Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's all changed..

And since I've been shouting to the rooftops about change, embracing it and enjoying it, I had better eat my words!

My world has changed so much that I sometimes don't recognize it.  For instance, around this time of year, every morning before I had my cup of coffee at work, I would change my "Countdown to Christmas" sign that hung by my desk.  Now, I don't have it to change...although I do have a Teddy Bear at home that has a box of interchangeable numbers on his lap.  And so I do that instead.  It was fun though at work when people would pass by and say, "O my goodness...only that many days 'til Christmas???!!!!"  And then we'd have a little chat.

Often by this time in December when at work, I would have sent out several non-descript emails by now to my co-workers about Christmas...various thoughts I have regarding giving and loving and caring....which most people know about anyway.  It was fun doing that nevertheless!  It tended to get ME in the spirit!  I miss that too!

Not that husband and I don't have these conversations, mind you.  We speak quite a bit about the spirit of generosity...of Christmas... that we need to instill within us, to not hold on to 'possessions' as one day they will all be gone, to give where's only money!!! We laughingly said that quite a bit this week!

Yes, my world has changed to a great degree but I have great memories of wonderful folks that I shared a good many years with and Christmas brings those memories to the fore.

Yes, they were quite a bunch to work with and I miss their presence and their team spirit! (Of course, they're not all in the pictures here but those are the pics I could find off-hand:)

Nineteen days 'til Christmas.  Guess I should re-read that....19 days 'til Christmas.  I shall do a little gift buying one day soon perhaps:)  But first it's husband's cataract surgery next Wednesday...the five hours in hospital until he can come home...then drops in the eye every two hours, then three times a day for three weeks...etc. etc.

And the countdown continues until Matthew and Brittney come home...can't forget that!!!

P.S.  Sure hope someone is keeping tabs on the tape gun at work or it may be grounds for an email to be sent!:)

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