Sunday, August 31, 2008

Insects 101...

Some are pretty.....and some aren't.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sitting ducks...etc.

Again and again I am bowled over by God's creativeness. The color schemes in themselves would rate a 10 out of 10.
If you click on the pictures you'll be able to see these lovely creatures in more detail. I do believe I have really fallen in love with birds. Some day perhaps I would like to join the many bird watchers in town and learn more about them, their habits, their sounds their rituals.
I know some bird watchers already and they're pretty decent people.;-)
Picasso Pelican, Mamie Merganzer and her merganzer tribe along with Lenny, Lois and Lewis Loon all just sat around there in the water, paddling to and fro. Had I stayed around I'm sure we could have been talking before the day was through.
Gwendolyn Goose, as young as she was, sat there alone without the presence of her gaggling goose father watching over her. I think she was pretty happy just to have a few moments alone to think of what she would do at the beach the next day.
Garry Green Head looked like he'd been in a knock down drag 'em out fight at some point in his adventures but sat close to the girls, offering them all of his attentiveness, good looks and charm.
Soon they will all leave us here for southern, warmer climes but I know they'll come back again next year and raise more kids. I think they have it over on me though, in the "leaving for warmer climes" bit. Guess I'll never be a bird brain or I'd be gone too!

Friday, August 29, 2008


These scenes were some of the most beautiful mornings I have ever experienced. The sun was hot by 9 a.m. It was still and steamy. We had the privilege many days of being the lone boat on the entire lake. Even the water birds were quiet, enjoying their family times together with long lazy hours of preening.
Days like this too, allowed me tranquil moments of reflection. These pictures reflect my mood and my inner sense of solitude. The middle picture I remember taking and thinking I would just love to jump overboard to find I really was jumping into a huge fluffy white cloud. I needed to capture it so I could be reminded of how peaceful I felt at that moment.
No, I wasn't always fumbling with the camera.
When I see these pictures again, I am reminded of the things I had been reflecting upon, people I had been praying for.....ya, it was most likely you.......
I thank God for times like that. The 5 weeks of vacation quickly disappeared into history but when I am again faced with the routine and the fast pace of life, I can sit and watch the reflections....and remember.
I hope you take some reflective time this long weekend...and enjoy God's beauty.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


We saw everything from Cesnas to Sea Gulls, from Terns (I now know why they're called that because your camera is "terning" every second to try and catch a shot!!!) to trees (ya, you thought I just uploaded that tree up there, didn't you....look closer and you'll see a bald eagle sitting, quietly watching us).
The pelican took off in front of us, but alas, I missed the front of his beak. Drats.
I think the same thing about those huge wide-body jetliners as I did about that huge pelican and blue heron taking the heck can they fly. Those wings look much too delicate to take a body like that into flight......but there they go!!
Flight is a marvelous thing, is it not? Looking at these graceful animals, you get a sense of the creativity of God, of his desire to have some of his creatures soaring and gliding and enjoying the vastness of His domain.
Good thing God created birds too, or none of us would be flying off to Mexico for Christmas, now would we?;-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life in the wild...

Our vacation afforded many opportunities to view large omnivores and herbivores up close and fairly personal. Life in the animal kingdom intrigues me and every chance I had, I was out there with those beasts attempting to capture some essence of their life in the wild. Click on picture for full screen.

Elk were abundant and roamed throughout the park unconcerned of our presence. When we first arrived in late June however, a portion of the trailer park in which we were staying was closed, as a very protective Mama elk would give chase to anyone who would be anywhere near her calf. She eventually, like all moms when their kids begin to grow up, became less protective which allowed the rest of the trailer area to be opened up for public use.

The young female bear, perhaps a yearling, was very thin and had a cub trailing behind her. She didn't look as if she was up to caring for her little one, but she appeared determined to do the best she could do under the circumstances. I've seen very young human moms in that same situation and the offspring grow up beautiful and healthy. It's all in the determination.

When we came upon the doe, she was very complacent and went about her business of cooking her wild strawberries on the campground BBQ.

I look at these animals in awe. They are survivors.....through harsh Saskatchewan winters, their escape from predators, coming through times of drought and famine...all these things. But God, their Creator has provided for them and in that, they live to breed and raise young and be there in their surroundings for us to enjoy.

Perhaps tomorrow, I can feature some shots of birds in flight.....well, I tried to get them in flight anyway. I'm still such a rooky. I have to learn to be more prepared for that special shot instead of throwing down my fishing rod, grabbing my digital, finding it's on the wrong setting, attempting to find the right setting and then looking up to see the bird has flown the coop. As I say, I'm in the learning mode.....with nature and camera.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Waskesiu is famous for it's sunsets. I had a great deal to work with, that's for sure. (click on pic for full screen)

The colors are indescribable and my mind often wanders to those moments where I took picture after picture to try and capture the perfect colors of sky and water. It was like a kazilion diamonds surrounding the sailboat with a smokey haze drifting in the background.

