Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enough already....

Totally sick of being sick!

Still hacking and coughing like there's no tomorrow...and if I keep this up, maybe there won't be a tomorrow!!!!

Last day of antibiotics tomorrow so I'll see how far I've progressed with the stuff when I'm finished. I wouldn't want to think I'd be in for another round.  Four prescriptions in  10 weeks is quite enough!

Now on to more important things.

A former co-worker's daughter was tragically killed in a car accident last night here in P.A..  We didn't work directly but I know her well enough to feel the hurt and pain she must be enduring in these moments of grief.  Sometimes death hits a person like a sucker punch, knocking the wind out of you like you will never breathe another breath in your life.  Then slowly, a slight puff of air enters the lungs and another and yet another until our lungs are full again and we can breathe normally.  That won't happen with Mona for a very long time, I know.  Losing a child I am thinking of the Rivet family tonight knowing there will be rivers of unending tears and wonderings and thoughts of "if only"....enough to tear folks apart even more.  May the peace of God overshadow them in these days...and long, endless nights....

I've missed going to our Fitness Program now for two weeks.  I'm attempting to do a bit of exercise while I'm stuck at home but if I do too much, I go into a coughing fit and have to stop.  But I am determined.

Now, since husband is off to the Men's Group, I shall sit and watch some telly or read a bit and drink a spot of tea...

Oh, and Brittney went to two grads last June and now has her gowns for sale at very reasonable prices!  The white one could also be used as a wedding dress.

 Gorgeous, expensive gowns.  So, if you know of someone who is looking for bargain designer dresses for grad (or wedding), you can get in touch with me and I'll pass the word on.  Worn only for 4 hours each!
She looked lovely in it!

Full-length view - could also be used as a wedding dress!

Jeweled bodice up one side of bust and over the left shoulder! Beauty!

Bottom of dress

Striking back with ribbon closing and over one shoulder jeweled strap.

Dress #2.
This is totally gorgeous!  
Strapless mini dress with flowing ankle-length attached tulle skirt, 
beaded and sheared satin bodice.

Close-up of gown top.

The sheared satin back.  The colors are totally fabulous!

Just wanted to throw that in here in case you know of someone who is stretched for cash...this would be a terrific deal!

Sleep well, my friends.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A day for reflection...

Twenty-four years ago this very evening, held the last few hours I would spend with my Mom here on earth. If I had known that I wonder if I would have said more things to her than I did...more meaningful things.  Ya...hindsight....always 20/20!

But I thought it was a good day to think about her life and all she meant to me.  We were pretty close, although probably not as close as some mothers and daughters.  We were very different from one another, too.  She was straightforward and to the point.  I tend to beat around the bush in order to not offend.  I am learning her skill of being forthright though, to some degree.  There is a time for that...when few words are necessary.  It's a delicate skill to be sure.

I loved her joy of life and her quick temper.  Her ability to blow up into an Irish rage and two minutes later all is forgotten...hardly worth mentioning forgiveness:)  I think about that when Ken and I have a disagreement...sometimes I just sulk around for a bit and then I remember how mother did it!  So, I'm learning how to let off steam and then be able to say, "we have to have some excitement happening!"  And then I laugh.

That was mom.  She knew laughter often diffused a short temper!

So, dear Mom...I still think of you...very often.  When I look at my hands, I remember yours.  When I get busy in the kitchen and make a mess...I remember your kitchen every time you baked!  When I look at the love I have for my children...I remember the love you had for each of us.

Here she stands with us and our friends at the Kennedy Space Centre.  Did I mention her generosity in taking us to Florida to visit the Fullertons?  Yes, generous to a fault.  I must have been taking the picture:)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Once upon a time, there were two beautiful girls who were born within one month of one another.  Different families, of course, but  as they grew up, they became like sisters and certainly best friends.  One of them would leave to live in another city but would eventually come back and the friendship would pick up where it was left previously.

Then high school graduation came.  Following grad, one would go to school in Norway.  One would attend school in Montreal.

Both got home sick to a certain degree.  Both had various 'interesting' experiences while in their respective new schools. Both decided to come back home. 

Today, they have been re-united once more!

And that is where I shall leave the two of my granddaughter, the other a sweet friend...up in the air!

Life will eventually be figured out by each of them but for now, we shall enjoy their presence at 'home'.

I think Brittney and Jenn both know how much they are loved!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I can't help myself...

I now need to see flowers and green.  Christmas is over after all.  Tree is down and out for the count.  Decorations boxed up and put away.

So let's get on with spring already!


I feel better about winter already.  Look what we have to look forward to!!

Had better get to bed...the "Heart Fit" program will call us to arms tomorrow morning...literally.  Great program....if one survives!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a new year...

I find myself with absolutely no resolutions.  That word sounds so final.

I want to simply be a better person.  More transparent.  More dependable. More trustworthy.  Friendlier.  To speak much less.  To think a great deal more. To not allow myself to fit into a preconceived mold I may have of myself.  I want my 'borders' to expand (not physically, that's for sure)!  I want to appreciate what is perceived as impossible, knowing there are mysteries in life that I am not privy to.

I want to love more deeply.  I want to appreciate people more. I want to be much less negative. I want to see the good in people and leave the unsavory alone.  I want to speak about others but only to enhance them and appreciate their goodness.  I want to know that which is unseen and for that Unseen to lead me to further appreciate all that is around me.  Some of us see that  unseen as God...others may see that quite differently...and even that difference I want to be able to appreciate.

OK.  So I have no resolutions.  But I do have intentions.  I have begun to see that our intention about doing something is vital!

My intention is to be better at whatever it is I endeavor to do.

There are things I intend NOT to do as well.  I intend to NOT allow my camera to rule me!  That particular intention has been worked upon for several months now.  One can get addicted to things very quickly, I am finding!  So, I shall attempt to use my lovely Canon T3i to enhance events and to let me capture things that would be good for everyone to see and to be able to walk out of the apartment without it attached to my neck.  Perhaps I'm not a true photographer after all...

I know too, that resolutions and intentions are subtly intertwined.  Resolutions however, tend to put restrictions on us but intentions, I believe, are meant to enhance our beings, to encourage us to go forward and not get caught up in rigid resolutions!

We shall see how I do over the coming months!  Not that I am ever guaranteed those months, but I intend to live each day with purpose and intention!

I also intend to keep feeding the birds.  Happy New Year!