Wednesday, October 31, 2007

These girls I work with!!!

I really do think I am one of the most fortunate people on God's green earth.

The girls (I call them girls 'cause they're all considerably younger than me, so they all kind of fall into the "girl" category from my perspective), yes, as I was saying, the girls at work are so much fun to be around. They have so much enthusiasm, so much mischief, so much craziness in them and it all comes out at Halloween.

They not only dress up...........they act the part.

Dr. Butt came in this morning with her white coat, crazy mixed up hair-do, glasses, stethoscope, jar of petroleum jelly, rubber gloves AND beaker with yellow contents (I knew it was apple juice but others may not have!!). She was ready to do business........with an ooze of blood dripping down one side of her mouth........

Sister Mary Beaujolais, complete with smiling face, flitted through the offices carrying her delightful wire basket complete with her divine bottle of.......what other than Beaujolais and a glass plus several packets of little wine gums for her tea-tipping friends. Such an example of true angelic grace!

There was also the "DEButante", the gal who had shall we say, an "abundance", well, even more than an abundance, of most things, including pasties and bikini, all in flashy red. Coming from the "other side of the tracks", her long black hair down past her whatnots was a hit, not to mention the exquisite pink batting eyelashes and fishnet tights.

These women had a sense of who they were. These women knew what they were about.

These women had men blushing more than once...........and all in tremendously good fun.

So, a huge "thanks" and "cheers", to the girls at the Forest Service office who cared enough to give us their very best this All Hallowed Eve.

And all I did was dress in orange and black.

Think I need to find my inner self..............

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ghosts and princesses, pirates and ghouls,
People love to dress up and act like fools.
Halloween's a comin', just around the bend,
Should yer' 'ead fall off, it's surely going to mend.

So get out yer' candy, gum and bags of treats,
For all those little scary folks walking down the streets.
Light up yer' pumpkin, put out the witches brew,
Boil up some bats and cats and make a foul stew.

I'll see you as the moon comes out, casting shadows long
Against the haunted doorways, where witches chant their song,
If you find a wandering soul who comes begging at your door's only me, asking for some more...........

Treats that is......heh heh heh........ya, I'm real scary stuff alright.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Whooooaaaa..........don't touch my bursa, please. If you do, I just might have to whack you over the head with a 2x4.

It's giving me all kinds of trouble. But "doc" says I'll be right as rain (anybody know what that term really means???? can rain be right....or wrong for that matter....or perhaps it should be right as reign.....or wright as rain.........or rite as reign.....or wright as reign.........oh, I do digress, the poor souls learning the English language!!!), so, ya, one shot and your good for the whole day or month even.

I've been reading up on it a bit. They can inject the bursa (in this case, my left hip) with cortisone (which also is a natural joint lubricant, kind of, that our body makes itself to keep those old joints movin' along without those creeks and cracks and snaps). The cortisone injection is a synthetic steroid that does the same thing as the regular "body-made" cortisone which normally would be given off into the blood stream, but the fake stuff gets into the sore point with a ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-ieeeeeeeeeeeeee needle.

So. I'm a big sissy. I can't say I like pointy things attacking my very own bursa. Would you?

On Wednesday, I'll go and bite the bullet. Doc may not have any at the clinic. I'll just take one of husbands. Ya, one of those big honkin' ones that fly through a huge animal at 800 yards!!! Good thing I've got pretty good teeth, otherwise, I may be lookin' to find my good friend, Dr. Linea.

God, help me not be be afraid and help me not to bite the bullet too hard.

I really am such a sissy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


My body is so far behind it thinks it's ahead.

The weekend had so much stuff packed into it, I'm looking forward to my paying job tomorrow!

All that aside, Pastor Randall's sermon today had me weeping.....just sitting there silently weeping. The tears just a dam had broken. It wasn't all blabbering and sobbing and blowing nose kind of tears but ones that came from deep inside me, welling up and overflowing into my eyes and onto my cheeks and over my shirt. They just kept coming and I had no control over it.

I think it was once again, the realization that the God of the entire universe, the One who put the stars in their perfect place, who fashioned the orbits of the galaxies and planets, who designed and created a rose and a skunk, who blazed a sunset on the horizon and the One who has created me, a recipient of his great realize all of this, and then to think that He has seen fit to speak words of encouragement into my ears in the night..........the very same eternal God of all ages, the Jesus of Nazareth who allowed himself to be crucified in my place, to show me how love could be poured out in such an extravagant measure..............are you following my thoughts here, because I'm finding it so difficult to express this realization..................ya, it had me weeping.

