Friday, September 30, 2011


Is it a certain time of the year when we get so tired we can barely move?

I'm convinced that the animal in us wants to beef up for the cold days ahead and look for a cozy, warm cave to plop down in.  I'd prefer it having a little wood stove and some snugly blankets, with Mr. Cave Man bringing me the occasional snack and cup of tea.  But dang, it would be grand to just curl up and sleep away the winter.

Well, that's how I feel this evening.  And in the midst of all my glorious dreams of a luxurious winter, I must face the harsh reality of working 5 days a week and coming home each night to a variety of important "other" tasks, not to mention the battery of physical tests that will take place in the next week...blood work, etc., X-ray, name it, I'll have it.  We are so fortunate to have these many diagnostic tools at the doctor's disposal.  So the week coming up is looking positively daunting.  One day at a time.....

Perhaps that's why I'm feeling extra tired.  Lots to think about and much to do, not to mention praying times for friends.....Andrea, Elroy, Pat, Twila, Val....and my own family.

Think I'll lumber off to bed and if I don't wake up in bed tomorrow, don't call in the will know I've found that cave I was talking about.  Nite....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy week...

I've been out every night so far this week...well, Monday I spent thinking and planning for our Thanksgiving Sunday worship service in a couple of weeks.  Still lots to do with that one!

Had a Skype conversation with son after supper today too.  That was good...and a good talk with granddaughter this evening as well but not before being challenged at Kids Club..."challenged" being the operative word.  It was fun though but tonight I felt somewhat rushed as I didn't want to miss Matt's call either.

Life seems to be heading at quite a fast clip.  Hope I can keep up.

But I need more sleep.

Good night friends...may the good Lord's blessing fall on you and those you love.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We ate pot-luck...

That's what the Covenant Church does best.  We all bring food, put it all together on two long tables, line up and feast.  A great way to celebrate a very honest and engaging weekend of the Veritas Pathway Seminar.

Food brings us together.  We sit around tables and talk and develop vital to any community.  I sat and watched various tables...some with Gen-X-ers and seniors, some with young couples and their children, others with single folks and their friends.  Everyone seemed to be talking and laughing and enjoying their time together.

We're attempting to get small groups together too.  Some will read books together and discuss them as they go about how that book can help us in our every-day lives.  Another group will study a book of the Bible and have discussion and fellowship.  There will be groups gathering too, to share their various gifts of quilting, painting, photography and anything else that may be of interest.  A morning women's group will gather for study and a men's group also at various times.  Not only that and regular Sunday school classes, there again will be Kids Klub, children from pre-school to grade six every Wednesday where we feed them supper, have a story time, play a few games and do a craft. There are also several visits to care homes in the city as well as taking part in serving soup to the hungry on various Saturdays. The seniors gather together too, to enjoy taking part in various special activities.

So, besides being on the worship team, chairing the Spiritual Care committee and being a member of the follow-up vitality committee to our Veritas weekend, I shall have my work cut out for me.  I believe though this past weekend has given me a new sense of strength I haven't felt in a while.  Perhaps it was my inability to move around much for these past several months and I lost a lot of energy just attempting to get my knee back to normal...if it ever will.

But on we will go, as a community of Christ followers, attempting to be Christ wherever we find ourselves.  The Bible talks about when we are weak, then we are strong because we must depend on God for his strength, not our own to get any job done.  The guest speaker for our Veritas Seminar, Gerald Froese, said that when we know for sure that we are unable to do something to help or change our community for the better, that is when God takes that something and gets that something done....with his strength, not our own.  The Bible is full of people who told God they couldn't possibly do what He was asking of them...and that is exactly what God wanted to hear....that THEY couldn't do it, but with God's help, they could...and did! 

Dependence.  Desire. 

Dependence on God with a desire follow him.

That's about my weekend in a nutshell.

Sleep well, my friends.  There is work to be done tomorrow...:)

Just a couple of pictures showing us developing our listening and encouraging.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Veritas weekend...

Veritas. ("truth" in Latin)  For months the leadership of our church has planned, prayed and prepared for this weekend.  The Veritas Pathway has ended but our church now begins the work of discerning the Spirit of God regarding 'next steps' action plan, as it were.  A strategic action plan.  That sounds very much like the workings of government, to me.  But looking beyond the words and even our discerning, there was a sense that Gateway has a very real desire to be broken...broken enough to allow God's Spirit to change us into the likeness of Jesus.  As a body of "Christ followers", it is He whom we desire to imitate and I get a sense that we are in a place to move forward, into a next phase of community life.

We realize also, that going forward requires us to actually move.  We cannot sit and do nothing and wait for some (as my friend described it) brick falling from the sky with a note attached, giving us Phase I of our new adventure.  No. It involves each of us, in community, talking and praying together, making one another accountable for our actions, and getting into relationship with God and each other.  When relationship happens, it gets us trusting and caring, and loving and doing...together.

