Thursday, March 31, 2011

Look crutches???

The surgeon in Saskatoon today said no surgery. What he says goes.

The surgeon also said "You did a real number on that knee, didn't you!!!"

He pulled, poked, prodded, yanked and pressed into that knee deeply. That wasn't awfully bad.....until....

....until the intern tried the same thing. Now that fellow needs more practice. If I didn't have bruise areas when I went in, I must certainly have them now!!!

So the surgeon reiterated what my doctor and Travis the Terror told me at physio. One major tear on the inside muscle away from the tendon, a badly bruised ACL and a hematoma above the knee cap which is causing the continuation of the swelling on the knee. The bursa above the knee cap are also involved in this mess as they are inflamed and naturally very sore. He said a lot more about that but I didn't catch it all.

At any rate, I'll ask Travis the Terror. He'll explain it all in language that I can understand.

I came away knowing that all my pain was not in my head, as I had, at one point thought may be happening and that what I had experienced was traumatic and very damaging AND that the knee is one of the most intricate, if not THE most intricate part of the body.

And the proverbial question continues to haunt me: Why on earth did I land on that part of my body!!???? There are so many other "larger" areas that wouldn't have even felt the fall...many, many other areas. I think if I had even fallen on my head, the damage wouldn't have been so long-lasting...a probable bump and a short black-out and I would have been good to go.

At the end of the session surgeon also said: "No work for another month...perhaps two."

I wasn't prepared for that. That news set me back.

But if I want to get this knee in shape, I will have a great deal of hard work ahead of me.

Surgeon then said that I will first need to learn to walk again without any crutch...and then to gain my confidence back in walking normally, not to mention the strengthening exercises that will be happening to allow all of that to happen.

I think I'd rather be working at work...rather than working out....:(

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wrong impressions...

Sometimes (more often than I care to admit) I make statements whereupon I get the distinct feeling that others have taken my words wrongly.

And when it's in the middle of a discussion with various people waiting to make their own important comments, you really don't get the opportunity to elaborate on your statement as much as you would just kind of sits there.  No one comments.  The discussion just continues on as if you never entered the conversation at all.  Even though you feel strongly about what you have said and would like to have gone further with your thoughts, they are cut off  and you are left with the feeling that what you said was either offensive to others, taken the wrong way or everyone disagrees with your statement so much that they don't wish to hurt your feelings by making negative comments regarding said statement.  And one person did manage to make an off-handed comment which could barely be heard....but perhaps the comment was made out of fear.  When we are afraid of something or are unfamiliar with it, we tend to make quick judgements  out of  fear instead of allowing it to be talked about.  When we fear, we don't allow ourselves to see the whole picture.

Oh well.

I suppose that's just how life goes sometimes. We say things.  Others say things.  Communication isn't quite clear enough. 

I think I will just continue on in my thoughts because I feel they are worthy.

Perhaps one day, someone may ask me about my comments and the discussion may continue.

Until then, I shall think on them myself because as I said, I believe they are thoughts worth thinking...and perhaps something very positive could come from them.

By the way, since there isn't much ice around, the past two days I've been using only one crutch.  Now THAT'S progress!!!  Tomorrow is my appointment with the surgeon in Saskatoon.

Life may get back to normal yet.

I was revisiting some of Matt's pictures of when he was in Nepal, in particular.  Enjoy them...I received permission to hang some on our walls here in the apartment.

There is so much beauty everywhere...especially in the faces of children...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New wine into old wine skins....

I was thinking of that analogy that Jesus made while I put my stuff into my new, downsized shoulder purse.

The Jesus story was something like putting new thoughts and ways of living into the old ways and patterns.  It doesn't work and something always has to be tossed out.......IF  we want that new wine, of course, otherwise those old wine skins will burst with new wine inside.  We can't live our lives the way we always have when we come to know the truths about what Jesus was attempting to teach us.  The old ways don't work because God's Spirit has made us new people.  We just can't live as we used to in the old way.

Ya, I was thinking of that story as I was putting all my old stuff into the new purse.  It's kind of reverse of what Jesus story was all about, but the truth remained that some of the old stuff I was keeping for various reasons of which I'm not sure about, had to be thrown out.

New wine needs new wine skins.

New ways of thinking about God need new and renewed Spirit-filled people to do the work that God has called us to do.

That's what I was thinking about this afternoon as I enjoyed my new and lighter version of a purse.

I know.  Weird thoughts come to me whenever I get a new purse.  Strange.....

Now, I'm off to a meeting.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's that time of year...

