Friday, July 31, 2009

Where's the summer???? (as opposed to beef)

One of the very few "beach days".
Took a picture of myself... taking a picture:)

One store displayed baskets of Pansies.
Sun in the water...Crean Lake Channel.

Droplets on yet another droplet day.

Gulls like doing the same things as us...sunning.

"Can you see me now????"

Sailboats have the run of the lake most days!! Wind! Wind! Wind!

Brittney sunning....on one of the few sunny days.

Flying to the sun.....

Can one ever tire of a sunset????
No!!! 'cause they're all different!!!
A fast take-off.

Saskatchewan's own prairie lily.

Blue bluebells.

We picnicked lake-side.

He said he wanted to pose.

Granddaughter and daughter...getting some much needed sun.

A beauty of a day.

"Mother said to line up!"
A water plant covered in water.

I love clouds. They have character.

Another vibrant sunset at Waskesiu.

Well, let's see.
Vacation began with being sick for over a week.
After that.....
Four times fishing.
Six beach days.
Four days in P.A.
The rest was either raining, wanting to rain or making up for rain.
It made for some interesting times with my trusty Olympus though.
All children will be at the lake with us for my last vacation week coming up.....and then:
1. I go back to work.
2. Daughter and family stay at lake for another week.
3. Son leaves for some very far away country for an indeterminable time.
It's been a good time just being there for our granddaughter....while she scoopes ice cream and learns how to "make a living" and all that that entails. It is a blessing to be able to be there for her, picking her up, taking her to work, fixing her meals and having fun. I'd make my vacation available for her again.....any time. It's what Grams do....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time is slippin' away......

Brittney enjoyed having the Loseth girls.

But we're having a blast. Guests came and went. Rain came and went.....sort of.
I do believe we have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.....right at our back door!!!
See ya'll in a few weeks......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good times.....

Brittney beaching it with a book.
Brittney at work - "Big Olaf's"

First catch of the me:-)

"Hanging Heart Lakes" dock.

Eagle flying high.

We have lift-off!

"I'm outta' here!"

Lone wolf.....a beauty.

One of many Waskesiu sunsets.

We also do landings.....

The wings are a miracle of nature!

Beauty in the butterfly.

Sunset over the breakwater.

Beaver busy as usual.
The elk pose.
I guess this gives you a little picture, so to speak, of my vacation thus far with husband and granddaughter.
Weather has been less than desirable but with trusty Olympus at my side, there's never a dull moment.
It's supposed to warm up somewhat this "they" say. We'll see. But perhaps I wouldn't be getting so many shots of these marvelous animals if it were any warmer. They're out and about enjoying the us. We saw a cougar too, but I wasn't quite quick enough on the draw to capture it in a pic. What a site to actually see one!
But the wolf was very close and so beautiful. He didn't stay in sight too long either but I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Pelicans intrigue me to no end. They are so community minded. They love being together. And the immensity of their bodies lifting off from the water or landing onto it, as the case may be, is an engineering feat in and of itself. They're shy but cocky. They fly with abandon, soaring and playing in the air currents. They chase gulls and take their fish! Marvelous animals.
The elk are prevalent. I took my Impatience plants with us so we could enjoy them at the trailer. They were all blooming with lovely lobelia trailing from the sides and hanging beautifully on our grassy area. Woke up this morning and all that was left were stumps. Gone. Bitten off and most likely really enjoyed by some passing elk. Dang. There's one pot left with blooms. We'll see what tomorrow brings:-)
I've been attempting to catch some of those sunsets that Waskesiu is so noted for. Jumping in the car and driving like a mad woman to the beach to capture the majesty and color of the sun on the lake as it leaves us for the night. Spectacular colors. (And I didn't get a speeding ticket or run over any children or old ladies!)
So with all of this going on, I've been busy.....busy in a good way. While I'm taking pictures, I become thankful. We have so much to enjoy, given to us freely by a God who loves to please us. And so, I thank him this night for his never-ending generosity to me.
May he also watch over all of you this night and give you peace...of heart and mind and soul.
We'll talk later........

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rain is OK....

It allows me to get closer to nature.....and granddaughter:-)
Having fun.....wished you were here..........