Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bake it and they will come....

And they did.

People bought stuff they shouldn't be eating....and I was the number 1 culprit.

All for a good cause though.  It was the Women Ministries major fund raiser today and was, as usual, a great success.  Lots of hard work, many laughs, great visits and wonderful fellowship.  People bought up loaves of Sweedish Rye bread like there was no tomorrow.  The pies and butter tarts, jars of chokecherry syrup and dishes of date cake....all were bought and I know, will be devoured.

Some of our ladies were too ill to come, having colds and flu.  But the ones that took on great chunks of extra responsibility showed themselves, once again, faithful to the cause.

Here's how it all went.....

See, we CAN have some fun at church events:)  You can tell by all the smiling going on!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flying by.....

Several weeks have passed since I've written here.  When they say that times does!

Days run quickly into weeks and into months.  I can barely keep up the pace.

This week has me in meetings, doctor appointments, husband's physio, Kid's Klub, worship practice and of course, baking for this Saturday's Country Store...10 - 3.  There has barely been a spare moment!  It's difficult when you hear someone casually hinting that I may be lazy...but I suppose that would be their perception of me.  I do admit that I may have a bit of a lazy streak in me, the one that wants to sit with my swollen feet up and watch some telly or read a terrific book...or connect here on my blog...or do some picture taking...or coffee with my husband....or checking out Facebook....or....ya....just doing the stuff that I do and enjoy doing.  So when I hear those misconceptions of my person, I get to rethinking all that I'm doing because maybe, just maybe I AM LAZY.  I don't think I am but perhaps they think I'm lazy because a lot of the things I do are not directly church related.  Pretty narrow thinking on their part, I would suspect and a bit judgmental too.  So, I shall go about my daily run-of-the-mill tasks, attempting to live more wholly for others (I find that one hard, too) and slowing time down so it doesn't fly by so quickly....guess that would take some kind of supernatural effort on my part.  If it works, I shall quickly get a patent.

Tomorrow will find us getting our blood work done for our doctors appointments next week.  I will also be packaging up all my baking and setting up tables at the church for the sale on Saturday.  We always have a good time at that sale...a great fund-raiser too!

AND, today we had our flu shots!  Got yours?

So, enjoy your night!  It is a gift that allows our bodies to catch up a bit with the busyness of life.

And yes, it's that time of year again...see, time really does fly!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm ba-aaaaaaaaaaaaak........

Nope.  I'm not dead.  Haven't even moved away...nor have I been eaten by monsters.

That's been a four month drought here and I'm fearing any people who may have been following this blog probably have long ditched and left the premises, like I did.

I figured I'd just stop by here to say hello to myself and get the old "blog feel" back again.  Not sure if it will ever come back.  We shall see.  Certainly takes more effort than just looking at Facebook.  I have to get my old arthritic fingers moving again and my brain in gear.

Since June we have been on vacation, come home from same, husband had surgery for a hip replacement, granddaughter has moved to Saskatoon and son has come home for a nice longer-than-normal visit.  Some pretty big things in four months.

We experienced our first real flood when the rains came at Waskesiu.  It was an incredible experience!

After we got the rains out of the way...August was a beautiful month! And with the coming of September it just continued on and now into October.

Now to get husband walking again with his new hip and we'll be in business.  He seems to want to walk on that leg without his walker but the physio therapist will have none of that!  Easy does it, she says.  But through all of this, I have a new appreciation for the work of all health care workers out there not to mention single parents who have to "do it all"!  It's tough work...really tough work.  Physically exhausting. I can't remember ever being this tired, even when the children weren't sleeping through the night!!!  And it's mentally challenging just to stay on top of everything that needs doing.  Physically being care giver for this big husband of mine, doing all the household, laundry, dishes plus all the cooking and grocery shopping, driving to and from appointments, and not leaving him alone for any length of time....well, to be honest, I'm just not used to being in a 100% do-it-all relationship.  We have always split responsibilities during our 45 years of marriage and now at 65, when I'm beginning to run out of steam, I'm required to do the whole enchilada.  Not for much longer, mind you.  But ya, a whole new appreciation goin' on here!!!  Hats off to care givers and all single moms!!!!!  I salute you!!!!

So, we shall continue on with physio appointments and enjoy son's visit with us for another week.  It has been very good.

It's 9:30.  Off to bed.  I shall get more pictures up here too, as I have time.  Nite!  This was the river last evening...