It was good. It gave me once again a perspective of who I am in the scheme of things here on earth.

Thanks God..........again.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm baking for our Country Store that is taking place on Saturday, October 27 at Gateway Covenant Church here in Prince Albert - 1500 - 15th Avenue East. Door open 10 am 'til 3 pm.

Come and bring all your hard-earned cash. You won't be disappointed!

I usually enjoy baking, but this is the first time baking in the new house. I'm still finding my way around the kitchen, well, I know pretty much where everything is now but it's doing the actual baking. How can I position the mixer so that it's comfortable to stir in the ingredients. Where can I put my egg shells until I can get over to the garbage can. I'm looking for the almond extract. It used to be on the top shelf of the "Lazy Susan" (I really feel sorry for people who have the name Susan) it's on the bottom shelf. Oh, and I thought I had all my baking pans together in one spot. Here are my muffin tins in a drawer.....why are they there???? Oh ya, they don't fit in with all the other pans.

Now husband has the tape measure out. He's helping me cut up the goodies for the sale. But first he has to measure the chunks so they're all even. Then I can wrap and tie them all up with red ribbon.

Lord have mercy.............again today. Amen.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Was that you, Lord?

There are times when I wake up in the night, you know, for the regular "potty break".

There are other times I wake up like someone actually woke me up and I'm wide awake. Eyes open and watching. Ears open and listening. Mind working and thinking.

Last night was like that. I was having a regular conversation complete with a question and answer session. I'm thinking it may have been a God conversation because the thoughts seemed to flow one after the other and they seemed right somehow. Still not sure. I asked two people to pray about this with me, to see if it was Him speaking.....well, he wasn't literally speaking in an audible voice as husband didn't wake up or anything, so it's not like we had this LOUD conversation happening. It felt good and comforting.............ya, just another weird thing about me, I guess.

I guess we'll see what transpires. I know God does stuff like that but it just hasn't happened for ever-so-long.

I'll keep asking you about it all, God. I know you will reveal whatever your truths were from that conversation, at some point down the road.

I'll just wait it out.

I'm off to bed. Four hours of sleep isn't quite enough for this old bod' especially after working 8 hours and coming home and washing all the windows outside and then baking for the Country Store this Saturday. Tired......but a good tired.

Good thing husband had a lovely BBQ steak supper, complete with salad and coconut cream pie for dessert all ready for me when I arrived home. What a deer.....hee hee hee

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yesterday's gone.....

It up and disappeared. No Monday. Zip.

Had I not had a migraine, I'm sure I would have experienced Monday.

But pain and drugs leave me less one day.

Can't imagine being on drugs all the time. I guess I wouldn't even exist, if my lack of a Monday is any indication.

So, experiencing Tuesday is really quite wonderful......even if I spent half of it at an Environmental Management System (EMS) refresher course!!!

On second thought.....drugs???/EMS????? drugs???/EMS??? Ya, I think the latter has one up on the former. I just can't think of what it is right now.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

If I were a rich man.......

Ever watch "Fiddler on the Roof"?

It's the story of a peasant Jewish man, his wife and five daughters living in Tsarist Russia.

It portrayed a regular Jewish family raising children when the world was in the beginnings of a monstrous upheaval in the life of Russia...............the result being changes that affected even their beliefs. I enjoyed too, the humor, the intensity of life and the male-dominated culture (with a few good women thrown in........ for their wisdom and wit).

Human beings cling to what is safe. We continually grab on to what is familiar. We don't like being thrust out of our homes, our country and all we have known all our lives and into the this family in the movie experienced.

The movie speaks of love. It shows how love can allow us to go into unfamiliar territory without fear. It shows love at it's very its unconditional very best.

In the midst of persecution, love still brings with it life and light and hope....and that truth is not just in the movie!!!

Oh, and it's a musical. "If I were a rich man.....da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, daaaaaaaaaaa"...........

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Late Thanksgiving.

Husband and I cooked two roasted chickens/scalloped potatoes/stuffing/wild rice/gravy for a Thanksgiving supper yesterday and took it to Tisdale today. Picked up Aunt Connie and we were away.

