Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Time....and time....again...

It's been close to 9 months!

That statement could be cause for great consternation for some. For others...excitement mixed with fear.  Much can happen in 9 months!!

Where do I begin?  Has life been so full and yet so ho-hum that nothing can be said?  I have come to the opinion that as one gets older, time really does take on a life of its own. Seconds don't seem to exist nor do minutes or hours for that matter.  Life is on this fast-paced, down-hill zip line that doesn't stop for anyone or anything. It's rolling right on through. Is is because of our regimented days? Or what about this thing called time. Is it that when we get older we get into a new continuum of time where we have a much different outlook on it than when we were young?  I don't know.  All I know is that before I can say "Happy Monday"...it's already Sunday....again. Very strange....very strange, indeed.

Am I the only person realizing this phenomenon?  Surely not. I got to thinking that it may be a sign of dementia where people no longer recognize time as an element of a person's past, present and future. They simply exist in a cocoon of sorts...no morning...no evening...no present or past. Just breathing in...breathing out....awaiting their time for departure. I don't think I'm there exactly because I can still rationalize to a degree....this is good.

Over these 9 months, I have been learning lessons about myself, my existence, my purpose, my hope, my 'raison d'etre", (is that how you spell that??? haven't taken French for over 50 years) of sorts. And we all know what that means. Learning lessons is tough stuff.  I don't particularly enjoy finding out that I can be an a**h***! But at least when one realizes their shortcomings one can begin to work on eliminating those shortcomings. Humbling...yes.  But certainly worth ones effort to change...over time.

Time can be a tricky little fiend.

So, how about you?  Are you feeling time slipping away by weeks and months..years, even?  If you are, perhaps you find yourself over sixty, a few grey hairs, complete with a full pill box!  Pills to help you pee, pills to invigorate your thyroid, pills to stop gout from raging in your big toe, pills to help with your crazy digestive tract, pills to ease your aching back, or shoulder, or knee or hip or any joint that should be moving. Ya. Not that I'm complaining....just aching.

Not only does time go by quickly now but it also does something else. It appears to be giving me clearer vision.  Oh, I don't mean that I don't need glasses (well, after my cataract surgery, I probably won't), but I can see life more clearly. I see things that once were vital to my existence, now have very little purpose at all. The "things" in this life have all but disappeared...and relationships remain. They are becoming more vital, much more deep and purposeful. I believe I am a most fortunate person because I am able to say this. Not that life has become an easy, float-along-with-me kind of existence but one of sincerity and trust and understanding and care, where I see people with different eyes...less judgemental, kinder somehow. I give that credit to God alone. I don't seem to be able to change into a better person without His divine help!

These are some dear, God-seeking women whose friendships have become vital in my life.

Although I have not been writng prolifically on this media forum, I do find myself writing. Seems like yesterday that I wrote on here...but 9 months have passed me by. May this evening find you pleasantly content, in good health and a smile on your face...after all, we may just find that tomorrow will end up being January 1, 2017. Life is funny like that. Sleep well...but not too long....

May spiritual blessings fall on you and keep you at peace this night.