Friday, July 13, 2007

Whacha gonna do when I'm gone......

I'll not be here for a time.

Vacation is calling me to sun and sand and sun tan oil and a few fish.........minus computer.

New trailer. New (old) truck. New (old) boat. The Lord has been good to us.

Son is living close to God in these days and it makes me smile.

Daughter is happy and being led by God too. They made a trip to Winnipeg to see the sites and to see where her husband spent a portion of his childhood.

Granddaughter will join us at the lake again this year..........first year as a teenager.

I may be left on the beach to do word puzzles alone ;-)

Watch out for each other while I'm away............and I'll not be that far either. I'll be praying for God to lead you all. Ya, for a guy at work - "D" - whose Mom is not that well; for "T" and "C" who will take over the reigns while I'm away; for "V" who has many more responsibilities at work in the next week or so; for "CB" who keeps reign on a lot of details and a few men; some folks at work aren't happy so I'll ask God to give them a sense of peace and a whole lot of joy; and poor "J" who has inherited a great deal of cash - (which makes my heart sing, not only for him but his entire family) but that God would give each of that family a great deal of wisdom as to how to use the resources that have been given them. It can't be easy looking into a future with no financial worries............;-)

I guess that's a start. I could go on and on about many people......people I love and care a great deal about. I won't here. You can be sure I'll be using some quiet moments to have some great talks with God. I think you know who you are.

Be safe and (as my granddaughter says to me when she leaves) "Don't slip in the shower!"

Monday, July 9, 2007

Remember the Israelites?

Those poor blokes traveled hither and yon wandering about in the desert, eating the same stuff, day after day, living in tents, keeping their guard up for snakes and little nasties running about out there, living their lives, conceiving and having babies, and nurturing and raising them up to be adults.....all the while wandering.

There are times when I feel like one of them, albeit I don't have the same food day after day, nor do I live in a tent and I am certainly beyond having any more children, but I feel like I need to live lightly these days, not too many "essentials" to carry around. I know I'm being led, like Moses did, by the hand of God. It's just a matter of packing lightly and waiting for the next instructions.

In our house move, we have been able to shed a great deal of stuff that would weigh us down. I think after a couple more moves we'll have it down to where we need to be.

But for now, I'm happy. I love our little rented house. I feel comfortable in it and at home. A few boxes need yet to be gone through but as of today, I am satisfied. I have not yearned for what used to be. That surprises me a bit. I thought I'd miss the old place but I do not.

I guess God was waiting for us to be ready for all of this newness. I like it. Unlike the Israelites, I haven't seen any poisonous snakes slither by so that must be good.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm still here.....

I don't have my computer hitched up at home......yet! Moving is painful in so many ways.

When I'm hitched up again, I'll post more often.

Think of me as I sort through a kazillion pictures, cards, notes and letters......all the way back to 1941..........

Thanks to my workplace computer for letting me update.