The other picture was simply of cloud formations and the colors of water and sky all blending into one another, shades of gold and blue and pink.

The Master was in his creative mode those evenings....I simply took advantage of those gifts.

Monday, August 25, 2008


The first part of our vacation gave ample time to wave watch. The pictures here were taken on a wild and windy day. Click for full screen.

If it had been a little warmer, it could have been a good body surfing day. Days like this are a family favorite when we can pretend we're in Hawaii and act like we're kids again, catching wave after wave until we're exhausted.

There simply weren't enough windy AND warm days but picture taking this year would have to suffice.

"Let's go surfin' now, everybody learnin' how, come on a safari with me......come on a safari with me...."

Go Beach Boys......and girls ;-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


These two fellows seemed to enjoy their surroundings. They seemed to fit right in where they were.
Gus the Gull was a people bird. He strutted around The Trading Post like he was the owner, picking up various pieces of garbage...just keeping the sidewalk and surrounding area spanking clean. I asked him if he would be good enough give me "the look" and of course, he was more than willing. I think he may have received his contract from Hollywood by now.
Harry the Great Blue Heron, however, pretended he wasn't actually there, standing on that log. He hummed and hawed as to whether he should stay or go, but he decided we weren't too much of a threat, so he played along and struck the most delightful pose, of which I was truly thankful. He is a lot like me, I think, in that both of us enjoy the stillness and calmness of nature.
I'll be featuring more of our fine feathered friends as the days progress. I simply cannot get enough of their beauty, their personalities, and their gracefulness.
I shall include the odd omnivore and herbivore for good measure in a few days. We cannot forget the beasts.
As I have said before and will most likely be saying many more times....God made beautiful creatures.
Oh, and just click on the pic and it will show you Gus and Harry's true beauty.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The calm...

I will be giving you little glimpses and snippets of our 2008 summer vacation in the next while.

I had just caught what turned out to be the only fish of the day - a 5 pound pickerel and captured this shot going through the channel from the Heart Lakes into Crean Lake at P.A. National Park.

Look at the blues and greens, how God does it up good and adds a splash of white for good measure.

I love what He does, the gifts he gives, the pleasures and feasts for our eyes to enjoy.

The day was as calm and peaceful as my heart was. A superb start to a 5 week vacation.

Friday, August 22, 2008

One moment please...

I'll be blogging later.

Kids are home and that's where I am right now for a few more days.....hanging out with them.

Stay tuned for some more interesting tales from The Rose.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm hooked.

Ya, I never thought I'd see the day when I would agree with the ordination of females.

Ten years ago, I would not have agreed with that concept.

Something changed.

In that time, a very dear friend of mine has taught me new ways of thinking, new concepts, and the acceptance of the roles of females in various positions including the pastorship of churches.

It's great to be blessed by someone who trusts you and loves you more than you actually deserve. It's good to know that I have been a blessing to her too.

Yes, she has taught me a lot in the last few years and continues to do so.

She spoke in church today as the pastor was away. She had excellent things to say about our Christian heritage and how God saw to it that not only his chosen people through Abraham, had salvation of their souls, but we "Gentiles" could be grafted onto that lineage of Abraham also , achieving that salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the one true Son of the Most High God.

I'm hooked on having women being able to pastor. That's a fact.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dog days...

I love the dog days of summer.

I feel like that little ole' beagle next door. Just sittin' 'round, watching the cars going by, letting out a big yawn now and then and yelping less and less and it heats up to over +30C.

It was a day at the lake for us today. Lazy. Hot. Relaxed.

Swimming was so good. I could have stayed on the beach 'til at least 8 p.m. but the dog of the day was calling to go home.;-)

Dog days of summer? I love them, but I know what they are leading to.

The maple tree outside our bedroom window has a round golden pile of leaves beneath it.

Fall cometh quickly. Yuk.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Little pajamas

It's so bleedin' hot and my girls that just arrived don't have little pajamas, just long ones. They should be wearing little tiny ones with not much touching their skin.

No air conditioning in this ole' house.

I offered them my little pajamas but alas, I didn't have enough duck tape to keep them in place so they wouldn't fall down around their knees.

Just another little secret from the Kent household.

I'll go now and wear my own little nightie but I won't need duck tape.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ya, there are some things that have me on my knees these days.....and not scrubbing floors either.