Oh and apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

I think my brother was happy for the diversion. He's healing from heart surgery quite well. We visited, heard the whole story of the surgery adventure in Edmonton, took a walk around the block together and then when sister-in-law came home from work we had Thanksgiving supper all ready. Nephew came too. Great fun.

This was the very first time brother hadn't had a goose hunting license in 40 years! Pretty good record but there is a season for everything............even a season to not have a season.

The Big Dipper was bright and lovely in the sky as we traveled home.

It's great to be with family...............but I miss my children..............

Friday, October 19, 2007

So much food.

The birds have so much food right now. They twitter, flap, run, hop and bob all around the yard. They're eating it seems, all day long.

When they say "birds of a feather, flock together"'s literally true. Not only do they flock together, the various species have a hierarchy within the bird kingdom and exercise that constantly. When the robins are around munching, the chickadees stay in the background. When the chickadees are gobbling up the food, the sparrows are waiting elsewhere. They take their turn and know their place in the "pecking order". It's all so great to watch.

We put two new bird feeders out on the patio, so we'll be able to watch them from the kitchen window during the cold winter months......those that are able to stay and brave the temperatures when they fall to -30.

But now, in these fall days, they're all beefing up in order for them to either fly great distances, or for those who remain, to keep them from freezing up. They aren't eating from the feeders yet so there must be plenty of tree seeds and berries and even bugs, to keep their interest.

When the snow piles high, I trust we will remember to be their ever-gracious hosts and keep those feeders full.

Maybe husband and I have been watching the birds too much. We seem to be catching on to their "bulking up" methods.

Lord have mercy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And a sack of spuds to feed the whole gang.

To be sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
Ahhhhhemmmmmm...............altogether now........

In my second year in 'Toba (ie. Manitoba)
My mother sent to me:
150 Hallowe'en treats.....
50 bucks in cash........
20 assorted Snapple's.......
15 jelly muffins.....
Several chunks of jerky......
a little grey Corsica.......
10.................................................................bags of sweets.........

4 pounds of dried fruit
3 boxes of nuts
2 bags of pretzels
and a sack of spuds to feed the whole gang.

Wonder how long it will last......and it's sent with love via Brandon and Brian.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Small town Saskatchewan.

Three of us from the office took a trip down south, to Cabri - 4 hours from P.A. It was our co-workers father's funeral today at 2 pm.

We were off at 9 am, John driving his '05 VW. Leather seats too.......nice.

Arrived at the Cabri Legion Hall with 7 minutes to spare!

Ever traveled down a grid going 120 kms.? Me neither.................

The whole town was there to say goodbye to their friend. The choir was seated at the front of the hall wearing their black pants, white shirts and red vests complete with Legion crest, and led us in the two hymns. Good stuff.

Mr. Charles Dodge was remembered in fine style and his remains were laid to rest at the Cabri cemetery.

There was lunch and coffee and lots of good conversation afterwards.

Then as quickly as we had arrived, we were gone again. Funeral bulletins in hand and an ever-present 60 km wind to push us back north, we were off.

Reached the little town of Kyle to fill up with diesel. There was an actual line-up at the counter in the little gas station and one woman commented on that fact. We wondered how often this would happen in a town of this size.

While leaving, the driver's side window took a header down into the door well. Good thing it was fairly warm out, as that made driving somewhat breezy.............

Arriving in Rosetown, it was decided to give said window a quick fix.

Out with the funeral bulletin for Mr. Dodge and with one person holding the window shut another stuffed Mr. Dodge's bulletin down the side of the window. It held tightly.

And we figured "Charlie" had finished his job here on earth.

The window stayed shut all the way home, so a huge "thank you" one last time to a grand fellow who was always helping others out.......and this time was no exception.

Oh, and we saw 5 live antelope, at least 100 million flying geese!!!!, several crows, one hawk, a mirad of road kill of various species............................. and one dead moose.

An eventful day.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The wrapping.

There are some people I know who think my sense of humor is "weird". So be it.

Today was the "wrapping of the deer meat" in our house. That's what happens after the hunt.

My job is to tear off pieces of brown freezer paper, tape the package after husband wraps it up and I then wright on the outside as to what cut of meat is know, so you don't grab a brown package thinking it to be a roast and your mouth is watering in the morning thinking of the wonderful roast supper complete with scalloped potatoes and carrots and salad for the evening meal- and you find out the darned thing is hamburger - which means sloppy joes!

