauralea. All of the turmoil and stresses of the past 6 months with my Aunt being sick and passing away this week, and Pastor Randall and Lauralea leaving......not sure if I could handle one more farewell.....glad it will be next Sunday and not this Sunday that we say good-bye to another friend, Meg.........
So, now I'm weeping...hard....the tears just keep coming and I'm beginning to let go of people once again from my life. You would think it would get a bit easier as you get older and perhaps it does in some ways. But as I have said before, when you love deeply, you feel their leaving just as deeply.

I want to stay in a hole and cry for a year........God help it not be that long.....

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Linea said...


And you get well soon. We missed you.