Monday, February 24, 2014

Jack Frost...beware...he's out to get us...'s been almost 2 months since the last posting here.  There's good reason for this!

If you're on Facebook, you already know I've been having my annual winter "moments of illness". And that's all I'll say about that!!!

Life is going by at a very quick pace, seems to me.  Since retirement it has almost gotten out of control.  It used to be that one day would run into another but I'm now finding that one month runs into another.  Wasn't it just January....yesterday?  Nope.  Heading into March this week!  Perhaps that is what happens when one is sick, also.  Your days speed by as you attempt to cope with the illness...doctors appointments, new drugs, trying to breathe, lack of sleep, etc. etc. You just want to be well and so those hours run into days, then into weeks and finally into months.  It can get away on you.

The one good thing though is that Shannon and Brittney had birthdays in February and so we managed to be together for one of those events.  Having Matt home for these few months added to the enjoyment of 'family time'.  It was good too, to have Brittney come home from Saskatoon for a very brief visit.  Do we ever see our children enough?  I really don't think so.....such is life....

So now the long wait through this next week as it gets down to honkin' cold temps.  I can't say I enjoy minus 35 degrees especially when March is on the horizon...and dare I say, spring is lurking but afraid to show her face quite yet. Jack Frost can be such a spoil sport.

So let's look forward to this:

It won't be long....