Monday, March 25, 2013

It's been a while...

How on earth can I be so busy in this retirement mode????  It's totally crazy!

There are things going on every day...good things, mind you, but it all takes time.

Today, just as an example, we got up.  That in itself is time consuming.  After we did the bathroom sashay, you know where two people have to share the sink, toilet, shower space, moving from one spot to another so as not to greatly disturb the balance of the early morning....we got dressed and sauntered out into a chilly March morning to have coffee at A&W.  Won't it be grand when we can just leave the apartment sans winter coat/boots/gloves/scarf???  Ya!

Well that takes us up to mid day.  Afternoon finds me checking emails, doing any typing I may have to do for various reasons, then I relax a bit with my feet up and my iPhone on my lap...until husband calls us to our next coffee break for the afternoon.  On with coat/gloves/boots/scarf and off we go to a different coffee destination.

Did I mention that these coffee destinations aren't just time out of the apartment!  No!!!  They are opportunities to run into old friends, meet new ones, watch people interact...and of course, a time for the two of us to chat about various things...or not.  Sometimes we even have a disagreement while sitting having coffee which makes for a great time for others to do some people watching.  Oh, we don't punch and kick and bite but we surely can make some unusual body gestures.  I think we could be hilarious to watch.  Anyway, by the time the coffee/tea is completed, the disagreement usually is also.

Then it's home time again, after picking up necessary items at the grocery store for supper, or whatever.

Supper comes and goes...with the "Easy Listening" channel on during our fine dining.  Husband makes the supper, I set the table and do the dishes. Sometimes he helps...but I don't let him wash!!!

Then the evening is upon us where we watch some telly, ready ourselves for a meeting if one has been scheduled, or just sit and read....or get to this computer.

The "heart fit" program is now on hold as husband is simply in too much pain from his arthritic hip to do much walking.

By ten-thirty, we are usually in bed and attempting to get comfortable with all of our aches and pains...and taking the odd pill or so to ease that pain.

During those events, there are times of thinking and reflecting and praying too.  Our lives are so, friends, acquaintances...that we are constantly having others in our thoughts as we go about our day.  Ya...others.  Husband and I were chatting this afternoon about the legacy we will leave behind...not financial or material...but our legacy of care, consideration, love and availability to others.  I realize there are those who would prefer not to be in my company but I would like to be at least available to them, just in case. Those are the things that we will hopefully be remembered for.  Then we spoke of the times when we loose patience, speak rudely, have a lack of respect for others and if that is what we portray, then that too will be our legacy.  It's a decision making thing.  We can choose to be positive rather than negative.  Sounds simple.  But you and I know there are folks who tempt us into negative conversations, ones that hurt others.  These are the things we must be constantly aware now allow our tongues to become poisonous by negativity, thereby, infecting anyone who hears us.

See, I tend to get on these rants now and again.  But they are heartfelt and I need to constantly remind myself of these things.

Anyway, that's my day in a nutshell.  Some may call it boring...and you may.  I call it living life and waiting on God to use me wherever and whenever he thinks is best...if I'm willing, of course:)  That's another thing I'm working on!

9:30 PM.  Time to head to the shower, nurse this 5th cold of the season with some Tylenol and Benylin and thank God for today.


 And as we enter Holy Week, may we all enter it with a sense of anticipation and hope.  Hope was offered to shall we respond?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stood up....

Yep...I've been stood up.

Had planned on Skyping with son and coffee-ing with daughter, not to mention go grocery shopping with husband today.

All of them copped out!

Each had really good reasons for doing so, though.

Son forgot he had a farewell party to attend this evening.  Forgiven.

Daughter was tired, not to mention having a crisis regarding something to do with car and keys and well, you know....we've all been there at one time or another:)  Forgiven.

Husband and his friend had planned on sausage making this morning, which included an afternoon session of smoking all of them as well.  No grocery shopping.  Not Forgiven....just totally grocery shopping....yipppppeeeeeee.....we went for coffee instead.  I hate grocery shopping!  I love my husband!

Granddaughter didn't get into any of this.  She is so busy with three jobs, she doesn't have time to even spit....not that she would.....but you never know girls these days. Guys don't have dibs on everything gross!

It was a good day nonetheless.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring about another good day.

I'm beginning to actively hope for spring now....even though it snowed today.  At least it was bright...a spring bright where you felt better wearing sun glasses even though it was cloudy. Ya, you know...a Saskatchewan Spring Bright!

Hope those of you who are away are enjoying warmth and sun and just everything good....

Pretty soon...these fellows will show up and we will know winter is over!