Friday, January 18, 2019

Here we go....again....

Almost three years have come and gone since I last posted!  Seems like other forms of media have taken over...Facebook, for one.

So, how are things with all of you?  As for me, I'm a few years older, had cataract surgery, joints have become somewhat less happy with life, hair is a bit longer, children have grown into good, likeable adults for quite a while now and granddaughter is finding her way in life. Husband, like myself, is slowing down some but we both recognize one another each morning and THAT is something!

I'm learning to listen to my body and my spirit these days.  Taking time to rejuvenate and breathe.  One can get oneself into a volunteering frenzy and the weariness creeps up on ones body and soul. So, I'm hearing some things that I've neglected to acknowledge for several months now and I am learning how to "rest" and enjoy some "stillness" as I walk through my day.  That can be a difficult task, but I'm attempting to discipline my life to allow times of silence to give me that rest. It's also a time to come closer to God in these moments.  It takes discipline, for certain.  It all goes against my grain!  But I shall try.

January brings thoughts of members of my family who have died. Ken's father, John, passed away thirty years ago January 15.  My mom, Patricia, died thirty years ago tomorrow, January 19 as well and my older brother, Garry, four years ago tomorrow.  We come....and we go.....and are left with memories to cherish.

It's very cold tonight, down to -35 with windchill of -44.  Keep warm my friends. It's good to connect on here once again.  Will see what 2019 brings and will attempt to let you know how it's progressing as the months pass.

Sleep well....because these days, that in itself is a true blessing.