So, for many years I have had that envious position of 'package writer'. I have learned to make a game of it, in fact.

There are various ways to enjoy ones work, I say.

This year when writing on the packages of "back strap" I wrote, "Back St." followed by "Boyze".
On the roast package, I wrote, "Deer Roast, Thanks for all you have given to our family. I'm sorry you came to such an untimely end." Another one said "Deer Roast, How are you doing down there. I know it's chilly, but you're such a deer to endure the hardship." Yet another, "Dear Roast.....See you at supper!" or "Rostenhooferburger - ya, sure, ya betcha".

Ya. It's all pretty funny - even for husband, who takes out a brown package from the freezer for supper now and then during those cold winter months and reads all my little comments. He likes that.......and laughs even!

Wrapping CAN be fun.

Friday, October 12, 2007

In the blink of an eye.

That's exactly the way life seems to be. When one is young, one tends to be busy with school, then more school, finding a mate, marrying, raising a family, finding a job, keeping a job and hopefully one day become "settled".

By this time, you're most likely in your 30's somewhere. You look back and say, "Whew!!" and "Ahhhhhhhhh, I think I'm finally where I'm supposed to be......but where did those 15 years go!"

Well, you no sooner give your sigh of contentment and you find you're 60! Where did those 25 years go???? Whoooooooah!

Seems like the older we get, life begins to be really least the "how" we live it part. Not only that but as we age, we become acutely aware of how quickly our lives have gone by.

Talk to anyone in their 90's. They'll tell you.

Mr. Charles Dodge passed away this week. He was 97 years old. Sharp as a tack. Pretty frail. A little deaf and not very good sight, but lived a good, long life. I work with his son, Carman, who spoke often of his dad, about his humor and wit, his love of nature, his spark of mischief and his dad realizing too, how quickly life went by..............and now it is over.

An old friend of ours passed away too, a week or so ago. She was only 49. Her funeral was a great celebration of a short life well lived.

No matter how old we are, it seems like we have never lived enough, when the end comes.

So, I guess I want to tell you, all of you, to appreciate one another, to forgive one another, to love one another and don't ever take tomorrow for granted. Life is going at a great pace, but it WILL end one day. Try not to have any regrets, dear ones.

Forgive, as Christ has forgiven you.......and love, as he has loved you.....

Life will be the blink of an eye.............

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The ups and downs of surgery.

Anybody out there have surgery?

It's really quite something to get over, isn't it!

One day you're ready to jump over hay bales.......the next you're sitting slumped in your chair wondering if you're going to make it to tomorrow. Quite depressing.

It's tough. Waiting for all those little damaged cells to repair themselves so you really can do the hay bale thing. It just takes time. After 10 and a half hours of heart surgery though, your appetite wains, you get light headed sometimes, you just don't feel quite yourself and you really NEED to.

Dear brother is getting impatient. He wants wholeness RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or next week.

I tell him to sit a spell, think about life and the gift it is to breathe and live.

He says he can do that when he's 100. Right now he wants to do hay bales.

Continue to heal him, God. Help his "ups" to be more often than his "downs".

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

May I take a moment, please.

If you are a person who absolutely detests receiving a "Christmas Letter" from so-and-so, proclaiming in great detail the comings and goings, the accomplishments and achievements of their entire family, and it leaves you feeling totally inferior.............then stop reading now.

We have two "mature" students (children) taking university classes. Now I'm usually not one to brag too much about them, but they deserve a hearty congratulations.

Both received A's on their first mid-terms. Now some of you may be saying, "Well, big deal!" But for our kids, they haven't been students for some time.

With one of them, it was kind of taking up from where things left off....... more superior grades. Still working as well, but giving academia another shot. We're so very proud!

With the other, it was a huge accomplishment in that being away from school for nearly 15 years, you find you need to arouse those "brain muscles" once more, as well as gaining enough self-confidence to even tackle the school scene again. I was extremely proud when the phone call came announcing the marvelous grade!

It's scary stuff. University costs a huge pile of money. They want to succeed, but most of all, they desire to learn.

It's a gift to be able to watch your kids, whether they're older or not, find their gifts and their potential. I'm sure you would all agree!

May God continue to walk beside both of them.

.......That's all I have to say about that. (Forrest Gump)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Big sister is watching you.

