Thursday, August 30, 2012

my back's against the wall...

As I sit in our outer Patio Room of the trailer, I'm warmed by the sun on the back of my neck and shoulders.  I'm reading too.  Enjoying the sun before it exits behind some huge spruce trees and I will be left with that very cool wind blowing through the screen.

It actually made me leave and go inside to warm up. 

Supper is cooking in the little outside oven so we decided it would be a good blogging day and go over to the Evergreen Coffee Shop here in Waskesiu.  I'm enjoying a "Cloud"!  Husband, a cup of Earl Grey.

The past few days has seen a dramatic weather change from the heat of summer to the coolness of fall.  The leaves are falling and changing color daily.  The huge white caps on the lake with the sun shining on them is a loveliness to behold!  The squirrels are squirreling away food faster than a speeding peanut and the elk are beginning their fall habits....the male gathering as many females as he can to continue on with the species.  It's all quite a spectacle!  I've never actually been in the midst of the seasonal change but it's all quite amazing.  The fattening up.  The gathering together.  The color changes.  The sound changes.  All readying itself for the harsh winter ahead.  We, unfortunately, are not without some of the same habits!

Fishing is on hold while the wind blows itself out.  For how long, we just can't anticipate.  We certainly won't count on the forecasts to let us know!

Matthew arrived safely back in North America, changed and inspired!  I'm looking forward to some long conversations regarding his experiences in Italy!

And life is now without Brittney.  We had one text from her...."sooooo much fun, I tell ya'"!  Her mom leaves her today to and returns to P.A.  I have no words for those kinds of feelings, feelings which, I'm certain, most of us have felt to one degree or another.  Separation.  Parting.  Leaving.  Aloneness.

As much as we try to avoid those kinds of feelings, they are feelings that are a difficult part of life and always necessary.  We become better people because of how we handle those feelings.  So my heart is sorely aching as I type this.  Brittney will thrive, no doubt, and will busy herself with her schooling.  We, on the other hand, could do with a few prayers.

Husband has finished his tea.  I have almost finished my "Cloud".  We will go and see if some breakwater pictures are in order with that marvelous "fall wind" splashing itself up and over.

Enjoy the long Labour Day Weekend!  Home is coming quickly.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Everything is new....

Strange how when you've been away for a good long time and you return home to, what once was familiarity, now seems very new.  It's a good feeling.  Slept in our own bed for the first time since June 20! 

But now we must say farewell to granddaughter.

I think my excitement for her new life phase is actually greater than my grief at her parting. 

We'll see how it all shakes down....

Off on her journey!!!  YAY!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

woe to you unbelievers....

Well, all you unbelievers and skeptics out there, just figured I had better prove myself!

Here is my nearly 18 pound Jack I caught in...where else....."Jack fish Bay" on Crean Lake.  As I said before, he was one honkin' fish to reel in but I managed to do it!

Yes, there were some pretty mornings out there on the lake.  The stillness was deafening.

We had visits from friends too!

Then, of course, there is once again the usual "fish hook through the finger" story.  My poor man:(  But between the two of us (after I snapped a few pics) we (he) managed to pull the hook back through the opening and we were back fishing!  What a guy!

These two young bald eagles figured they were ready to flap their way to glory and freedom, but Mom said they had better keep on with their practicing.  Just like kids....they figured they were ready but Mom knew best!

And this "heart" cloud is for Jenny....waaaaaaaay over in Norway.....((hugs))
Our girls enjoyed spending some quality time together in the sun...before the big move.

This little fellow stopped by for a bit of a chit-chat too!

And in our spare time we played a bit of Cribbage.  Ken got as close to a perfect game as one could get...if only it could have been the "Jack of Clubs" with those three fives!  As it was, he made a "28 Hand".
So that's another update from beautiful northern Saskatchewan.  Perhaps we shall decide to come home but not too sure when.....perhaps in another month or so....we shall see how the fishing progresses:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Delay of game....

Even though we're off in a world of our own, off the beaten track so to speak, we still hear bits and pieces of the Olympics and more recently, the Riders vs Eskimos game, which happens to be displayed on TSN in the Patio Cafe as I type!

I heard about the soccer game between the US and Canada and how one little delay by one of the players caused no end of trouble....for her, her team and the outcome of the entire game...costing them a Gold medal.  I also heard of other circumstances which may have been a factor but I choose not to go there.

As the football game progresses I'm wondering if something like this could happen where a team member delays the game unduly  and causes a penalty to be given to his team.  That would be a real sorry situation.  The outcome could be drastic because of one little delay of game....and that also would embarrass our friends who are attending this particular game in Edmonton!!!

There are other situations in life too, where we have the opportunity of making a bad judgement call.  I was thinking of our granddaughter, Brittney, who will be leaving for school in Montreal in a little over two weeks. 

I want to delay the game...on purpose.....I want to delay the game of life.

What would happen if I fussed and carried on about her leaving home, about how much I will miss her and that I don't think life will be much fun without her!  I want to delay her departure.....sooooo much:(

But a lesson of the Olympics points to the fact that that decision could in fact, have a very disastrous outcome.  When we put our own feelings ahead of "the team" we put ourselves in precarious positions.

So, do I really want to "delay the game" for her.

Of course NOT!!!

I shall put aside my own selfish feelings and get really excited for her in her move and the opportunity she has to learn and mature and become a better person.

Next time I want to delay the game, I shall think better of it!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

And it's August....

So, this is turning out to be one honkin' big vacation...time wise.  We are into August and have been here since June 20.  The seasons are changing daily now, shorter evenings, earlier mornings and the geese, crows, magpies and other feathered and non-feathered creatures are in high speed, lending their great wisdom to their young at lightening comparison to human speed, at least.  In a few short months, birds hatch, learn how to swim, fly, catch prey, and how to act in accordance to their particular species.  This afternoon while sitting on the beach, we witnessed a family of geese fly over...Pa in the lead, kids forming their own version of a "V" and Ma bringing up the rear!  Pa was honking instructions to the kids while they flew and the kids, you could tell, were watching and learning and letting their instincts take over.  In a month or so, they will have learned a great deal and should be ready to take flight with the entire Goose Flock.  Pretty good for a short lesson on how to live life!

It sure takes we humans a great deal longer to teach our kids how to live and fend for nearly 20 years!  So nature has to work at lightening speed in order to survive.  We, on the other hand, take our time and get our mind and souls into the game of growing up.  Strange how we are the same...and yet so different!

So, now husband and I are sitting at an Internet cafe and enjoying an Earl Grey Tea and a "Cloud" where Randy has joined us.  Fun!

Anyway, time is going by as the sun sets in a very different position than in June.  I haven't taken many sunset pictures but I will.  Yesterday I spotted a beautiful bull elk...different one from last year:)  We were about 15 feet away so I got some pretty good pictures of him!

I have actually downloaded several hundred pictures on my home computer so I have some work ahead of me as we get home in September.

Ta ta for now then, dear ones.  I'm having a grand time and am thankful to have this blessing of a very long, luxurious vacation!