Saturday, September 29, 2012

We took a drive...'s fall alright!  Took a drive on Hwy. 2 North and saw some lovely scenery.  Had a Hawood breakfast and took some pictures.  Click 'em...

And the Blue Jay and his family are regularly visiting our peanut feeder.  I managed to peek through the sliding door to the balcony with my lens and we had a moment of recognition before he grabbed and flew.  The morning sun gave him a golden hue.

Tomorrow, our church will be welcoming Joseph, the son of one of our Congolese refugees.  We've been attempting to get him here for seven long years and he arrived just today!  I'm sure the new country, culture, and language (not to mention his dad) will take some time to get used to but when you're eleven, you soak up information like a sponge.

Sleep well...wherever you may be....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Look what I can do!...

It's the middle of the day...and I can blog to my heart's content.  Now, this may not appear to be a very significant thing to you, but it is to me.  I'm outside of my normal structure.  I've bounded out of my confined 8 to 5 norm and I'm able to be

Well, until 3 PM when Kid's Klub will need helpers.  Then off we go to help feed and structure and love the neighborhood children.  It's quite an undertaking actually.  But we, as a church, are attempting to be a vital part of their lives while we are able and have resources to do this.  We are making this a priority, a ministry of love, so to speak, to children who live within a stones throw of the church building.  What is "the church" anyway, if it isn't a source of love to their neighbors?  Jesus said we should be doing things like that, and so we love.

It is a bit of fun then, to actually be doing things on my own schedule.  For a while there, I was getting a little insecure and afraid of not being able to be me in my new place in life.  But I think (today), I shall get the hang of it and venture beyond the limits that had been set out for me for the past 40 years.  Now, I can, in some respects, make my own schedule, which undoubtedly involves husband too.  I look around and see many, many women who are without their spouses and I become very thankful that Ken and I are able to do things together and talk about various life matters...together.  I have not yet (and perhaps I never will) enter into the single person setting.  Not sure I would like it either...but we take in life what is laid out before us and make the best of things.

Here are a few more pictures I took with my "Big Shot"!

She just sat there...immovable...protecting her nest!

Mr. Camp Man with his protective head gear:)

My lovely.....enjoying the sun.

Beauty in a field..

He was only 3 or 4 inches long but could he move!

"For velvet removal, I would suggest the strong but willowy...willow tree."

"If I dance a bit, they won't see my children hiding in the reeds."

Another Waskesiu sunset on a hazy evening.

So, that's a blog post from mid-afternoon in the Kent household.  Cooooooool.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy doin' nothin'....????

Some days I feel as though I'm really not accomplishing much.  There is the usual stuff...meetings, prep work for the worship team, going for coffee, Kid's Klub there are times when it appears nothing much productive is happening.

I have to learn to assess.  To be patient.  To look at the results of all that "stuff"...perhaps on a monthly basis.  When you look back on it weekly, there doesn't appear to be much progress....but in a month, well, you get to see some positive outcomes.  I like that.  It seems to encourage me to go keep on with the mundane tasks at hand.

And then there is the picture editing.  It's enabled my tendinitis to thrive once more...all that "mouse work" opposed to house work!

I'll be working on pictures 'til Hell or the Saskatchewan River freezes over...whichever comes first.

Have a click on the pic....

Love birds.

Getting my ducks in a row.

My sweetheart...

The varying shades of sunsets...from this...

to this...

Our beach!

First glimpses of fall.

Ma and Pa Greenhead.

Nothing like a loon for beauty.

Look ma...I can stand on water...coooool....


Namekus Lake early September.

THE END:)  of a duck...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about...

By the time we left Waskesiu, this six point elk had his harem all lined up and was defending his territory.  But when I took this picture, I was probably only a dozen feet from him as he munched and grazed peacefully.
Here he is giving me "the look" in, get out of here...only a few short weeks from the first picture when the velvet was being rubbed off.  He meant business!!!  He had just chased off several young bulls and I was next!

Ya just don't mess with the master....or else!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A new look...

Since fall begins sometime this week, I figured I'd give a more softer "fall look" about my blog.  I love daisies!  I took a picture of these daisies when they were sitting in Penny's office window with the sun shining on them.

So, here are a few more pictures to look at.  Hope you enjoy them...

That's all I have time for....and the weekend is over, but I just keep on having a weekend....very strange.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I like nature...

And in light of that statement, here are a few more pictures of some of the things I saw.  Very active and fun to watch it all!

I think I enjoy birds the very best though...I think it's their wings and the way they work.  I'd love to fly.  I've dreamt I could and it was wonderful...even without feathers:)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Settling in...

I'm finding it difficult to settle into some/any kind of routine now that our three month long vacation has ended and I find myself a retired soul with no job to go to.  Doesn't that sound wimpy?! 

But really.  I'm trying to find my way around.  I shouldn't get discouraged.  I have whatever is left of my life to figure it all out.  I'm sure by then, I will have found some kind of routine!

But the vacation....oh, my....the vacation.  It was wonderful.  It just went on and on and on and on....

Perhaps that's why I'm finding it difficult to readjust myself into something totally new.  So, I will work on this part of my life.  I want it to be different...more alive...more full (note: not more busy but full). I want to find things out about life and God and people and animals and a whole lot more.  My mind seems to be off in so many directions, I can't focus on any one thing.

As the saying goes..."so much to little time".

I did find time to use my beautiful retirement gift while at Waskesiu.....I call it "The Big Shot" Canon T3i.

Too many pictures to show you but I shall give you a little taste of a few here. Click on the first one and then you can scroll through with a bit more close-up feel.

Guess that's all for one night.

Soooooo many pictures to sort!!!  Soooo much to learn about this new Big Shot!

Oh, and all of my former co-workers out there....thanks....thanks again!