Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enough already....

Totally sick of being sick!

Still hacking and coughing like there's no tomorrow...and if I keep this up, maybe there won't be a tomorrow!!!!

Last day of antibiotics tomorrow so I'll see how far I've progressed with the stuff when I'm finished. I wouldn't want to think I'd be in for another round.  Four prescriptions in  10 weeks is quite enough!

Now on to more important things.

A former co-worker's daughter was tragically killed in a car accident last night here in P.A..  We didn't work directly but I know her well enough to feel the hurt and pain she must be enduring in these moments of grief.  Sometimes death hits a person like a sucker punch, knocking the wind out of you like you will never breathe another breath in your life.  Then slowly, a slight puff of air enters the lungs and another and yet another until our lungs are full again and we can breathe normally.  That won't happen with Mona for a very long time, I know.  Losing a child I am thinking of the Rivet family tonight knowing there will be rivers of unending tears and wonderings and thoughts of "if only"....enough to tear folks apart even more.  May the peace of God overshadow them in these days...and long, endless nights....

I've missed going to our Fitness Program now for two weeks.  I'm attempting to do a bit of exercise while I'm stuck at home but if I do too much, I go into a coughing fit and have to stop.  But I am determined.

Now, since husband is off to the Men's Group, I shall sit and watch some telly or read a bit and drink a spot of tea...

Oh, and Brittney went to two grads last June and now has her gowns for sale at very reasonable prices!  The white one could also be used as a wedding dress.

 Gorgeous, expensive gowns.  So, if you know of someone who is looking for bargain designer dresses for grad (or wedding), you can get in touch with me and I'll pass the word on.  Worn only for 4 hours each!
She looked lovely in it!

Full-length view - could also be used as a wedding dress!

Jeweled bodice up one side of bust and over the left shoulder! Beauty!

Bottom of dress

Striking back with ribbon closing and over one shoulder jeweled strap.

Dress #2.
This is totally gorgeous!  
Strapless mini dress with flowing ankle-length attached tulle skirt, 
beaded and sheared satin bodice.

Close-up of gown top.

The sheared satin back.  The colors are totally fabulous!

Just wanted to throw that in here in case you know of someone who is stretched for cash...this would be a terrific deal!

Sleep well, my friends.


Wendy Vance said...

If you talk to anyone who may talk with Mona, please send my condolensences and please get better soon!

Anonymous said...

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