When people get geared up for the "Get a trailer site at P.A. National Park by going online on April 6 at 7 AM", time of year.  There is no more going to the park to wait in line for a spot.  Those days are gone. 

So, if you don't reserve a spot online April 6th, you're done in!

It may be the beginning of the end as far as lake vacations go.  We've never had any luck being able to get online fast enough to be able to reserve a spot.  Can't imagine how one manages to do it either with thousands of folks trying to do the same thing as we are...all at the same time!

It would take a bit of luck, old boy!

Of course, there is always Elk Ridge just outside the park.  But of course, they're most likely all booked up already!

If we don't get to reserve a spot, we at least have pictures of our time there two years ago.

Sweet dreams my friends.


Trying to figure out why yesterday's photos didn't show up (you can click the box to see them).  Seems to be working today.  I seem to be at odds with my computer lately...I wonder who will win the battle!???

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We have relatives....

Yes, we seldom frequent one another's homes but when we do, it is good to catch up and chat.

Today, besides two of our friends from church, my nephew and his wife graced our home for brunch. Shannon and Brittney came to share in the meal as well and brought delicious apple crisp for dessert!!!

Rovelyn is from the Philippines and Kelly (my brother's son) fell in love with her and went over to her country to marry her. After several months, she was able to come to Canada last year. They will have a new addition to their family in September! It's exciting to see the next generation coming up to take over where we shall leave off. New life is always exciting.

We all had a great time visiting, laughing, remembering and telling stories. We always say we should do this more often, so why don't we????

I think getting older....older than we used to takes a certain amount of energy to make a meal for eight people. Not that I make everything, but it still takes a good deal of planning ahead and actually seeing the meal come to fruition. We ate heartily! Pork sausages, Ken's deer smokies, two different kinds of potatoes, scrambled eggs, white and whole grain toast, English muffins, blueberry and bran muffins, cheeses, jams, jellies, various fruit plates, orange juice, tea and coffee...with Shannon's "Double the topping" Apple Crisp with ice cream. Not a great meal for overweight folks, people with high cholesterol, heart patients, diabetics or anyone interested in being healthy! Not many around the table would have eaten had we been serious about that!

Here are some pictures we took....after our friends from church left...dang...I never remember to take out the camera until sometimes it's too late. But we managed these pics.

Rovelyn and Kelly Benson

I ate too for a nap!

Sometimes I'm just too funny for words!

Shannon's serious side...:)

Ken with two of his girls...the other one was taking the picture!

The cousins and two outlaws...:)

Hope your weekend was good...and now to rest this knee.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teamwork...a novelty....

Who would have thought we would get to Saturday....alive????

Well, husband and I managed to do just that!

How, you ask?


After being married for nearly 43 years, you would think this would be an automatic happening now, wouldn't you?

It takes work, this thing called teamwork.  Work that sometimes I don't have the energy to do.

But in order to get these pictures up and on the walls, it was something we decided to attempt, just like we did 25 years ago, putting up wallpaper!  It took that long, I guess, to forget that past episode....

After organizing, getting prints and enlargements developed, picture frames purchased, placing pictures in appropriate frames and cleaning everything up, these 15 pictures were ready to be hung.  I wasn't particularly up for the challenge....the knee was yelling at me to not work it so hard, so rests in between were frequent.

We got started last evening.  We managed to get through the first 8 without a hitch.

When we continued with the process today, I think our patience was thread-bare.  We persevered.

Husband thought of a great way for the whole picture hanging procedure...I held the picture, he got a flashlight and beamed it directly on the back of the picture where the little loop-ee on the back of the picture was awaiting it's just as little loop-er picture hanger on the wall, if you get what I'm saying here. He directed and I acquiesced....and it worked!

No fuss, no muss.  I think he must have realized that something productive must happen....and order to complete the business at hand.  He most likely saw some of the rising steam seeping from my ears.  It worked so well, I actually got him to work with me in hanging 8 other pictures!!!!

Anyway, here are a few of the 'groupings' we managed to get on our walls.  They are no longer bare!

Entries to our "family wall".

a couple of my favorites in 8X10

Roses grace our living room west wall....I love roses....

Some Saskatchewan winter scenes on the east wall.

Some 'seasonal' scenes in the hallway.

One good thing about putting up your own photographs, when you get tired of them you just add different ones to give a whole new feel for the room.

They certainly aren't perfect, by any stretch, but we like them.  Guess that's what counts!

I wonder what our next lesson in teamwork will produce????:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out of the woods...

I guess I'm not quite out of the woods yet, regarding this knee of mine.