I must confess, there are days when I am so tired I would just as soon flop down and never get up.  But the Bible reminds me that "they shall rise up with wings as eagles, we shall run and not be weary, walk and not faint"!!  That gives me a great amount of hope because left to my own strength, as I say, I'd just flop down like a beached walleye and croak.

We are God's people and over this weekend, I saw a theme throughout the entire time....desire.  No, we probably don't have the strength to accomplish much, but the desire is there.  God has said that he will "give us the desires of our hearts"....he also says to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path".  Another great promise as I sink down into my comfy chair and put my feet up.  But it's OK.  God knows we need to rest and take time to be with him, to commune with him, to talk or be silent in his presence.....and to be real before him.

Ya, it was a good weekend. I learned so much more about God's people, my friends....the people I love.

By the looks of those papers hanging on the church basement wall, we said a lot of good things, things that would make us a healthy, missional, to do them.  By God's grace, we shall!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's almost fall....

Colors are now muted.  Cloud shapes are forming differently...from a different wind, a wind that will sweep into our country bringing with it darkness, snow, cold and a yearning for warmth.

Gee, that was quick.  It's supposed to be +25 tomorrow and over the weekend.

We'll just hold off on that cold wind for a bit longer.:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One thing I've missed....

We haven't had a boat to go fishing for the past two years.  Ken and I have really missed that opportunity.  We always enjoy getting out on the water on a warm, calm morning and heading to a "good spot" to cast our lines...or we just troll a while.  I think he misses the fishing but I really miss the picture taking of all the birds, animals and scenery that surrounds us every minute of the day no matter what lake we take to.
Around noon we stop for our "fishing lunch", consisting of a sandwich of some sort, some fruit, a drink and perhaps a cookie or two.  Then it's back to the task at hand...catching those illusive walleye or pike.

It is always so peaceful to me just to sit at the front of the boat and take in the sights, sounds and freshness of being on the water.  The colors amaze me.  The reflections of sky on water always take my breath away.

I wonder what next summer will bring, Lord willing.  Perhaps a boat will show up in the scheme of things, who knows.  I can only hope...
Sleep well.  We're in for another short heat wave.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Riders vs Bombers....

One of our fellows at work is a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan - it's his hometown.  He's outnumbered, of course.  But he was courageous enough to display a Bombers sign on his office window.  No fear...

A Riders fan figured that a sign like that needed a bit of a know, to reflect a bit of rivalry.

Hope he doesn't mind!

I wonder what the Riders will do this weekend????!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

She sings...

Tonight, our friend's daughter, Charlotte, is one of the opening acts for The Braids concert at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon.  Charlotte is beautiful and talented and we are all proud of her. She has CD's too!!!

OK  something is wrong...and has been for a while now...when I upload my photos....sometimes they show up sometimes they don't and other times they're extremely large and other weird things are going on.


Saturday, September 17, 2011


There were father and son moments this past week too. 

Two very different men....and I love them both.  Although they do have some similarities...facial hair, glasses and they wear size 12 shoes.:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Too short....

Visit with son was much too short but greatly appreciated.  Talks.  Quiet.  Walks.  Meals.  Presence.

I savor those times more than I care to admit.  He's soothing, calm, peaceful and wise.  I wonder where this path will lead him.  Difficult and challenging decisions are ahead.  May God go with him and around him, before him and behind him.

Before he left we took a river walk....the day began though with a great mist rising off the water......the rest of the day was sunny and warm...and most enjoyable.

It was good to have both children over for supper!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The many faces...

of the girls I love.  Sometimes serious.  Sometimes amusing.  Sometimes crazy.

They make me laugh....and so pretty, too....while I'm at it, I should mention brilliant!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 and friends who are sick...

Today has been a reminder of how humanity can act inappropriately.  September 11, 2001.

Of course humanity has acted very inappropriately in the past too....the Holocaust for one.  Innocent people have died.  It would be fine if folks died for a particular belief or cause, but to take innocents with them is simply not right. I think we could say the same for leaders of countries who allow their populace to starve while they rape their own land of resources for their own personal gain.  It's just not right.  Innocent people die!

I believe one day there will be an accounting of our actions and words to others.  When justice will be meted out by a just God. 

On another note, my friend Andrea is recovering from her surgery.  Nauseousness was pretty bad today, says husband, but once that settles, she will be on the road to recovery.  These things take time and much prayer.  Tonight I pray her stomach settles, that she sleeps well and that God will continue his healing on her body.  It's rough being operated on...especially in the first post-op days!!!!

Sleep well my friends.  The weather has cooled to allow that to happen....
 And the harvest continues to ripen on the vine.
Flowers continue to bloom with no frost....yet.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We had a brunch...

We did a lot of eating and chatting and laughing and cooking.  It was a great time and all the food was so tasty!  It's good to be together in community.

One house had an indoor breakfast and the next house had an outdoor brunch....and so many flowers and plants to capture on my camera.   

Ken cooked a steak supper tonight too!  Oh my........