Thursday, June 6, 2013


Time to pack.  Hit the road.  Leave the premises.

The packing has begun.  I no longer own a suitcase as my old one fell apart.  Now I shall use see-through plastic containers for my stuff.  Then I shall have storage containers upon our return from vacation.  A good less-expensive alternative to buying expensive luggage that will never be used.

Granddaughter will apartment sit for a time too while we're away so we're attempting to make space for her to move in here for a month or so.  I commented to Ken that it's a good thing we're adaptable but the older I get, the less adaptable I feel.

So we will simply pack up, leave and not look back until the first of September...unless we get into some kind of weather phenomenon at the lake, then we'll be back before anticipated.  It's happened before and I dare say it could happen again.  One year our camper got smashed in two by a falling spruce tree (and if we had been it the camper at the time, you wouldn't be reading this blog right now!!!)



Be prepared for anything.

By the time we leave for the summer we will have said farewell to son as he continues on with the tree planting contract in Ontario...then on to Toronto...and back to Boston area.  After that, we shall see where he ends up.

We have welcomed a new Congolese family to our church too, over the past few weeks.  Last night we held a "welcome" party.  They were totally overwhelmed by the generosity and love and acceptance and help offered by much of our congregation in one way or another.  The many, many gifts were a good indication of just how overwhelming it must have been for them!!!!  It made me feel that what I was doing was helping some folks right here in P.A. and not somewhere half a world away.  So, at one point, Jyselle the wife and mother of four of the children was saying thank-you in Swahili and then her husband, Bilile, would translate the Swahili into Lingala and Eric (who grew up in the Congo) would translate Lingala into English for all of us gathered there.  It was quite something.  We're learning a lot, as a group of church people, these days.  Serving others seems to be our theme lately...whether it's the community surrounding the church building or people who just happen to stop by.  Seems like we're starting to do things right in following the teachings of Jesus.

Now to continue packing.....I may post from Waskesiu at some point.  Perhaps download some pictures if I get a chance.  We're attempting to find a day next week to leave that doesn't have a rain forecast!


Ya....that's what I'm talkin' about!!!