Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation thus far...

Well, it has rained every day since arriving at Waskesiu.  A few sunny hours here and there.  No hot weather, other than today...when we decided to come into town to wash clothes, pay bills and buy a few groceries.  Just my luck!

Anyway, there have been some good photo ops so far....here are a few of them...

No visible sunsets...yet....
 I think she and I bonded for a moment....:)

 She was still nursing last year's calf....very strange....ie....weird....:)

 New Marina docks..impressive!

 "Oh Canada (geese)...we stand (sit) on guard for thee!"

 Some impressive cloud formations rolled through!

 Snuggled into our little camp site.

 This widow goose put the run on a doe!

 And the widow was protecting her last four goslings...father must
have been eaten for supper:(

 She actually took a few moments to feed....alone......

 Flowers are now in abundance everywhere.

 This could be a "Bullying" poster! hahaha
 Look ma....I'm walkin' on water!

 Last evening the sun appeared!

 With no warm weather, the beach is deserted.

 There's been a lot of resting and attempts at walking.


 This early in the season is always prolific with flowers.

 The duck has taken over the beaver den.  See her on top?

 This may be a Cinnamon Teal...and kids.

One of Waskesiu's "old growth" trees.

We're having a good time.  I've skunked Ken twice in Cribbage already.  A good start!  Now for the weather to begin improving.

Enjoy your evening....we're heading back up now. Ta ta.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's hoping....

That the next month will be worth all the trouble it took to pack up and get everything all ready to go!

We should be good to go by morning, unless of course, some unimaginable thing happens overnight.  I don't think the trailer could topple even in a very huge wind as there's so much stuff crammed into that thing.

While away there will be a funeral for a friend's mother, graduations on several fronts, a church neighborhood BBQ (Saturday...you're invited by the way) and I'm sure many other things that we will miss...unfortunately.

So, tally ho.....I shall post when I can. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The rose....

I've seen an advertisement on OASIS hd channel that there will be a program about 'The Rose'.  It's going to be sometime in the next week.  Of all shows to have when I'm going to be away.  I can't imagine how beautiful that show is going to be!  I know they repeat shows too on channel 471 so perhaps I shall catch it when I get back home.  Dang.  I sure do hope so. Of all the flowers in God's great creation, I am smitten by that one in particular.

I love all flowers.  The ones that grow in jungles, or grasslands or mountain sides, forests or tundra....all of them are beautiful, delicate, intricate and most often, scented.  I know I sound like a broken record but don't just look at a flower, LOOK at a flower.  The way the petals sit or how the stem holds the calyx (the many green sepals at the bottom of the flower).  Then there's the stamen (the male parts) and the pistil (the female parts)...all readying themselves for an insect or whatever to come and pollinate them so they can reproduce.  I suppose I should have been a botanist.  Think when I retire, that would be one terrific hobby...learning more about flowers in general.  Orchids are amazing too.  Or a Bird of Paradise.

But the rose....well, as they say...a rose....is a rose....is a rose......


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two days...

Until we leave.  We haven't been able to get the trailer ready yet as it's been in the shop for a few minor adjustments before the holiday. But the cleaning and packing of it will be done soon.

My suitcase is pretty much ready.  Apartment is all spiffed up and clean so I won't have to do that when we get back home....only a ton of laundry...

The weather just needs to cooperate now.  Forecast is for showers on Friday.  Don't really like setting up the trailer in the rain but it wouldn't be the first time.  I remember one time, many years back now, when we had only a tent trailer.  It was the day we were to leave and man, was it pouring...kind of like one of the heaviest downpours we had recently...lasting for a couple of hours!!!  So, husband and I donned our bathing suits and got busy with the packing up.  By the time we were finished we were both freezing so we stopped for a hot shower at the public washrooms and then headed over to the Hawood for a good hot meal and coffee.  The only problem with that is, when you get home, you have to dry everything out by putting the tent back up.  A pain.  Now, at least, we just have to put everything in the trailer and head home, rain or shine. No fuss.  No muss.

So all there is left is the grocery shopping and getting everything put into the trailer...and clean it up inside.  Guess that it will all happen in due time.

Now for a church meeting and a bit of a birthday celebration at the same time.

Enjoy your first day of summer, eh?

Monday, June 20, 2011

The pot o' gold...

Amongst the vicious looking cloud formations lately, they culminated in a not-quite full arc double rainbow.  If the sun had stayed out another five minutes before the clouds took over, it would have been a spectacular sight.  This is all I managed to capture, digitized, of course, so you can see the outlines of either side of the arc.

Yes, from our tiny balcony we see sights that are feasts for the eyes.