Next Thursday I shall return once more to the best knee surgeon in Saskatchewan and he will tell me what is physiotherapist  looked at the MRI report today and thinks there is a chance surgery may still be in the offing.  But the Saskatoon specialist will do what he does the MRI himself, and he will say 'slice' or 'no dice'.  I'm hoping for the latter.

I've been overdoing my exercising too, lately, so I'm now behind a bit...the old "one step forward and two steps back"...kind of thing.

But whatever comes, I will take it...not much choice there.

On a happier note, I managed to frame six pictures today.  It was good to actually do something productive, with a few rests in between.  The next big production will be the wall placement of these pictures.  I'm already practicing to not be critical of my poor man when he goes to measure and do the hanging. 

If you don't see any blogging after tonight, check the obituaries.:)

Good night all.  Oh, and speaking of being 'out of the woods'....I'd love to be IN the woods where flowers bloom and bees buzz....where the sun gloriously sets and summer shadows abound....

Summer cannot come too quickly....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth... and the Middle East...

It's been quite a day, news-wise.

Watching CNN, you get a sense of.....turmoil.....doomsday......confusion....and a whole lot more!

First there were reports describing how various jet fighters are still flying over Tripoli, taking out Gadhafi strongholds.

Then it was unrest in Syria.

This was followed by a bomb blast in Israel with many wounded and one dead.

Next a report on Egypt's government offices burning as staff members protest for higher wages....amongst everyone else in the country protesting too.

Not to be outdone, Bahrainians were out to make their causes known to their unpopular leaders leading to more protests and a woman being shot in the head by the military as she looked for a gas station.

Yemen and Tunisia were making the same brave statements....all for "freedom".

As I said, it's a boiling, roiling cauldron of hate, mistrust, injustice and greed....with a desire for something better.

And in the middle of it all was a news report that legendary film star, actress Elizabeth Taylor, died in a California hospital today at 79 years of age.  She was a movie star I grew up watching and hearing about.  Remember "Lassie Come Home" and "Little Women", "Cleopatra", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "Butterfield 8", "Suddenly Last Summer"....etc. etc.?  Many have said she was truly loyal to her friends, was extravagant in her charitable causes and a beauty beyond comparison.

I must say though, that the entire life of Ms. Taylor appeared to be just as turbulent as present day Middle East! 

May she rest in peace.

Stunning: Elizabeth on the set of her 1959 film Suddenly, Last Summer

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why should I be surprised....

that often my children are much more wise than I.

I get a sense of that during conversations I have with them. 

That bit of enlightenment tells me two things.

One.  That they have lived enough of life to capture some of the difficult lessons they have learned and are able to put these lessons to use to help themselves and others in a selfless and just manner.

And two.  That God has answered my prayers as a mother.

It can be a very humbling and praise-worthy revelation.

I have heard it said that the older one gets, the more wisdom one has to offer.  I pray that as they continue on their journey of life, more and more wisdom will be given to them so that they are able to continue to make sound judgements.

Oh, they make mistakes, like I and most folks do, but when all is said and done....I thank God for the wisdom they offer me....even when they don't realize it!  And no, we don't always agree and we sometimes have 'words', but we're a family, after all.

They are truly beautiful people, in every way...

Good 'nite....let's appreciate our children, while we are able.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Open windows....

Even though the temps haven't been above 0C much in the last while, I am able to "smell" spring.  Must be the melting water and other stuff in the air that contribute to that definite spring scent.  We keep our windows open here in the apartment to varying degrees and it's great to hear the noises, dogs, planes, kids, birds, etc. It changes ones countenance.

When I wake up in the morning to the sounds and smells of outdoors, it invigorates me.  Guess that's why I love being at the lake so much.  We're always outdoors!

Then there is the time when the spring rains come, complete with the beauty of a thunderstorm.  Can't wait for that!  Winter's been good but there is just something that refreshes a person, body and soul, when spring arrives.

Remember last year's storm that ripped through the southeast part of our city?  It was quite a site and it turned ever-so-dark before the torrents of rain and wild wind arrived!

That was at our old place, of course.

I wonder what storms await us this year, here by the river....?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Who's there?

Eskimo Christian Italian.

Eskimo Christian Italian who?

Eskimo Christian Italian no lies.

I thought that was pretty funny.  I read it somewhere.

Today as we listened once again to some words Jesus said to the crowd sitting around him on the hillside, there were some things we heard like....."ask, and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock, and the door will be opened to you"....

