Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer action....

That's what last summer's action looked like anyway.

I'm sure there is just as much going on this year but I'm not there to capture it all.

I have more fun things to do.

One china cabinet is washed and packed, two book shelves gone through and packed, plus one computer drawer finished.

It's a start....and it's about all the summer action I can handle with the heat stifling me here in this place!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pressing onward....

Matt continues on in his quest for truth, the answers to life's mysteries and to understand  and experience self-awareness and God. 

A spiritual journey.....taking him further and deeply inward and yet outward into the universe.

At least that is my perception of where he's going.

I wish him safe travels, for great blessings and a new understanding of himself in the scheme of this thing we call 'life'.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now I remember....

why I dislike moving!  You have to make piles.  Piles of things you will trash.  Piles of things you will keep.  Piles of things you will hopefully sell to some unsuspecting soul who actually believes they need your stuff.  Piles of things you're not sure what to do with but know a decision is impending.

And where do these piles of things go while you're attempting to live normally in a little house?

Yes.  Right under your feet.  Or on your dining room table.  Or on your dresser top.....or anywhere actually.  The old familiar chant is being sung....."get rid of it this time...or wait 'til the next time"....

I guess I have to realize that from now, until we move to our little apartment in Casa Grande in the middle of August, we will be living in one big mess.  Ho...hum.....

I think a garage sale will be forthcoming....and soon.  In the next two weeks.

I feel a headache coming I'll just relax a bit.......

These flowers were showing off at the Farmer's Market last weekend.  Beauty!!!

I feel muuuuuuuch better now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly....

That's what I saw at lunch today...

The raspberries really were good.

That spider was baaaaaaaad...but I couldn't make head nor tail of him.  I could see one eye though....

And as ugly as that ant was, I fed him some of my apple.  I think he really enjoyed it...he dug himself right in there and feasted like there was no tomorrow.  If you click on the picture, you can see his cute little eyes. 

It is always good to keep ones camera at hand when eating lunch out-of-doors on the patio.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer days.....

(This photo by Matthew Kent)

Hmmmm...good times.

Each picture brings back a moment in time which no one but me has experienced.  It is good to capture those moments....for times such as these....

Packing shall most likely begin very soon....

Monday, July 26, 2010


So, now that husband can't really do much shovelling or heavy kinds of lifting things, we MUST be looking for an apartment.  We've been on the hunt.  We've seen pretty much everything....from very tiny and low cost to basement suites to a nice fairly large second floor apartment...with balcony.  Some have one parking stall, another has a car port and another one which we will look at Wednesday is a 3 bedroom with a garage...but in a "scary and perhaps unsafe" kind of neighborhood.  Some places have basement laundry facilities, others have same floor laundry...most are coin operated.  With some, you pay for electricity, others you have everything included in the rent.  We are torn.....but either way, it would mean downsizing....yet again.

But I say, if we can downsize, we still must have too much "stuff".  Husband is worried about where he can put his arsenal of guns and his myriad of tools.  Me on the other hand...where can I put the tread mill?

It will be a give and take situation for sure.  I like the idea of having the cheaper apartment that is situated on the river bank with a lovely view of the river from one of the bedrooms...and it has nice deep window sills. 
But right now, husband may just need a bit more room before we go that small.  We did have a great chat to an old friend who owns the complex.  I hadn't seen Chuck in many, many years.  We lived in the same neighborhood as kids.  So we reminisced a bit and got caught up a bit on our lives and chatted away for a good half hour.  I would feel comfortable in that place, I think.

Anyway, it's a big decision to make.  Landlords are looking for reliable and quiet tenants, so I think we'd fit the bill in that category.

I think I'll confer with God on this one.  Perhaps he can show us the way that would be best for us right now.

 I'll post these river pics just to remind God about how lovely it would be to live in an apartment by the river.....well, maybe that isn't fair.....but we could do some good walking on that path.:-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A family came for a visit.....

It was really good to finally meet them too.  I knew they were in the neighborhood but just didn't get an opportunity to get them over.  I really like it too when neighbors just pop in for a visit while passing by.  I had never met them but I had heard them all playing and having all kinds of fun for the past several weeks.  I had seen their mom and dad pass by several times but never really had an opportunity for any type of communication. 

So the noise these kids were making reminded me of when our family had friends over and everyone would be playing out in the back yard....all of a sudden you'd hear some screeching and squawking about something someone didn't like and I'm sure their noise could be heard down the block!!!  When I looked out, one had the other one down on it's belly and was biting and yelling something.  Their mom scolded them...I could hear her, so she made the one who misbehaved sit at the table for a time out.  Another one found the water and managed to actually have a drink....but not for long....too much playing to do!!!

Anyway these neighborhood kids had a great time in our back yard yesterday.  Their mom just kind of let them go to it....she was a bit shy and stayed by the back fence.  I just chatted to her from where I was by the back door.  Meanwhile the kids just played hard.  I really couldn't tell them apart either.  I think they had their mother's genes because they all certainly looked like her.  They could have been triplets I suppose but I really didn't want to ask.  So, like a good neighbor, I asked them to stay put while I went to get my camera.  While I slipped back into the house I could hear them being very exuberant and quite loud about something.  I turned on my camera and started clicking so I could get some action shots of them playing and such.  When I started snapping the camera they got really silly....just like most kids do.  One of them tried swinging on the bird feeder pole while another one finally played out and just sat there and started killing bugs.  A little less energy required for that pastime!

Hope you enjoy these.  From what I heard, their mom had a great time too.  I think they'll be back....probably much sooner than later. But you just never know.....perhaps next time I'll offer them some are always hungry...and thirsty!!!  They just live next door.

This particular family also have had me up early for the past several weeks.  They don't know much about our noise bylaws!  I did mention it to their mother though.

Our family, on the other hand, has once again flown the coop.  Matt left this morning after a wonderful week of him being home and helping us in every possible way....helping his sister move, mowing our lawn, picking weeds, cooking, fixing my computer, and just being a great and helpful guy.  We miss him so much when he leaves....but are blessed by his presence.

Off once Winnipeg....

in his new, old car....hope he opened his eyes after he shut the door!!!

So, now that everyone has left, it's just me and husband..........;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

The alley...

Our back alley has so many holes you would think it was the centre of a war zone!

Our back alley has tall grass and weeds everywhere and looks like no one cares about it!

Our back alley has some of the most lovely flowers you would ever want to see!  Here's the proof...

A few grasses, red berries and red bugs thrown in added to the color and texture of a hot summer day. 


God continues to show his creativeness....even in an unkempt back alley.