Thursday, May 31, 2007

They tried not to look......

Yes, we went for our photo ops today. What a "hoot". Well, perhaps that isn't quite the word I should be using here...... but the river bank will never be the same again.

Passing cars were looking very intently.......slowing right down........they could have been watching the river, but I really don't think so.

Young mothers passed us by on the walkway pushing strollers. I'm sure I saw one of them hide their child's eyes. The moms tried not to look, but managed a quick sideways glance, picking up speed with the reality of what they had seen.

We were ten in all. Several poses were taken. The photographer tried to keep was a hot...............H O T day after all............

The breeze picked up at several points. We attempted valiantly to keep our tiny little posters directly in front of us.............and, being plastic, well, let's just say they fluttered enough at particular times to keep our photographer keenly absorbed in his work!

A bevy of seven beauties and three gallant, macho, self-assured men, peeking here and there out from under a "Studs and Peelers" banner.....bared shoulders......bared legs.........well, the passersby didn't really know what was on the other side facing that river!

If you come to the Canadian Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" walk tomorrow night, you just may see what all the commotion was about on the river bank today. It will well worth your effort.............yes, it certainly...........will..................

Your friendly neighborhood..................... Peeler.........ummmmm.....hmmmmmm

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The "Studs and Peelers" will strut.

I've been involved with "Studs and Peelers" for......I think this will be my fifth year now. What a great bunch. Four guys and seven gals. We work very hard at our trade and I think we've become quite team oriented. It is of great satisfaction to each of us, to work very hard, really enjoy that work, and try to pass that enthusiasm on to the younger generation. Will they catch a vision of what they could be as a Stud or a Peeler? Not sure. The opportunity is there for them. Just not sure if they'll be able to live up to our name.

Tomorrow, we'll get to strut our stuff. It'll be out on the River Bank here in P.A. sometime in the afternoon. Our team Captain, Val, quilted an ever-so-lovely "Stud and Peeler" banner to hold strategically in front of us as one of our City Fathers, Mr. A., who is also a professional photographer, will be ready for some exquisite camera action. None of us are shy. We're all ready to do business. I won't tell you exactly where we will be for the photo ops though, as we don't want the national and local press, etc. taking over.

I'll try and post some pictures on here at some point. You won't be sorry!

I'll be in church on Sunday too, you can be sure of it. Tired! But I'll be there. The life of a Peeler can be pretty exhausting!

Remember too:
Luke 6:37 “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.

Oh, and if you want to pledge to the Canadian Cancer Society, any member of our "Studs and Peelers" team from Sask Environment Forest Service, will be most happy to receive your donation. The overnight walk at Harry Jerome Track will be happening all night this Friday, to raise money for cancer research. One year ago this weekend, our dear friend and co-worker, Sharon Clark, passed away with liver we walked the, we continue try our best to rid the world of this disease, by raising huge amounts of cash.

I've asked God to keep away the rain.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Formatting a letter.....with God in mind.

This is how a letter is formatted:

Name (of the person you have hurt)
Address (they should have one)
City Province Postal Code

Dear Wilf: (Name of person I hurt)

Re: A Formal Apology for Glaring at You and Raising My Voice - Somewhat

(Opening paragraph)
It was a crazy day at work today, don't you agree. I somehow managed to get your letter typed and formatted without too many problems. Thank you for allowing me to get right in there and do those mundane things for you, like letters.

(The body of the letter)
I was typing several other letters as well today for one of your co-workers, plus a very large and horrific Contract for Mr. T. This will now be known as "The Contract from Down Under" (and I do not mean the Continent of Australia!).

In it's former life, it was a popular little document and had it's lovely origins in "Word Perfect". Now, however, due to decisions which I am not privy to, we are encouraged by force to use "MSWord". These two programs are very different and each have their own little sweetnesses about them. I was attempting to line up all the "Whereas-es" and "Wherefore-s" and put in all of the bullets as in: I. A. 1. a) i) and so on. Did these little babies do as they were supposed to???? NO! NO! NO! They did not. This little item had me sending out very unsavory messages to those about me like: "Oh, pig face!!!" or "I hate Word!!" or "I'm quitting typing. I'm throwing this document away and no one will be the wiser!!" There were a few other little quotes but no one heard me....I could barely hear them myself!

Yes, it got to that point of frustration.

In you walk, dear Wilf, letter in hand, saying something like: "Aren't there supposed to be only 4 lines between the "Sincerely" and the "Signature"????? You were questioning me - the ever-so-proud "letter queen"! After having faced this ugly piece of %(*$)&(^%@%@$% contract for the past several hours, you figured you knew how many lines there should be for your signature in the letter I had typed for you.