People are sick. They are lonely. Some are making crucial decisions. Others aren't making any decisions at all and they need to.

My heart and mind waft into the Father's presence, seeking Him out, waiting, asking, reasoning, desiring, attempting to discern various situations, all the while knowing that "God works all things together for good, to those that love him and are called according to his purposes." Romans 8:28

I need stillness. I need quietness. I need aloneness. I need to be on the same page as God in these days. There are circumstances and decisions being made by folks that will last on into eternity and I desire to be thinking with the mind of Christ.

Yet, we are expected to keep on living and working and doing all the things we need to do each day. We get busy. We get distracted.

God, enter again into my being and enable my spirit to coincide with your Spirit. I desire to walk close to you right now to discern your will.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I missed the meteor shower the other night. Perhaps if it clears up we may still see a few "stars" shooting past in the northeastern sky......and then I'll make my wishes.

I wish:
- Canada would come up with one gold medal at the Olympics
- for world peace

Both of those are just as likely.

Onward and upward. We can still cheer for some of the underdogs of which we most likely are a part.

I'm watching on CBC.

NBC is somewhat overly zealous for their own, and rightly so.

But I shall watch on CBC. Go CANADA! It's kind of hard for them to hear that in China so I shall say it loudly...

G - O - O - O..............C A N A D A.

I think they heard me. Those guys are working up a sweat in rowing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm too old for this!

Ya, working all day and then coming home to eat and after that, dropping in to St. Joe's to see Aunt Connie. And if that wasn't enough....getting back home with husband and having to work up a sweat, just sitting there while I'm entertained.

Heh heh heh

THAT got you reading, now didn't it.

The Olympics just have me goin'. It's kind of like horse racing. I love watching horse racing. I always pick out a favorite and then watch the dang race in it's entirety...all the while sitting there like a jackass on a couch, pulse quickening, blood pressure rising, nails being bitten and sweating like there's no air conditioning ('cause there isn't!). Ya, that's how the Olympics do me in. I imagine myself right in the pool with those folks and by the time the race is ended, I've had a very admirable and totally focused race myself.

I'll be right back. I need a towel.

This perhaps, could be a great tool for losing weight.

And now for some more entertainment...heh heh heh


Monday, August 11, 2008

Small world...

I think that is so true.

Seems like those I see daily are either coming from or going to a foreign overseas country of some sort.








even to the U.S. ;-)

We are blessed people indeed....but, I still love Canada. Not that I've been anywhere much....but ya, where else could you feel comfortable saying "eh?" all the time? Eh?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


With kids coming home, I've been on a cleaning spree. I'd rather be on a shopping one. House is clean inside and out, corners, high places, everywhere. Cob webs blasted from the stucco outside, sidewalks all swept and washed. Done.

Having said that, I know I'm tired when I can say for the first time ever, I slept through a thunder storm.

I won't be doing that much cleaning again for a very long time!

I wouldn't be lying if I said I'd rather hear thunder than have a clean house.

First the daughter and granddaughter arrive this Friday....then son and his "very significant other" arrive a week from tomorrow on a Monday. Good times.

Lord, keep them safe on their travels.....and allow the vehicles to run....please.

Friday, August 8, 2008

We got to talking...

Ya, daughter and I got to talking tonight on the phone about her Grandpa, my dad. She was 9 years old when he died. She talked about how his death took something from her and she closed up a part of her life right then.

It's hard having someone you love so much, die. I felt that death too, immeasurably.

She went on to talk about how she had never heard him raise his voice to her or be angry with her in any way.......well, there was that one time. Once when poor grandpa was looking after her (she was 3), she and her pal Lisa went to school. Yes, they both took off walking to John Diefenbaker School and decided that they wanted to be students too. She knew the way as Grandpa would ride her on my bike each day to the "Yellow Tore" - Mars Foods. She didn't tell Grandpa she was leaving. I thought my dad was going to have a nervous breakdown right then and there!. Here he was responsible for her and he couldn't find her anywhere. I came home from work and began phoning and looking and walking and driving. Then a call came to our house. The teacher at the school knew who she was and knew Grandpa too. She called to say Shannon and Lisa were indeed enjoying their stay at school, but figured we would be worried about their whereabouts!!!! THAT was the only time Grandpa raised his voice to her....and when I got home...well, those were the days when spankings weren't illegal.

She remembered her Grandpa with such love and fondness. She wondered how life would have been if he had lived past his all-too-short 72 years. How would her life have been had he been around to influence her and encourage her in so many positive ways that only grandparents can.

It made me think about my role as a grandparent. I wonder how I'm measuring up. I would desire to live up to the love and compassion of my father.....but there was and always will be only one of him.

