Monday, June 15, 2015

My PC flew the coop....

It happened all of a sudden....C R A S H.....

Nope.  Not a car.  Not a biking accident. Didn't fall over the balcony or out of bed!

My computer decided that this was the day to end it's life.  It had been a good PC.  Personally fashioned by the hands of a friend. Mr. PC simply said that it had had enough of trying and struggling to compute and headed for computer heaven...without me, thank heaven!

It was a fairly silent farewell.  Actually, it didn't even whimper. It just decided to not start up....ever again. I attempted to press that "on" switch many times....for many days...thinking it may be just a bit temperamental and all that...somewhat like me!  It was not to be.  I heard not another purr, click or wheeze...and I suspect ever will again.

Now I'm one who believes that things get second chances....even computers!  So perhaps we will send this beast back to it's creator to see if he can revive the dead...or at least retrieve my pictures. printer....just this handy-dandy laptop.

I love the world of electronics...when they work and live to await your every command.