To begin our work week, our office participated in a mandatory seminar on what to look for regarding fraudulent schemes when handling invoices or things to do with money.....things that may be "suspicious", that don't follow government protocol. We were taught to be aware of people who do "suspicious" things, or people who drive out of the parking lot with "extremely expensive" vehicles when everyone knows it's way beyond their means , people who are 60 or so and have worked at their jobs for a very long time, people who look normal but who are out to somehow pay their gambling debts.......and the list goes on.......all with government funds!!!!!

I'm nearly 60. Sure glad I don't drive anything but a '95 purple Taurus.

It was sickening to me. I wonder sometimes what we have become as a society. People take things that don't belong to them. People ruin their lives because they think they can get away with being deceitful. They look for ways to cheat and beat the system. They become greedy and smug and now as employees we are called to be aware of these kinds of people who work next to us.

What are we doing people?????

Yes, I know. We, as civil servants, are now at the extreme end of caution. I just hope the swinging pendulum doesn't whack us too hard on the head......although it may just knock some sense into some.

So, make sure to drive an old vehicle to work and try not to act too normal. I may be watching you.

Monday, October 8, 2007


It was a very unusual Thanksgiving in our home.

I know that families gather together at special times such as this. For a mother, it is somehow especially important to be with her children and grandchildren, sons and daughters-in-law,and of course, her husband. A mother enjoys just being with her family.

Well, today, this Thanksgiving Day, I was without my husband (who went hunting one more time), my son (who lives in Winnipeg) , my daughter (who is studying for mid-terms in Regina), my son-in-law (who leaves again tomorrow for NWT) and my granddaughter(whom I miss so very much). I was alone.............for the most part.

Not wanting to be outdone by loneliness, I picked up my Aunt and we went for breakfast to a nearby restaurant. The service was exceptionally slow as the server "forgot" about us. We finally managed to be served and we ate our breakfast an hour after we had arrived.....(and we left our server a $5.00 tip to let her know she was forgiven!)

Waiting all that time for our food was OK though. Together, we chatted about many things and got caught up on extended family members who had written to her and some who had emailed me. I enjoy her company. We laugh at each others humor and notice things about one another that reminds us that yes, we are both "Bensons"......... and all "Bensons" love to laugh; we enjoy a cup of tea after dinner; we live for sweets - we can eat huge gobs of jam on every slice of toast we consume; most of us are not very talkative in large groups; we have hair that does not co-operate with a brush; our eyes are very large and very blue; we are sensitive and shy, and we care quite a bit about others, I think.

So, in that encounter with my Aunt this morning, even though I wasn't with my immediate family, I was with HER and I thank God for her and all she means to me.

I'm also thankful for people who invite me into their home unexpectedly for tea and a chat. I enjoyed that very much today too. There are some folks I just don't get to see much and I'm thankful I was given that opportunity today to see Lauralea, to enjoy her humor and friendship.

It was a day to be a God who loves me, who provides for my every need and who sees to it that I really am not alone.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


It's a very strange feeling....that heartache. How our whole being is centered around it, when we hurt someone we love, or when someone we love hurts us.

It feels like it really comes from the middle of our chest, deep down, squeezing the life from us.

Most people experience it at one time or another in their lives.

Those that feel with great intensity, appear to feel the hurt go much deeper. It surrounds and grips and doesn't let go.

God, those that are feeling heartache today, would you watch over them and keep them close and hold them in their brokenness.

Thanks God.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

There's something about marriage..................

It's funny. Perhaps strange would be a more suitable word.

When husband is away, it's a bit like half of me is not present or doesn't function somehow.

I know I continue on when he's gone.......eating, and sleeping and working and all the regular stuff.

But this year it's just a little more acute........the "being apart" part.

With my hitting "60" in a few months and husband and I working up to our "40th" wedding anniversary next July..................ya, that may be the reason I love it when we're together. After THAT many years, the togetherness just feels right.

God has blessed me with a good man, a caring man, a man who has walked with me through good and not-so-good times, a man who can make me feel special and precious and yes, even though I'm close to 60, he can make me "feel like a woman".............

Yes, there really is something about marriage and being together....... and I'm glad he's home.

P.S. Hope this post didn't gross out our children.........heh heh heh

Friday, October 5, 2007

It's a start.

Husband arrived home from first leg of "the hunt". Second leg next week.

Four deer, so far.....between 3 hunters.

