Friday, August 24, 2007

The Queen City

Here we are in Regina, the Queen City. We love visiting daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter except granddaughter isn't here this weekend. She's in Prince Albert.

When we return tomorrow we shall connect with her. Funny how that managed to play itself out.

It's fun going to the big(er) city. Lots to see. Lots to do. Lots to choose from when shopping. And far too many good restaurants.

The thing I really enjoy is coming to daughter's home and seeing how she has decorated her new place. Old stuff. New place. She has a natural affinity towards decorating and she does it well. So, I take her with me shopping. Everything I had picked out and put in the shopping cart, I ended up putting back. She had ever-so-much better ideas for what would "match". I trust her good taste. She knows the kinds of things I like and she picks those kinds of things out - things I would never think of..........and we're not talking clothes. She's fun to be with.

It was a short trip and I know when she begins university in a few weeks, our times of seeing one another will be fewer. She'll be busy studying. I'll be busy working.

Not sure if son will be able to come home either. Car troubles. We'll see.

Good thing I got to use daughter's computer. Ours is down and out. I've tried to access SaskTel's help desk but I have better things to do than sitting around waiting for hours "for the next available service person". Perhaps if I call them up at say, 3 in the morning. They shouldn't be too busy then.

Adieu.........until we meet again.............whenever that will be............

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ya, that was some way to wake up this morning. Lightening flashing before my closed and sleepy eyelids followed by a crrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaccck...booooooooommmmmmmmmmm. Great way to start Sunday.

I love storms. Electrical storms. Snow storms. Rain storms and of course, wind storms (although, I could do without those).

I always feel so helpless in the presence of them, so reliant on something else to keep me safe from the outcomes these storms can produce.

I enjoy seeing and feeling the power of God in nature. It makes me feel terribly insignificant. And in the scheme of things, I am.

Oh God, when the storms of life come raining down, keep me safe, hold me upright and walk beside me.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A wedding.

Lisa. Little Lisa who lived next door to us when daughter was little. They made mischief those two.

Now both of them are all grown up with families of their own.

Her grandma and my mom were first cousins which makes Lisa's Mom and I something like first cousins once removed...........or something like that. I don't understand all that relation stuff. Why we're removed is beyond me.

Lisa married Jason today. They have 3 lovely children who took part in the ceremony.

She was beautiful. As I spoke to her, I was reminded again that, yes, young people do grow up and mature. They begin to make wise decisions. They begin to act out what they have been taught by older and wiser people. It was encouraging.

Some times it just takes some of us longer to grow up, but eventually, by the grace of God, we do.

May God walk with Lisa and Jason on the rest of their journey as husband and wife.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A good evening.

That's what we had.

It began after supper with a huge wheel barrow full of weeds that I pulled from the front rock garden which is on a 45 degree angle. Oh, ya.....Talk about calf work-out..........and I don't mean mooooooooo! I nearly took several headers during my "time on the rock" and I'm sure the neighbors were quite entertained.....heck, I even entertained myself.......I felt myself slipping, well, one leg at least, so that it was paralell to the rocks. The other leg stayed stationary. Get the picture. Yep. Made ME laugh.

Good friends came by to our new place and we chatted and had tea and raisin pie with ice cream (Charlie's favorite) and cinnamon buns (Sandy likes those). It was good to connect.

We talked about integrity.....about gaining respect from others and about doing what we believe is right when everyone around you is saying you're wrong, about standing your ground when it's a rockin' and a quakin'. We talked about the importance of treating everyone equally, not favoring those who have more power over us but giving the same consideration to all, as equals. Christ was a good example in this area.

Good talks with friends - those are times when we build one another up and encourage one another and spur one another on to do good works and be "little Christs". I really like it when they come over. Seems like we've been friends forever - good friends.

A great way to end the day.

Now, bring on the liniment, dear husband. My calves are bawling.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where do these baskets go?

Oh man. I think I'm disoriented. As much as I don't think about our old place hardly at all, I get to doing things here in the new place and I stand there in the middle of the kitchen dumbfounded. Looking blank. Wondering which way to turn.

"Where do these baskets belong? What cupboard did I decide to put them in and why did I put them in that cupboard in the first place? Shouldn't they be in the cupboard above the stove???? No. I guess that was in the old place. Well, why didn't I put the bread baskets above the stove in the new place? Oh ya. I see now. Can't reach............"

