Thursday, June 28, 2012

A no other....

Grad pics...just a few of the ones I took when she dawned her duds out at the Narrows, Waskesiu Lake....aren't they girls, I mean!

That's all I have time for. 

2012 Graduation is over and I'm done in!  Shannon thought of everything and it went off without even a slam dunk.  When I get staying home more, I shall put more pictures up.

Oh, and I bought myself that new camera all my co-worker friends helped me purchase.  She's a beauty...Canon T3i.  Matthew is reading the manual right now.  That should help me out quite a bit since he's leaving to go back to Manitoba Saturday.  I hate manuals.  Just tell me to press this or that and I'm fine.  Figuring out a manual is not in my capabilities thus far.  But hey, I've got all summer to figure it all out, one way or another.  Take some, delete some...and so it goes.

Matt took the new one to the grad ceremonies this evening but the battery konked out as it wasn't  quite charged up, so my handy dandy Olympus saved the day.  He managed to get some pics so we figured we'd compare at some point.  The new one looks mighty dangerous.  Hope Mr. O doesn't take offense when I don't take him with me boating....well, maybe I'll take him now and then to keep him happy.

Off to bed and then off to the lake again tomorrow...and Matt will leave for Manitoba and Brittney will leave for her Mexican vacation! 

Keep well and safe out there......

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lots happenin'....

Hey, here I sit at an internet cafe for the very first time and blogging, no less!  I'm beginning to get somewhat adventuresome in my retiring years:)

Yesterday we took the new Tracker out for it's maiden voyage.  She purred like a kitten.  I had doubts since every other boat we have ever had was, shall we say, difficult in getting in and out of the water.  Jim Chad at Exclusive Marine and Auto in P.A. sold us this boat and when he did the selling job on us, well, I was somewhat of a skeptic, to say the least.  He said it would be the perfect fishing boat for us because it was easy to load and unload from it's trailer.....this I had to see to believe.

So, away we went yesterday, me with my skepticism and husband with all the confidence in the world.

Backed that baby into the water and she slid off so gracefully, I figured it was some kind of angelic being come down to earth.  I held her fast to the dock while husband pulled the trailer away to park.  Ken hopped into the boat, turned the key....purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......I threw in the rope and hopped in myself.  Backed her out of the area and off we went around the whole lake, up to the farthest end of the Narrows, back into Waskesiu proper and around the other side, all the while going at various speeds to break in that 115 Merc.  We stopped and started like a cracker jack.  No stalling.  I couldn't get used to this!!!!  Normally, there would be some sputtering and floundering and snapping....not with this gal.  She knew what being a boat was all about. 

I figured this was a bit of luck.  Getting her back out of the water would prove to be an event from hell, I was supposing....remember I didn't leave my skepticism at the trailer!  Ken backed up the trailer full into the water....just like Jim said we should....and then forward so the bunkers were half way out.  He got in the boat and headed that little gal right up and onto the fuss, no muss....just like Jim said we should.  Hitched her up onto the trailer and off we went. 

There has never before in all of the Kent history with boats been a more satisfactory boat launch.  I'm hooked and we haven't even got fishing yet!!!  If it continues on like this, I may have to bake Jim a cake or something, just to thank him for his excelling selling technique and his more than excellent sales and service.  It is good to support our local fellows.

So, if you want a good fishing boat, and you wish to spend your children's inheritance, go see Jim Chad.  He'll set you up in fine style and perhaps even give you a new Tracker hat!!!  Mine's red!

Now it's Brittney came to the lake today and I took pictures of her in her grad dress. We went to the Narrows. She dressed into her fancy duds right there on the folks around. I snapped and snapped like there was no tomorrow so between her and Shannon, I should have some pretty fine pictures with the Narrows as a backdrop. She went into the forest too for some of them but that didn't last too long as the bugs continued to fly up into the many fluffy layers of her gorgeous dress. When I get them downloaded...after grad....I'll put some pics up here to show you. But first she has St. Mary's grad to be escort at on Tuesday, then it will be her grad on Thursday.

I think we will have to stop all this and just relax a week.

So, happy summer from E5 at Waskesiu.  The poplar fluff is fluffing, the endless bugs are bugging and we are having a glorious, tiring time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few pics...

The retirement party looked something like this....but not in this particular order.  I'm still reeling.....

Ken and I
A small glimpse of the over 100 guests...
Our good friends, Charlie and Sandy...
The "Mc" boys always have a good time!
 The Mediocres did their stuff to the tune of  my favorite "Unforgettable"...
Friend Val did a bang-up job as MC!
Alycia, our summer student.
Penny saying some nice things and presenting me with a huge bundle of cash
from the entire staff!!! Sweet!
Matt said some beautiful things that made a lot of sense.
Shannon being her gracious self.
Twila, my co-worker represented SGEU Local new watch proves it! love and I...
Brittney, Michael and Matthew playing Amazing Grace
and Mull of Kintyre...what a trio!
My beautiful daughter Shannon and I.
Corinne presented me with a rose....not from Sean Connery
but it was pretty fine nonetheless:)
Yes, I was there....really....
After my four line solo, folks actually got up on their feet.
I think I simply shocked them off their feet!
Cynthia made some lovely banners of my photos.
My beautiful Brittney.
Friends Randy and Teresa.
A hug is worth a thousand words....
I had something to say ....
A gift of an Orchid  from Brittney.
A co-worker Dick, visiting with newly retired Corny.
Virginia, Shannon and Matthew....looks like a draw!
The admin gals bought me this bouquet!
John visiting with retireee Joe and wife Helen.
Yes, you gals pulled it off without a hitch, right Dave?
I took my flowers out for a photo shoot in the sun.
They posed well.
The staff of Supreme Basics sent me this bouquet.

Executive Director Bob, said some nice things too....and
made me cry....
I tried to thank everyone...
We had a blast!
Another section of the group...some of my church friends...and
Shannon smiling beautifully...

So, all in all, people visited and enjoyed the entertainment and had an all-around good time.  The meal was fantastic too....Lone Wolf.  So much planning and details and the Admin staff worked so hard to make it all happen.  They deserve a week off.....Bob.....:)

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming of packing and making sure nothing is forgotten at home.  Ta ta....for now.