So, Dad, Grandpa, Phil Benson, if you're looking down on us in these days, be assured that your positive ways, your zany sense of humor and your care and concern for others, truly lives on through your dear granddaughter, Shannon Melody....and all of us left behind who continue to remember you with great love.

We got to talking.....and what better person to talk about....than a dear Grandpa.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Final journey...

That's what it was today for my dear Aunt. Her final physical move into Mont St. Joseph's nursing home. We tried to keep it upbeat and positive for her as she made her way from the hospital to the home. Her room is lovely, actually. Her other niece and her husband had her belongings and bare-essential furniture moved over and you know, that other niece has a great artistic flare for decorating. It looks lovely and very homey. Her TV and entertainment centre, her dresser, a couple of lamps, a book case and night table, a new automated recliner chair and hospital bed, plus pictures and a few paintings, all make up her new little home.

I wheeled her around to the various sections of her area - dining room, lounge, balconies, snack area, occupational therapy room, and "plant room". She was was clean!!! Very clean. And everyone was so friendly and helpful.

For a final move in a person's life, I think it was about as good as it could possibly be for her. I know she will be well taken care of there. That makes me happy. And once she is settled and into a routine of sorts, I know she will like it very much.

At 92, she's quite a woman! May God bless her in her new surroundings with good friendships, good health and a good cup of tea every morning. She deserves it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


For the organized and efficient person, labels are the way to go. And as much as I love seeing those labels on various things, organizing those things to get to the point of labeling them just goes against my grain!

If you happen to be starting out kindergarten this fall, you will be putting labels on your books, crayons, pencils, runners and hoodies. Or, if you are entering a nursing home, or going to camp, you will be labeling your belongings.

We label items at work also, so things don't get removed from our desk. If someone borrows one of your items, they see right on there: "Sharon Kent", and quickly come running back with said item in hand, apologizing profusely for having MY item sitting on THEIR desk with MY name in striking boldness on the front. Labels are good that way.

Sometimes we label people or groups of people, too. We put a stamp of recognition on them. We call them by the name we have placed on their label. Labeling is OK for inanimate objects. Labeling is not OK for people - in most cases. We tend to get ugly when we start labeling others...with unsavory adjectives. Why do we do that anyway. I think the answer is because we want to feel more important than others and make others out to be much less than ourselves. Just one of humanity's many downfalls.

So, go ahead and label that stapler, shovel, "White Christmas" CD, and glue gun but don't get carried away with the folks that live "here" or "there" or who wear "this" and "that" or speak "A" or "B". We aught not to do it.

And hey, I include myself in that too. There are times when I label folks and I shouldn't. May God be merciful to me, a sinner.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One thing...

Ya, there's one thing bad about winter....I don't feel like eating Popsicles when it's cold.

I like them today though when it's warm and sultry. yum...yum...


Monday, August 4, 2008

Seeing and it's effects.

Vision is such a gift, is it not? We have these remarkable things called 'eyes' that are all hitched up to our brains which in turn get us to do certain functions with our bodies.....all in the blink of an eye, so to speak. Look what happens when our eyes see a baby...any baby. We get all mushy and our voices go up a notch and we feel like we need to do some hugging and kissing and gazing at the beauty before us. And if it's our very own baby, well, that makes us do even more things like feeding and caring and tending and loving deeply.

Then we can look at flowers or birds or whales or gorillas....things in nature and the animal kingdom. Our eyes behold the various colors of flowers or an apple tree in bloom, new leaves unfolding on a maple tree or spruce trees laden with snow. Clouds - their shape, size and density. Sometimes we see them reflected softly in calm waters while other times they come exploding from the horizon filled with blackness and lightening bolts.

People come into our line of vision, too. Some faces trigger memories and thoughts of relationships...friends, family, TV and Hollywood stars and people we wished we didn't know.

All of these things coming into our sight, gives our brains opportunity to act in particular ways. They can make us joyful and we laugh. Sometimes we see a sight and it brings tears into our eyes and we weep. There are things that make us run and be fearful or even shake with fright.

I was thinking about all of the things the eyes can do this afternoon, when I took my digital camera and showed Aunt Connie the various pictures I've taken for the past few months. They made her laugh and say "Ohhhhhh" and "Ahhhhhh" and they allowed her to remember the things she hasn't seen in a very long of elk and deer, a great blue herron, a black bear, trees reflected on a calm lake, fish, crows............. and family. The pictures allowed her to think again about the beauty of nature and the love of family members.........and all the things that had been a part of her life on a regular basis before her stroke.