When Pastor Stacia began preaching on this from Matthew chapter 7, my thoughts (so easily distracted!!) went to the proverbial 'Knock..Knock' jokes.  I know they shouldn't have but for a few brief moments I was trying hard to come up with a knock-knock joke of my very own.  Alas, I could not.

So, on went the sermon about if your son asks for a loaf of bread, would you give him a stone instead...or if he asks for some fish, would you instead give him a snake?  So, if we, as parents, who are not super great people for one reason or another, would give the good things to our much more will God give good gifts to those who ask him.  Do to others what you would have them do to you.

Ask God for things.  He knows what we need....or don't need. 

Yes.  Ask.  Just ask.

Our kids ask us for stuff.  We give them what they need...out of love for them.  Sometimes we even withhold things they ask for because in our wisdom, we know it is not best for them.  Same goes for God.  He knows what is best for us.

Seek God out.  In doing that, you will find Him if you seek him with your heart.  Probably don't go looking for a guy who you think that God looks like.  If you find a fellow walking down the street with blazing eyes, a long, woolly, white beard, an enormous star-filled crown on his head and a white robe, I wouldn't be too convinced it was God.  I think seeking with our heart is quite different from seeking with our eyes.  Seeking with our heart is a spirit kind of intangible....

Knock on the door.  That takes action on our part, I think.  If we want a door to open, we don't just stand there looking at it like a sap.  We knock.  We take the initiative to get that door opened.  That is what God desires of us, step up to the plate, as it were, to instigate a relationship with him.  He will not force that relationship.  We must make that conscious choice to knock on that door....and he will answer.

Good stuff.  I don't think we even realize how much 'good stuff 'is waiting for us when we take the first step of beginning a relationship with idea!  I think it's worth a try....God has not failed me yet!!!

In the remains of this day, here is the view that greeted me from the spare room....:)
Spring is here....I've been asking...........

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling right at home...

It's good to know that I'm not the only person in the world who is waiting for something.

There are friends waiting to hear about their illnesses.

There are politicians waiting to see what kind of strategy they will use next to convince the masses to vote for them.

There are people in Japan waiting to see if a nuclear disaster will overcome them....besides waiting for food, water, housing, messages from loves ones.....and another earthquake.

The world awaits the outcome of the UN announcement for a "no fly zone" over Libya. 

The people of Libya are waiting to see what will become of their country and them as individuals.

See what I mean.  All sorts of people waiting.  I really do feel very much at home.

And waiting can be a time where we can become introspective, where we can take stock of our surroundings and attempt to become somewhat objective regarding our circumstances.  We can't all go yelling and screaming into the streets with guns blazing!  There needs to be a certain amount of rationality to our comings and goings.

So even if we think that our problems are the worst that could possibly be....there is always someone worse off than ourselves!  Let's think on that this night.

By the way, I DON'T NEED SURGERY!!!!!  Yay, whooooppppeeeeee, alright (as I jump up on one leg and give a huge chest punch against a wall....or person....whatever is closest!)

I know by the feel of my knee that there will be a great deal of physio yet to take place before I will feel comfortable walking unassisted, unfortunately.  But no surgery!  I feel giddy....light headed...euphoric....  I also feel the pain of what the physiotherapist did to my poor knee today!  Oh my goodness.....and on St. Paddy's Day too!  So I shall wait.....

I didn't even wear green....but Travis, my therapist, broke out in a perfect Irish brogue much to my delight and a flood of remembrance overtook me of my dearly departed Irish grandmother.  In the midst of the pain he inflicted, it was overtaken by fond memories of laughter, fun and warmth of a beautiful grandma.

May the Luck o' the Irish be with ye' always!  Blessings on your night!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All things considered....

Three hundred and eighty-eight emails (and counting) isn't too bad, really.

I have all those messages to look forward to when I get back to work.

Until then, I shall focus my energy on keeping tabs on the Japan nuclear crisis.

Six reactors in some kind of failure.

My little knee problems seem so very insignificant right now.  I've been watching the telly and trying to get a grasp of the severity of the happenings around Sendai.  They are of catastrophic proportions and I feel totally helpless in all of it, naturally.  How do the people get a handle on losing family members, their homes and belongings, not much food or water and now the sketchy news items coming from the Tokyo Electric Power Company telling everyone within 18 miles of the Fukushima Reactors to flee the area and those further from that radius to stay indoors.

I don't know.  There is just too much information to sift through right now but my heart goes out to all the folks in Japan and surrounding area.....especially those brave souls having to contain the nuclear plants as best they can.  They undoubtedly will die of radiation poisoning but continue to do the best job they can to keep things under control.