(My confession)
I looked up at you and said ever-so-definitively "6 HARD RETURNS - THAT IS HOW MANY LINES YOU LEAVE - 5 LINES WITH YOUR SIGNATURE ON THE 6TH LINE!!!"

(My repentance)
I thought to myself, "Is the contract from down under causing you undue stress? Is it unnerving you? Should you take a break before you begin to spit fire and whack people over their heads?" Yes, to all of those thoughts. I apologized to you - and you certainly deserved one.

You see, there is no excuse at all for how I spoke to you. Please forgive me. You deserve much better. I will try to speak to you and my co-workers with much more grace and humility, beginning tomorrow.

Thank you for the lesson you taught me today, Wilf. I must never get angered over something so simple as "2 extra lines for a signature". It just won't make much difference when all is said and done.

You may contact me at the above address, should you have further comments or questions regarding letters and the formatting of same.


Sharon (please forgive me, Wilf) Kent
Project Administrator

1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

Just thought I'd throw that in there as a reminder to myself. I sorely needed it.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I think we're being held hostage!

By three C A T S!!!

Chiang, a very slim, sleek, sexy, sophisticated male Tabby who has garnered most, if not all, of my affection, has taught me to serve him well and I take pride in that fact. He is gallant in his efforts to bring home offerings of his male prowess.....mice, birds, and large bugs. Yes, he is generous and vain to a fault. One stretch of his lithe body against my leg, gets me yelping like a little pup, as his claws gently and precisely make their piercingly curved entrance into my flesh. "He just wants to be petted", I would say to the husband, who comes running at the sound of my high-pitched screeching. I opt for the "Shrek" band-aids.

Sukey, the self-assured, self-centered, chatty, wily matriarch of the home, is a sister to Chiang. She has become a capable, ordered ruler of the household. Nothing gets by her without her consent. Everything is inspected, sniffed at and given "the look" (including Chiang and Job). She has total control over her domain and exercises it with great precision and confidence. The "boys" do not look at her directly. The "boys" do not pass her by without first sitting and admiring her. The "boys" do not go to their food dishes without her escort and approval. No, they are nothing, until she says that they are! She chats away to her staff (that's my husband and I), letting us know of her wishes. We usually comply.

"Job" (pronounced jobe) has a story all his own. Our son, when on a church youth event at the Little Red River Park, a few years ago had this skinny, sickly orange feline following him around - meowing and meowing, begging actually, for Matt to pick him up and take him home. He was hungry, thirsty and tired after all. Matt got the message and that is exactly what he did. Packed him under his coat and drove him home - to our place. We didn't think he'd make it. I think he doubled in weight the first week! Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep....... and eat some more. After a time, he became big and round with a wonderfully thankful disposition. We learned quickly to meet his every need. He expected us to. He was a C A T, after all. He's lazy. He's lovely. He's lovable. He's spoiled. He's cuddly. He's everything a C A T should be. He has total control over us.

Should you notice us flying a white flag from the front door, you can call for backup.

Here kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty..........

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hit the deck!!

My handy-dandy carpenter husband built us a new, two-level deck. It's terrific. After digging up a fair sized flower bed this afternoon, I figured I'd put that deck to good use and besides I was now pooped!

So, I sat upon it and watched the various back-yard creatures do all the things back-yard creatures do. I sat and rested, looking up into the mountain ash as the wind shifted through the leaves against a blue Saskatchewan sky.

The humming bird flitted back and forth in the lilac bush, gathering nectar. In the midst of the gathering, she decided to sit a while. There she sat, close enough for me to enjoy her iridescent plumage......the greens and blues and pinks.

I figured she and I had been working pretty hard out in the yard, and like me, became weary and needed to sit a spell and rest. I think we shared glances and knew as we glanced, we were on the same wave is good. Then, off she flew, back to her routine and I went back to mine.

A robin came for a drink at the bird bath. A sparrow chirped his discontent at seeing "Job the CAT" prowling beneath his tree. Job was watching him alright but the warmth of the sun kept him languishing on his back......certainly not in the pouncing position.

I enjoyed that deck today. Our family came over for son-in-law's birthday party which was on the deck too. I think it will be well used this summer. It's a place of tranquility, a place where I can enjoy creation and sit and think and watch and just be.

I'd like to hit the deck again tomorrow, but alas, a work day is upon me.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ever get God-logged?

It's kind of like being waterlogged except better. When I get water-logged, well, I've been in that water for ever-so-long. I'm soaked. I'm drenched. I'm wet clear through.

