Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Now THAT was some worship practice!!!!!!!

Church now has a new sound system.  Husband has worked diligently in getting everything organized for this to happen...many, many hours of planning with Spectrum Sound and Church Council and the Worship Team, not to mention the pastors.  Not sure if folks really realize how much work he has done on this, but I know!

Music practice this evening was the proof in the pudding!  We could actually hear ourselves sing (which, at my age, can be a scary thing!!) and the music was profound!  Guitar with Dave A. and piano with Janet L. rocked!  The organ brought up the rear!

And husband sat in the sound booth getting everything sounding just right (as much as he can with a hearing impediment!) But he was blown away by the excellent sound coming from those long, lanky, beautiful, unassuming Bose speakers.  All of us were!

But as I said, with my throat still stinging from my last cold, the notes aren't rolling from my throat as they normally would...allowing any squeaks, squawks, yowls and hisses to be clearly heard.  As I previously mentioned, that's scary!

Not to repeat myself but the new sound system is most excellent and we are all gratefully appreciative of it.

See, she doesn't look like much but she sure packs a heavy sound.  Now, put two of those babies on either side of the platform and you've got class.

One will be in the space where the drums are on the right in this picture and the other is by the chair on the left.  Poor drums have been temporarily banned to the back of the sanctuary as we don't presently have a drummer.  They said they didn't mind, but they did miss Dixie!

So, if you want to hear some cool sound, drop by Gateway on Sunday around 10.  Your ears will hopefully be glad you did:)


Dixie said...

So glad you guys got a new sound system! But I am sorry for the lonely drum set. :)

Wendy said...

Glad you are back, I miss reading your blogs