Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Here is a photo of Gateway Covenant's children on any given Sunday. 
All colors. All sizes. All ages. All loved.

This photo reminds you ever stop to consider how your mind works regarding.....inclusivity?  I had to really stop and think about what that word means to me.  Some questions in this regard popped up! Does it mean inviting everyone to my birthday party...or just people I like and are the same as me? Or does inclusiveness mean making sure when I speak to people, I keep eye contact off and on with everyone and not just one specific person? And what about the color of people's skin?  Will I only like one color of person?  perhaps two colors (if everyone meets my expectations)? Who shall I "include" in my circle of friends?  And why do we even have these kinds of "judgment thoughts"?

I think inclusiveness comes from the heart....not the mind. And when it comes from the heart, it will be good and true and kind and loving.  It will overlook things. It will have no barrier between colors or ethnicity or sexuality or social status. It will include everyone and all they are. It will seek out the good in them. Inclusiveness will build....RELATIONSHIP.

It's what Jesus said we are to do.  He said: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind and 'Love your neighbor as yourself'." Luke 10:27

My neighbor is.....everyone!  So, I need to love everyone, just like I love my own self and care for  and look after my own life.When loving and caring happens with your neighbor, RELATIONSHIP happens!  

Let's be inclusive.  Life seems to work better when we are.

Have a lovely evening.....oh, and don't forget to include your cat, Fluffy. She likes to be loved, too!