I really don't think you CAN be God-logged but sometimes it feels like it. I think it's when there are so many things to talk to him about and you find yourself going to a place where you can sit and think and meditate and wait. He comes to us when we do that.

Lately, I've been returning again and again to the Scripture passage in Jeremiah 29. I think I am, because our adult children are in a time of change in their lives and I am seeking God out and discussing this all with Him. Daughter and family will be moving in a few weeks. She will be going to university in the fall. Major changes for them. Son has just been laid off from his job. (The night before this, he asked God to help him to not be so self-reliant!!!) Sometimes we're stunned when God answers so quickly!!!

I want the best for my children and so, I go to the One who knows best.

This is what Jeremiah prophesied in his letter to the Exiles in 29:19: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to proser you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. I will be found by you," declares the Lord, "and will bring you back from captivity."

There's just something about that constant calling on the Lord and praying to him. It says he listens! So I continue on, seeking him with my whole heart. It says I will find him too, and he will restore me.

I guess that's when I get that God-logged feeling. Like he's permeating my heart, soul and mind. When I'm in the midst of seeking him, there is a constant heaviness, like I have to wade through this swamp until I get to the other side, where I can change clothes and feel a whole lot lighter!

I believe. I believe for my children and their needs. I believe for my friends and their needs........even for me.

I'm feelin' saturated, but I'll be puttin' on dry stuff, hopefully soon.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm tired.

Yes, I'm tired.

Not only tired, I feel out of sorts...kind of cranky. Like it's an effort to feel good and my lips won't turn up to smile. No energy.

Ho hum.

I think that's where cows have it over on us, don't you think?

Yep, I'd like to be a cow, I'm thinkin'. Just sittin' around on the grass chewing my cud, watching all the happenings in the barnyard and the meadow. Closing my eyes as the sun shifts around to my tired back and legs. Just sittin' and chewin'.

Some people I know, do that.

You can laugh all you want. It's true.

I don't think cows get very cranky though. Just people.

Enough cow talk. I'm headin' for bed.

Mo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve over hubby.................

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still wondering?

Now, I know you're all just sitting at your computers, waiting ever-so-anxiously, to continue on with my post from yesterday, right? Ya.

I really hope you all could do your jobs right and could keep focused on the tasks at hand during the day, without thinking too much about my next post. You bet.

So, now that I have more than one reader, I can look forward to hearing from A L L of you now and then, letting me know how off the wall I am, or that we just don't see eye to eye on some issues, or you want to tell me to get a life - go and do something productive already! Ya.

Here we go. Now I will tell you about some of the things that make me sad, or at least not smile. Some are:
- knowing I've hurt someone, perhaps beyond repair
- a sunny, minus 40 degree day
- being in a boat with no fishing rod
- when the power goes off at a crucial moment of a Turner Classic Movie (or in the middle of your shower)
- drinking a glass of wine without a friend (no fun drinking alone, right?...well, unless it's for medicinal purposes, of course)
- getting through a great novel that you picked up from the library, only to find the last pages have been ripped out (I really should check first)
- having shorts on and sitting on a hot plastic chair
- being in an elevator when the door doesn't open
- typing a whole whack of stuff, neglecting to "save", and it's nowhere to be found! *(@&%*($%(^@$(@%&*_($*%&_(*%&_@$*(&%_(*@$&%_@$(&

I'm off to a meeting. I'll either come home smiling....or not. I hope the former.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I wonder.......

Ya, I wonder if God smiles at the same things I smile at. I wonder..................
things like:
- listening to my husband breathing (sometimes snoring) beside me as he sleeps
- waking up to a cat on my pillow
- one of my children's voices at the other end of the phone
- hearing my grand daughter's laughter and giggle as we say good-bye to each other with: "Don't slip in the shower!"
- watching my son-in-law hold hands with my daughter
- being in the presence of a friend
- sitting on our deck on a quiet summer's morning
- reading the words of love in a card written by my son
- sitting on a chair in the middle of the lawn with an umbrella (while it's raining, of course)
- the assurance of God's presence..............always..............

There are lots more.

That will do for today..............perhaps tomorrow I'll let you know what makes me sad........

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm busy......not being relational.

Ever get so busy you forget about people? I do. I don't totally forget them, I just get so busy with life and "important tasks" that I don't connect with them like I would like to.

I had to rethink this 'being busy' thing.

I have a family.....a husband who, most of the time, enjoys my company, as I do his. Then my children/son-in-law and granddaughter.....I enjoy being with them very much too.

I do have a job.....a paying job, that is - 9 to 5. So there's that responsibility.