I shall be watching for rainbows this summer but if you see one happening, call me.  Sometimes I miss them.  Such a photographic waste.  I'll be waiting for your call.:)

The next photos will be from Waskesiu.  Hopefully, I shall have some great opportunities during the next month.....3 more days left here.....

'Nite....oh, and don't forget to get outside tomorrow and enjoy the longest day.  After that they'll be shortening up quickly and in fine northern hemisphere style..:(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice storm....

It was a terrific day for storm clouds....and rain, of course.

Pretty impressive!

Thinking it might hail, I tucked my little baskets in under the BBQ and chairs...just in case!

I enjoy sleeping to the sound of rain.  It's quite soothing.

And today was special of course, being Father's Day and all.  Shannon and Brittney took father and I out for a lovely brunch.  Matt and Thais called and Skyped from Wisconsin and father was thanked for the great son he (and I) brought up.

Then I took to my great artistic skills and gave a "home-made" card to Ken in honor of the day, reminding him of his unique parental....and many other skills....too numerous to mention on this page.;)

I've been remembering my dad today, too.  Philip Benson.  He also, was terrific in every possible way.  I guess a fitting tribute would be to simply take the time to think about him...as a father, a husband and a great man in general, who contributed to humanity by showing kindness, gentleness, humility and patience.  Not only that, he laughed a lot....a great gift!!!

Have a great evening.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

An important day...

Today is International Sushi Day!  Who thought that one up?

Not only that, it's the day the War of 1812 began...and we all know who won THAT war!!!  (Although, I do know some Americans who, to this day, would not agree that the British won...ya just don't declare war on the Upper Canada folks and think you'll come away a winner...heeheehee).  I wonder if it will be a celebratory year next year, 2012, to remember our last 200 years of freedom from American intrusion.  It may be worth a hip-hip-hurray at least...in a modest, Canadian way, of course.:)

Then in 1815 Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington....and England has a day called "Waterloo Day" to honor the occasion.

Amelia Earhart  in 1928 was the first woman to fly the Atlantic.

See.  June 18th is quite an important day.

It is also the day I did laundry, visited my neighbor across the hall who is also recovering from a severe fall, and went for breakfast with husband.

A good day all around. 

Sleep well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm packing....

My suitcase is in storage at a friend's garage but I've begun to get my clothes in piles.  Vacation only happens once a year....in this case, once in two years....so it's exciting to be going out of town for a time.

Long shirts.
Bathing suits.
and the all-important pile of

Yes, I know all too well how the weather in Saskatchewan can go from a +30C to a +3C in the blink of an eye and with no apology either!

Two years ago at Waskesiu it rained off and on for the six weeks we were there....mostly on.

So the guest bedroom will be home to my piles of clothes for the next few days while we get organized enough to retrieve those suitcases. 

And my knee decided to cause me no end of trouble yesterday and today.  Not sure why, other than getting back into doing more physical stuff which causes it a bit of stress on an already stressed tendon.  But that is the route that must be taken.  And I have begun to really believe the saying "no pain...no gain"!!:(   One day I'm taking off down the apartment steps only holding on to the railing, patting myself on the back for this great accomplishment and the next day I'm back to one step at a time with both feet on each step. I just can't seem to hurry up this healing process. 

The sun is shining now and it may be the last time we see it for a while, according to the forecast.  Hence, Ken, Charlie and Bob K. got to cutting the lawn at the church this afternoon and probably just in time!

Now I'm off to get a pen and paper and begin my written list of "things to bring".

Suntan lotion.
Bug spray.
Battery charger.
My own Pillow!

That's a start!

Sleep well, friends.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They're weeping....

At least that's what it looks like.  My two little hanging baskets are looking a bit bedraggled and teary-eyed after that heavy downpour but I know it will be for their betterment.

I went out on the balcony after the rain while it was still heavily dripping, attempting to capture some pretty scenes...a rainbow in particular.  No rainbow.

I did manage to get some dainty droplets quivering atop some geranium petals and a few hanging from the plant hanger, etc.  It was difficult to capture the rain on the petunias though.  On them, it just seemed to slide right off.  Still wished a rainbow had appeared.  The conditions seemed to be perfect.....alas......

Click on the pics....

I attempted to capture a drop hitting the railing.  It's the best I could do:(
 The bright green of the new needles.

 Now the chairs need washing!  Dust + rain = grunge.
By the forecast, it looks like we're in for more of the same. 

On another note, husband just announced that Boston is leading Vancouver 3 to 0 in the third period.  I know one fellow who's going to be very happy....Mr. David E.  Guess you picked a winner, Dave!  Way to go!!!

I do think that my flowers are weeping in sympathy of the Canucks not bringing home Lord Stanley's cup...perhaps I'm a bit ahead of myself.  We shall see.