I think it rekindled and refueled her memory bank and it made her happy. And of course, "seeing" her happy, made me happy too. Funny what eyes can do....

Sunday, August 3, 2008


For as long as I can remember in my whole entire life, I have never lived beside anyone whom I had problems with....well, there was one. His wife was nice but he did some things that were cruel and vindictive to our pets. But I've forgiven him for that.

We have great neighbors right now. Wonderful people. Great to talk to. Not noisy. Helpful and trustworthy. Just good folks.

One of the neighbors are good, solid Christian people. They do good work in the community with and for the down and out. Their jobs take them out of their home many evenings every week. I admire them very much for their dedication.

They also have a few dogs. Sweet dogs. Really cute. One day, husband found them roaming out of their yard and felt he would do a good deed and round them up so they wouldn't run away or get caught by the dog catcher. Being that these dear folks work so hard at helping people, we try to overlook the dogs when they've been barking, too. But I think it has gotten out of hand.

One dog is a hunting dog, or shall I say a howling, hunting dog. The other is a snippy, yappy little thing. The other is a quiet, well-mannered large Irish Setter or Lab or some such thing. As I said, all lovely animals.

There have been weekends where the dogs have howled and barked for four consecutive days from around 3 in the afternoon to midnight. The folks needed to be away and of course, had to leave their animals behind. If there were supposed to be people looking after them or staying with them, they didn't show up. There have been many evenings too, when the dogs have just howled and howled as they most likely are lonely.

Husband has approached them about the noise of their dear pets, but they are refusing to admit to any such comotion. Of course, how would you know they were making noise if you're not there to hear it. We feel badly that we are making less-than-good relationships with our Christian neighbors. They said no one else has complained. I'm wondering if I'm expecting too much from these folks though. Just because they're "Christians", does that mean they shouldn't have dogs that bark. I don't think so. But still, I really do expect more from them. I expect admission of guilt, I expect humility and I expect them to offer an apology...or at least to say they will try and do better in the future in keeping them silent.

Perhaps we should offer a gift certificate to the local obedience school.....for the pooches, at least. Maybe that would make us better neighbors. Or perhaps we should offer to take the animals for walks, as no one at their place seems to have time for these poor beasts.

I guess WE just need to learn patience and forgiveness and long-suffering ourselves. It's always so much easier to see our neighbors faults isn't it....easy to point out what is wrong with them!!!

Alas, in the book of Matthew, chapter 7 verses 3-5, Jesus makes his case quite clear when he says:
" “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye[a] when you have a log in your own? 4 How can you think of saying to your friend,[b] ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye."

Yep. That about says it all. I'll go now and lick my wounds and howl at the moon with Rover.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Ya, all you movie buffs know the classic movie channel - Turner Classic Movies. I enjoy watching that channel a whole lot. I enjoy it because it reminds me of how life used to be portrayed in the movies. It was simple, polite, violence-free, only very subtle hints of sex and not one swear or curse word to be had.

Why have we this insatiable desire to go beyond the limits of niceness. The more blood, violence, sex and intricate wretched political scheming, the better. The closer the movie can come to reality, the better. We have saturated our minds to the point of over-indulgence and total insensitivity and we wonder why our society has become the way it is. Reality TV is at it's high point, it seems, but I'm sure we have a long way to go yet, before we have fulfilled our blood lust.

I think our pastor was right when he said we become like those we are with as well as the kinds of things that we allow into our brains via our eyes and ears. We have become so saturated with the "real", that our imaginations are fighting to hold on and are feeling less than needed.

I don't want to become insensitive. I don't want to fill my brain with things that would take me away from things that are pure, holy, and true. I want to think on those things....good things. I want to read good literature and listen to music and lyrics that don't talk about unfaithfulness, murder, getting even and hate.

The Apolstle Paul talked about this unacceptable thinking too, in Philippians 4:8 "And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."

I want to be more like that. May God help me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's late...

Heading off to bed after a long day. Work followed by a visit to Auntie in hospital to find she will be moving to Mont St. Joseph's next Thursday afternoon, home to eat a bite, relax, friends drop in for visit, shower, and catch up on here.

Oh, and a good friend took me out to lunch today too. That was nice.

Holidays made me oh so much more appreciative of crows. Yes, I said CROWS. Those flying, squawking, noisy, brilliant, beautiful birds. I can't tell you how fascinating I find them....not to mention annoyingly loud.

When I have more time, I'll tell you some vacation stories....but tonight, I'm simply too tired.

The stories will include, fish hooks, awnings, rain, birds and various animals....and that will include husband.;-)

Thanks God, for allowing me to finish this work week without falling asleep at my desk.

'nite all.............