May God watch over that country....and Libya....and Bahrain.....and Egypt....and Iran....and Afghanistan......and Canada......ya, we have our own bits of unrest, don't we.....

Sleep well and live well tomorrow.  There is much to be thankful for.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What was that....

Just sitting here on my computer in the spare room looking through some pictures and trying to decide which ones are worth a reproduction for our walls when a huge shadow falls across the window beside me...followed by a "thuuunnnnnnnnkkkkkkkk" sound.

I think it must have been a snow drift falling from the roof.  It made quite the noise.  Or perhaps it was the neighbors as our roof is flat, although drifts tend to hang over the sides of a flat roof.
Having said that, I do believe it must be a sign of things to come.

Spring is one week hence.

Not that it makes any difference, as I've seen snow drifts around P.A. the beginning of June!

But it was a very nice sound.  The birds are also sounding springy.  Their chirps are sweeter and louder.

I love spring!

Patience grasshopper....there is presently snow falling outside......

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today I learned....

As Sophia of the Golden Girls says...."Picture this" walking around with this huge 2 X 4 sticking out of my eye.  That's funny in itself.  The really funny part is that here I am with this wacko-humongous board sticking out of my eyeball and I go up to another fellow human being and tell her she has a tiny little sliver in the corner of her eye and I will attempt to remove it......when I SHOULD be attempting to remove that 2 X 4 from my own eye!  That was Jesus's story...I can't take credit for it.  It talks about judging others in Matthew chapter 7.  Or as my father always used to say..."Don't worry about the other guy!"  In other words, fix yourself up before trying to fix the other person.  Don't judge others!

I don't think many of us will forget Pastor Seth's sermon illustration today in this regard.

While he had this long wooden pole hanging from his eyeball, he went up to his wife, Pastor Stacia, and attempted to get an itsy-bitsy-tiny-little speck from her eye.  It was all quite hilarious, in fact.

I think we all got the message....well, I got the message and that was the most important thing.

How many times have I looked at someone else and made a judgement call on them.  Hmmmm....I've lost count!

How many times have I made presumptions...wrongly.....about someone else.  Lost count on that one too!

How many times have I made very subtle comments about another...hoping that no one would notice my judgemental attitude.  Who am I kidding anyway??? 

Surely not God.

We talked about this after church as we sat around and drank coffee.  There are times when we assume we know what is best for another person, or group of people and we even force those thoughts and ideas on others without first thinking of their cultural heritage and how they may feel.

I confess, I have made terrible judgement calls in my lifetime.  I ask for forgiveness for those times.

We also talked about being in relationship with others.  When we know someone well, we find we can make more helpful comments as opposed to judging negatively, because we know the whole person and they trust us and our opinions.

Another thing I learned today is that it is really difficult to judge someone when I am in a worshipful attitude.  And being in a worshipful attitude doesn't only happen in!  It can happen each moment we exist when we are in constant communion and relationship with God!  It takes practice though.  I want to practice that way of living.  I need that way of living.

Here are a few pictures of some hoar frost on a prairie landscape I took on the way home from Saskatoon the other day. You can judge them if you wish....:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All quiet on the western front....

I will be anxious to hear Matthew's take on the past 24 hours.  I think to him, it was a bit of an adventure and an experience that he has lived through to tell the tale.

There were many texts back and forth to him while he was stuck in his little red Cavalier, somewhere south of Winnipeg on Hwy. 75.  The snow was too heavy and the winds were sustained at 52 km/hr for quite a while (gusting to 80 km/hr), for him to be able to even see exactly where he was or which town he had passed.  Thankfully, he got stuck in the ditch, which got him off the road and unable to go any further!!!

There was one phone call from him, probably just to ease my mind, but it was good to hear his voice.  I could hear that wind howling but he had me convinced that with his warm sleeping bag, jug of water and various edibles, he would survive at least until morning!

I, along with various folks down in that area, plus his sister, were texting him at various times.  I quit around 1:30 a.m.  Woke up several times to see if he had texted at all during the night and by 6 a.m. I lay wide awake thinking all sorts of weird and wondrous thoughts....thoughts that only a mother could conjure up!  Thoughts like, maybe he's been asphyxiated in the night while he slept with the car running; maybe he ran out of gas;  what if the snow buried the car and he wouldn't be able to get out; perhaps his cell phone batteries ran out and we wouldn't be able to contact him; maybe the boogie man came in the night with his know, the regular stuff.  Is that worry....or concern??????

