Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Attention: Snow Birds

DON'T COME HOME!!!!  I repeat....DON'T COME HOME!!!!!

Not yet, anyway.  We'll be having another 10-15 cm. of snow in the next 24 hours and if you've been pampered all winter with wussy-type temperatures, you'll freeze your butts off if you attempt to get back into the real winter world.  So stay put....(that's for Wendy...heehee)

After our annual ordeal on Monday of reserving our camping spot for the summer months, it makes me wonder if it was all worth it.  I mean, what the heck kind of summer will we have at this rate.  The snow probably won't even be melted around the ice cream shop by June!  And the lake....another matter altogether.  I've never gone swimming with ice chunks but hey, there's always a first time for everything.

So with weather not looking too promising in the next while, I'm tempted to curl up in a ball and wait until it's all over...which may mean waiting a good long time.  After all, climate change is happening right before our eyes!!!  Are we too stupid to recognize it all or are we hiding our heads in the snow banks (as opposed to sand, since we won't be having much sand to hide our heads in if this snow doesn't melt by July!!!)

On a lighter note, I'm still coughing and Ken is waiting for physio on his arthritic hip.  Between the two of us, we're keeping the health care system going.  I think though that my lungs are simply waiting for some warm weather to breathe in.  Blaming the weather for everything seems pretty fair to me.  It can't answer back and the way it's been behaving, it deserves it!

If we are true Saskatchewanians though, we will still be looking forward to what is supposed to be summer months and the time we will spend in our beautiful north country.  June 15 to August 31 will find us at Waskesiu, enjoying whatever will be there...snow, sleet, hail, hurricane, tornado or anything else that can be thrown our way.  Bring it on!!!

But tonight I'm so tired from all the action at Kid's Klub today, that I may just sleep through the snow storm that is forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  We shall see. The Weather Network has been known to be wrong once or twice...

So, sleep well, dear ones.  Tomorrow is another day...even if it is snowy.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Waiting is always a strange thing, is it not?  We spend a good deal of our time doing it, so it must be relevant to our lives.

I got to thinking about the things we wait for....our health to improve, to see a friend, for a plane, for someone to get out of the bathroom, for supper, to leave work, to retire, to embrace a loved one, for a baby to be born and sometimes die.  So much more we wait for too!

What do we do with those moments, days, years of waiting.  Yep, we simply go on doing our living.  If we just sat in a big easy chair we'd be losing a lot of time just sitting instead of living.

I was thinking about our old friend and former pastor, Albert Josephson.  He's dying.  He knows his days are numbered.  He has lived a most meaningful, fulfilling, exuberant, joyous life of ministering to thousands of people everywhere.  And as he lives his last days, weeks or months, waiting for his final moments here on earth, he continues to be that same person he has always been.  He's waiting for his final reward, yes, but as he waits he lives out his life for others....still.  He and his wife, Anna, became great-grandparents again yesterday, so they were both waiting for that little Zeke to arrive, too.

Yes, waiting can be a time of learning, or thinking or making others happy or a myriad of things.  It doesn't have to have a "couch potato" mentality.

So, while we wait...let's just live....and live fully!