I have to go now and listen to the stories. You know, the "I had him lined up in my sites and 'click' the gun jammed......." or the, "I was crouched down in the bushes and I could hear him coming my way but the wind was blowing so I couldn't quite figure out which direction I should aim my gun..........", and of course my old favorite, "I up and shot and the bullet went right over his left shoulder......".

How the heck could a person tell if a bullet the size of a pea went over the deer's shoulder anyhow, when the animal is 100 yards away???? That would be my question!

Four is better than none.

Back to the deer yarns.............

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I had an email today (well, it was to several folks....I happened to be on the email list) from a friend and co-worker and his wife who are visiting Ireland.........home of my maternal grandmother.

She was from Northern Ireland, to be exact. County Down.
"Riddle" was her name - Maude Riddle.

Sounds like our friends are having one wonderful time there and I must confess, I get envious.

I remember my Grandma and her brothers, sitting around our living room, speaking in their Irish brogue, laughing, telling stories and sipping??? whiskey. I was quite young but I remember the laughter. It was loud and long and filled with intensity. They say the Irish are like that - intense people, people who love life and enjoy living it to the full. Great story tellers they are too.

So, when I receive emails from the place of my ancestors, I get to feeling a sort of longing, a desire to feel that land, to hear it and smell the sea and know it is a part of me.

Most likely I will never set foot on that island but it is good to imagine it and think about what it would be like to be there. The greenness of the hills.........ahhhhhhhhhhh, ta' be sure........

Imaginations are wonderful gifts.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's a connecting day.

I received a great email from a person I met during our Annual Meeting of the Canada Conference which we hosted here in Prince Albert at Gateway Covenant.

She was a "mature" student going to Covenant Bible College and we "happened" to meet one evening and struck up a conversation. A totally wonderful person, who, following the Annual Meeting, was on her way home to Minnesota and we most likely would never meet again. We have been keeping in touch through emails though, and it's wonderful to hear how and what she is doing.

She says she reads my blog and was encouraged by what I had said in a particular post. It's good to know this spot has been of some value to at least one person. I feel good about that.

I really often wonder why I do post on this space. I think it's an encouragement to know others read your thoughts but you know, I really don't think that aspect is all that important to me. I just need a spot to express, if you happen in on these thoughts of mine, well, good on ya', people. I won't be giving any advice, I won't be starting up some kind of deep theological discussion, I won't be getting too crazy or out of line too will just be little ole' me, talking away...........rambling on................blabbing about this and more, no less.

So, have a good night, eh? I'm making tea for a friend now who is joining me in my husband-less house and we'll connect again and chat and encourage one another.

I love days like this.

God is really good to me...............I must say.................

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm reconsidering my comfort.

Remember a few posts ago I spoke about this wonderful 3 inch memory foam mattress? And now I can't get rid of this terrible sinus infection/cold. I'm beginning to think these two are connected.

I read a great deal on the Internet about these foam things and how many of them have toxic fumes that make people ill in varying degrees - from nausea to severe headaches to sinusitis and other maladies.

I came home and tossed the thing into the basement and the foam pillow followed.

I've been waking up with the smell of that foam in my nostrils, kind of like paint thinner or something. Horrible.

So, ya, I gave my new ever-so-soft foam bed the old heave-ho.

Husband doesn't know yet. Guess he will when he returns.

Now getting that baby down into the basement by myself was something but it wasn't as difficult as turning over the old mattress by myself! That's one heavy beast! But it had to be done as the smell had permeated the mattress AND sheets and I couldn't stand one more night with those fumes!!!

I started pushing the old mattress then I grabbed it from the other side and pulled vigorously.

I found I was trapped in the corner of the bedroom for a few minutes until I sized up the situation from my little corner and then went at it full tilt......which is what I knew I had to do. I managed to stand it up on it's side, pull the one side down and grab the end before it hit the floor. It nearly was me that hit the floor. I did manage to get the one corner barely on the box spring. A mighty chore it was but I persevered until it was sitting pretty on top of the frame.

We'll see where this goes from here.

Any of you out there have a story to tell about how a bed has made you sick? I'd be interested in hearing.........

How can they sell this kind of stuff anyway?

I think, if I can repack the thing back into it's 5' x 2' x 3' box, it will be on it's way back to the store from which it came.

If you have a spare Cryovac machine sitting around, let me know, otherwise it may take a while.