So by 6 a.m. I had had enough.  I texted the poor fellow, who had been sleeping in his snugly car bed.  He replied with an ever-so-polite, "I'm fine...just sleeping:)"

By 7 a.m. I was up with husband, knowing now we had to take the bull by the horns and get some action!  Husband called RCMP.  They took the info but stated they couldn't do anything until the road was opened!  And a few hours later they had plucked him out of his snow-bound encasement.  My text response to that was, "I hear you got picked up by the cops!  Does Thais know what's been going on with you?"

And on went the day.  Another text revealed he had another vehicle and was on his way yet again, same road and an hour or two later he was at the US border.  I'm trusting by now he has reached Grand Forks ND and his very special "cargo":)  Hope they stay there the night or at least don't tell me if they do try and come back to Winnipeg tonight...I need a good sleep!  It seems quiet now......aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Amazing what a person's son will do when he is determined to reach his goal, isn't it?

UPDATE:  They are back home in Winnipeg and all is well

Friday, March 11, 2011

Might as well blog...

Cause I sure can't sleep!!

With son stuck in a ditch "somewhere" between Winnipeg and the US border whilst a blizzard overtakes him and his vehicle!!!!

We've been texting and phoning.  He could call 911 and perhaps it will come to that.  His friend said he could come from Winnipeg to rescue him with his truck.  Another option.  Matt, however, is saying that this will be something that he most likely will live to tell the tale!

And they wonder why parents go grey?!

He's driving down to pick up his ladyfriend in Grand Forks as she is flying there to meet him tomorrow, but he wanted to make sure he was there at the airport waiting for now, it most likely will be she waiting at the airport for him!

He does have a sleeping bag, water and food in the vehicle.

That's something.

But it can be frightening by yourself in the middle of who knows where with -30 windchill and 60-80 km/hr winds howling into the blackness around you.

Why do my children do this?

Last year it was daughter in the middle of a prairie blizzard by herself....this year son.

We do learn lessons in life, one way or another!

And that's all I have to say about that!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now THAT was an experience....

Here's the story.

Went down to Saskatoon Tuesday afternoon, checked into hotel and I was very, very anxious about this MRI happening with my claustrophobia and all.  I thought of many things to get away from any anxiety but it seemed like it was no use.  We had supper with friends and that kind of eased the agony as we visited and chatted away...but in the back of my mind, the key thought was "being enclosed".  Phobias are very strange things, are they not?  I thought of ways I might overcome this thing but there was not time to put them into practice before the event!!

After supper, off we went to the university hospital.  Husband found a wheelie type chair and pushed me down isles, around corners, onto and from elevators, through doors and finally to the emergency department where I had to be registered.  And I thought the P.A. hospital ER department was chaotic!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  It was like a scene from one of those doctor shows...people being wheeled in on stretchers, children crying hysterically, one fellow wandering through the doors with a cloth on his head with blood dripping down and looking like he needed a doctor.  The nurses seemed completely in control!!!  So all of this excitement kept me from thinking of the looming MRI machine awaiting me very shortly.

Up we went again to the main floor and into the MRI department.  This was after 8 PM and there were people waiting patiently for their turn...and I quickly joined the ranks.  No one else seemed nervous.

The nurse came and let us sit in a room with a TV until they were ready.  It was a small room.  I wonder if they were attempting to get me used to that closed-in feeling.  At any rate, husband and I watched the Shelby Car Auction.  Some of those beauties were going for well over $100,000.  So I didn't think too much about "The Machine" for 15 minutes or so!

Then it was my turn.

Away I went down the hall, hobbling on my crutches, while the nurse asked questions like, "Do you have anything metal in your body that you know of?".  "No, nothing I can think of...unless a doctor left in a scalpel during my last operation!"....attempting to give a little levity to the situation.  "Are you wearing a bra with wire in it?".  "No, the other nurse made me take it off!!!"....says I.  At this point, I was very glad that it was just Miss Nurse and I hobbling/flopping down the hallway!!!  "Are you wearing any jewelery at all?".  "No", says I, as we rounded the corner into "The Room".

There he sat.  All turquoise and off white...shiny and clean and round.  A hole ran through his middle and a seat was attached to his front.  He was shorter than I had expected......but that whole!!!  He was ready to swallow me up in one bite!

"Let me take those crutches from you after you sit down here", says nurse..."Oh, and give me your glasses too!".  That was very good. As soon as my glasses were off, I could hardly see anything anyway!

"Now just turn towards the machine and fit your legs into these little sections and move down just a bit more, now rest your head back.  There...comfortable?", she asked.  "Yes, comfortable!", says I.