I do have another job....non-paying, that is. Church things....taking minutes, typing them out, being involved with church decisions and varying degrees of involvement in service.

Then there are relationships. I have developed some good friendships and they are important to me, but lately, I've been slipping a bit. Oh, I connect via email and such. That doesn't cut it though. I need their presence in my life.

God, help me to sort out my stuff, so that, in the end, I'm doing kingdom things....things that please you.

Monday, May 21, 2007


It's been raining most of the day here in Prince Albert. I love the rain. Everything about it expresses life and freshness, worms and slugs, chirping birds and stillness.

Sun doesn't do that to me. When the sun shines, well, it's just a regular day - nice, but regular.

It's the rain that does it for me. It's! It cleanses. It washes the grime from a long winter past. It brings plants to life by restoring parched roots. The birds even sing with more feeling, it seems.

I snuggled down on our living room couch this afternoon and read The Companion, our Denomination's monthly magazine and intermittently gazed through the sliding glass door with a view to the back portion of our half acre lot. The trees in my view dripped with rain and the robins beneath them were hopping and pulling on long juicy worms, fattening up for their "pre-natal" time of nesting. Everything was lush and green and beautiful.

The magazine was great but the rain was better. It reminded me again that God continues to refresh us and give us life....."he leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul." (Psalm 23)

Oh God, thank you for the gift of water..............and restoring my soul today.

I've been used.

Ever been used by, let's say.......a C A T?? No, of course you haven't. Me either.......

Anyway, after we have finished repenting of that little "fib", we can go on and talk freely about these most intelligent of creatures.

I adore cats. I could have a kazillion of them....really! I have been in the presence of cats all my life. **Note: I did not say, "I have owned a cat all of my life".

The one that is exceptionally challenging these days is, "Job". He's big. He's orange. He's a ball of.........well, he's a ball (as in huge and round....not as in bouncy). We're guessing on between 15 and 18 pounds. He has me (but not my husband, of course....heh heh heh) wrapped around his ever-so-lithe-and-little paw.

Like us, they are creatures of habit, don't you agree? It's a ritual around our house that every morning at 6:30 Job, the C A T, comes with me into the washroom. It's like clockwork. If he isn't there when my foot hits the floor, I know he hasn't been let in by my husband at some point in the wee hours of the "y-a-a-a-w-w-w-w-w-w-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nnnnnn" morning.

Up he jumps onto the counter and sits patiently, waiting for the tap to be turned on. Having short hair, I run my head under the tap to get rid of the "bed-head" look. Job sits. Job purrs. Job purrs very loudly when he sees the water dripping from my hair. As the stream of water pours from my head his tongue gets going, lapping up as many drips as he can muster but never touching my hair with his tongue. I guess he gets as grossed out as we do if he has to "touch" his lips on any part of my person. This happens twice. Two times under the tap I go. Immediately after the second rinsing, he turns around and faces the other way. He just knows that's all there will be. Down he goes to the bath mat to wait for the other servant (my husband), who will brush him and groom him until his purr becomes a kind of "squeaking purr".

We often wonder why this occurs every day, without fail. Some say that cats come around us only when they want something - food, petting, grooming, opening doors. I have another theory. I really believe they like being with us.

Yes, I have come to that conclusion about cats. As much as they make us do their bidding, they enjoy their servants immensely.

I shall be speaking of C A Ts a lot on this web, if you really enjoy hearing about two human adults and their constant humiliation at being used....stay tuned. You'll hear lots more.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

He knows where I live.

Pastor Randall at church today talked about Job. Chapter 23:8-12. Look it up if you like. It’s interesting. We find Job physically down and out, but not his spirit. He had lost everything he had, including his children, and his wife seemed a little less than enthusiastic about his future.

But Job didn’t give up on God. From everyone else’s standpoint, it looked like God had given up on him though. Job expressed that God’s Word was more important to him than eating. Yes, it was a season of testing and at the end of that testing, we find Job repenting and being blessed more than he had ever been before - both physically and spiritually.

It sometimes seems like God has thrown in the towel with us, but he hasn’t. He hasn’t lost our address. He sees us thrashing about like mad fools, yelling and screaming at him and carrying on like people with a death wish. But he knows where we live. He waits. He waits as we become refined, like pure gold, learning lessons in life that need to be learned.

When we do unloving things, he shows us how to love.
When we mess up, he refines us.
When we think we cannot possibly face another day, he appears like an ocean summer breeze and revives our spirits.

Some of my friends, like Job, are experiencing difficult seasons in their lives right now.

Oh, God, keep your address book handy.