"Here are some head phones.  What channel do you want?".  "Anything! I like anything at all!", says I, heart beginning to pound now as I lay there.  I figured now would be a good time to close my eyes and begin to think of other things.  Things like other people having to use this machine who were so very sick and in life-threatening situations...things like my children and their situations in life....things like God, and his goodness to know, good stuff like that.

I felt the machine begin to move forward.  My thoughts went heavenward while I asked God to keep my heart from exploding all over the machine because it would be some mess for this poor nurse to clean up!

The music began to play funky music into my ears.  I was beginning to bop my head to the beat, while asking God if this would be the end of me, when all of a sudden the music stopped....a voice came into the ear phones...."Hello Sharon.  This is as far as your body will go into the machine." (I was immediately wondering if God actually spoke into earphones at this point!!!)  "Your head is still out from the tube", said the voice ..."Do you think this will be OK for you?".  Well, now my head was bobbing up and down for other reasons other than the beat of the music.  I opened my eyes and there above me was his huge massive turquoise and off-white body.  I just lay there with my eyes wide open looking up and thanking God for how he spared me from what I thought would be certain death, and a messy one, at that!

The noise of the machine mostly drowned out any music that may have been coming over the air waves.  It began as high pitched, sharp noises...gradually moving downward to more muted and low frequencies.  Eight sets of three minute "pictures", stopping between each set for a moment.  Nothing could be felt for the first twenty minutes or so but the later, lower frequencies I thought I could feel "something" going on in that knee.

Anyway, after almost a half hour, he spit me out of his mouth and I was free once more! 

I can't tell you how relieved I was that this was over.  But I didn't get a real chance to try out my "meditation" practice.  I really wanted to and I was prepared to but, it was not to be....this time.  Don't get me wrong.  I like sitting with my eyes closed sometimes talking to God and thinking about his goodness but this was just a bit different.

I think I'll have to study a bit about phobias and their causes and ways to overcome them.  They CAN be debilitating if we let them.

So, I shall await the Saskatoon doctor's appointment, the specialist who will read the results of the test.  I have the CD right here with me.  Too bad I couldn't read it myself!  The results are so near and yet so far!!

I trust your evening has been a good one.  Husband and I just got back from an Ash Wednesday service and my head is marked with the ash of remembrance in the form of a cross.  There is more to living this life than meets the eye...

And now for ice and a leg on a pillow.....and a good night's sleep on that king-sized bed!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heavy breathing....

Ya, trying really hard not to think much about tomorrow's MRI.  Don't get me wrong, I really want to have this done and it is a great privilege to have such advanced technology available to me! 

But I look at this thing and I get a strange feeling.

Yes, my name is Sharon Kent....and I'm claustrophobic!

I think I'll be OK if they don't put anything on my head or face or arms or hands or feet....and just let me lie there.  I may be fine.  If they could just pass me through this thing, however, I think I will have to be in there for an hour or more.  Now, to a claustrophobic, that does not sit well.

But I'm having visions of wanting to get up and run and banging my head on that thing or not being able to get out and my heart begins to race and I'm sweating and breathing fast and there's no way out.....oh my....

I think I'll take drugs!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New furniture....

Here are pics of our new couch and if you're interested, eh?  Well, it's exciting to me, so I shall bore you with the picture details.  Isn't it funny how one thing so mundane and "normal" can be so exciting.  I guess because we don't get new furniture....or anything, really.....very much at all.  We have our cash being accountable elsewhere for other purposes!  But when opportunities arise and we are in need...or what we think is need, then we get selfish and purchase!  But with this larger bed, I don't hear husband getting up in the night either and I can turn over with this sore knee without waking him's a good enough reason, I think, to have a new bed.

So, here are our selfish purchases.....

and now to cut the tags from the accessory pillows....:)

She's as comfy as she looks, too!

A friend of husband's is coming over tomorrow to hitch up the new TV and printer for us.  He's an expert and will be amply rewarded for his efforts....he likes home-made sausage!  Then I can show you that honkin' big TV sitting all big and threatening on one end of the living room.

Oh yaaaaaaaa........Blue Ray here we come......

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The house is shrinking...the house is shrinking....

Our new bed is HUGE.  I need to take a leap to get up onto it and that is not such a good idea with a banged up knee.  I may need a foot stool.  Or I could wait until husband gets on the other side and he could pull me up, or he could get behind me and give me a heave-ho...still not great for that knee.  I was pretty good at jumping the bar in track so that maneuver is a possibility...kind of coming at it running and leaping up and over, landing on my back.  That doesn't sound like fun either, does it...???? Hmmmmmmm....

I like the foot stool idea.

Then there's the new couch.  It is a beauty.  It takes up considerable more room though, so now our living room doesn't seem so empty.  And with that 58" TV looming in the middle of everything, still waiting to come onto the scene from it's crate, well, it will seem like a first class theatre in that place.  And did I mention that couch has two end recliners?  Ya.  One for for the man.  It's very cool.

So, between the living room and the bedroom, our walking space is quite a bit less.  But who wants to do a lot of walking around their apartment anyway?  Not me.  I can do that somewhere else....when I'm able, that is.

I'm off to bed now to sleep on that new king sized mattress.  Hope I manage to climb up safely...and not fall off in the night!  Now THAT would be something.  Husband is sleeping already.

I'll let you know how we made a manner of speaking, that is.:)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Something to sit on....

We're getting a couch.

Yep...a real, sitting down, leather, pull-out recliner ends....couch.

We've only had a couple of little love seats for the past half a year, so any guests would have to sit on dining room chairs or fold-out chairs or these two little love seats.

Now we will be like "real" people and have a couch to sit on.

It's quite exciting.

But the most fun part is the 58" TV.

Yes, 58" TV!!!!!

How does one feel good about getting a 58" TV?????

Not sure.

Anyway, if you come over, we can watch anything you like.

It will be like having Fred and Ginger right in our living room!!! (for those TCM movie geeks)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

He said...she said...

He (doctor) said, "Ouuuu....I think that right knee has a lot more movement in it than your left one...."

I'm thinking that is not a good sign.

He said, "Let's try moving it this way....hmmmmmm...Well, the bruising has nearly diminished....THAT'S good!"

I'm waiting for the sledge hammer....

He said, "I really don't want to say anything yet but after your MRI on Tuesday, we will know so much more!  It does look to me like a ligament needs attaching, just by the way your knee is moving."

And I said..."Well, when I attempt to walk on it much or try to straighten it while walking, it feels like it's going to bend all the way backwards!"

And he said, "Keep that tensor bandage on it!!!"

And I said, "Yes, doctor, I will do just that!!!"

And then he said, "I wouldn't rule out all....!!"

And then I said, ....come to think of it, I don't think I said anything at just may be my way of learning the art of patience.  We'll see how I hold up under the pressure.

Anyway, with all the great news floating my way, thought I'd show you a few pictures of the flowers the church brought me last week....they're still lovely.....and I am blessed!

I think after appreciating the delicacy of these flowers, I need to end my blog today on a positive note.  I was reading a prayer of thanksgiving today and the end goes like this:

Help us to accept your blessings and your challenges with gratitude,
and may we find that through your grace,
blessings become challenges
and challenges become blessings.

Good night, friends.  I pray this for you as well....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Travis the Terror Titan....

So, I no longer have Chelsea the Terminator to work on my poor old knee.  But "Travis the Terror Titan" has taken her place!  No machines for this boy...oh, no!!  It's all hand massage right on that knee.  Well, it's not deep muscle massage....just a lighter massage to move the liquid around in there so it will disperse.

That hurts!

And the leg straightening and raising and bending.....also hurts!

But, I guess that's why they say, "no gain"!

MRI on the Tuesday in 8:30 PM!!!  They must have that machine going well into the night by the sounds of it.  Incredible!  Hope there isn't a blizzard or some such calamity that day.

We'll see how the Terror Titan manages to induce the much dreaded "light massage" next Monday.  Do things really get worse before they get even more worse?  That's my question.

I attempted walking with one crutch around the house today too...and then I took off the tensor bandage for a half hour or so.....but that was not a good idea.

Tomorrow I will learn more lessons in patience and I will also see my doctor....yet again....

Life is grand.....:)

'Nite all......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have tasks to do. 

Glad I can do them either by email or phone.

So, instead of blabbing on and on and on here about nothing of significance, I shall go and do my tasks.

Communicating is so much faster these days than, say....when I was a kid.

If I wanted to say something to my friend, I'd either get my coat, boots, mitts and scarf on and trudge over to their place a few blocks away....or wait until I saw them at school in the morning.  I guess nothing was THAT important that it couldn't wait for a time.

I wonder how many levels of stress we've managed to climb in the past 50 years, just to be able to say something to someone in one opposed to a day. 

I'm sure 'they' have done studies on these important areas of strategic communications.

Someone, somewhere has the stats.

Having said all of that though, it was fast communicating on Lauralea's part to let everyone know that she and Randall are now grandparents to Norah Darlene...born February 28, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.

Good stuff, Johanna and Nate!!