I'm alright with being short(er) but, hang me with buckets of blueberries, everything seems to be up so high.

Our new trailer too. It was a former basketball player that designed that baby. I'm totally sure about that. Nice when tall guests come over and they don't have to duck down to get in the place, however. But me............well, I just keep reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaching for light switches and air conditioner switches and overhead vents. I managed in the bedroom 'cause I could stand on our bed and open/close the roof vent. The bathroom I could jump into the bathtub, lean over and proceed to turn on the light switch..............attempt that maneuver in the dark. Then there's the straddling the two bunk beds on either side of the back bedroom, hoisting my larger-than-life self up with arms extended, head scrunched down so as not to knock ones self out cold and closing that roof vent. Good exercise though but sometimes tall is just plain handy-dandy.

So, if ever son, or son-in-law, daugher or granddaughter uses the trailer they'll be good to go. Son's lady friend however, my have to bring her own ladder.

How I ever managed to be the captain of our grade 12 basketball team, is still beyond me.

On another note, I keep seeing yellow trees, on the ground, in our flower pots. Hmmmmmmm.......................

Oh, and there's only 130 days 'til Christmas. Ya. I was checkin' out our new living room space here in the new digs, tryin' to get a feel for where our Christmas tree will go...........I'm dreaming of a white..................ooooops guess I'm gettin' a little ahead of myself here................

Monday, August 13, 2007

Whoa.....that was some vacation.

Seems like I needed a good rest. Too much goin' on around me in June with house selling/renting/packing, etc. etc. I know what Dixie must have been feeling. Everything is like a big blur when it's happening because all the details have to happen in order and quickly........and so they did. It left me reeling.

So, off to vacation land we did go. Waskesiu Lake to be exact. For a month no less.....well a couple of days less, I suppose.

New 32 foot trailer was lovely. Loads of room. Air conditioning when it was 30+ degrees for many, many days......and a great heater for the last few days of our time there when it was rainy and cool.

Had family up for a spell. Took daughter and granddaughter fishin'. They had never done this kind of thing before. I could really take a good long while to explain all that went on during that afternoon "fun expedition" but suffice it to say, dear husband was earning his patience points. Ever seen two frantic females trying to do some fancy casting with a fancy reel but not quite sure how to flip the bale and cast the lure OUT into the lake. Yes, it was a scene fit for Utube, yes, it was. I sat at the bow and watched intently, smiling all the while......sometimes outright laughing hysterically.

While one cast a few feet out, the other was tangling her line up and while one was beginning to get the hang of the dang thing, the other somehow managed to catch an actual fish while expressing some real tears of.......what were, I guess it could have been sadness at seeing the poor thing with a hook caught in it's mouth. Several explanations of "The Goodness of God's Provision" and "How to Feed Your Family Wholesomely Throughout the Long Cold Winter" were had at various points throughout the afternoon.

And a great time was had by all.

It took us the first two weeks of vacation to actually get a boat that had a motor that ran. That's another very long and boring story. You may ask husband about that one.

We did manage to get a boat with a motor that was very able to take the gals out tubing. Fun.

When they left for home, we got to some serious fishing, husband and I. While we fished we watched bald eagles soaring overhead, pelicans fishing near our boat so close we could see the whites of their eyes........(I really think they were trying frantically to show us their method but we just kept on working the rod and reel, besides I don't think our mouths were big enough to scoop 'em up), the loons called and swam close by, ducks, terns, crows and gulls kept us entertained.

We had tournaments of cribbage in the evening which actually saw me whip the pants off husband a few times and well......uhhhhhh....... we'll leave it at that..............yes, we had a very FUN time.

It's great to be back though. Getting into ye ole' groove and such. You know, washing clothes, getting up at the horrendous hour of 6:30 AM, actually going to work to earn a living to pay the bills and save up enough money to go back again next year. The 20 or so fish we threw back will have gotten much larger too.

And I'm really anticipating getting back to worship on Sunday. I have missed my church family. We will be welcoming our pastor and his wife back from their Sabbatical in a few weeks too. I'm anxious to hear of their time spent away and how God has revealed himself to them in these past several weeks. We are blessed people because of them. Yes.

It's after 9 PM. I'm tired after my first 8 to 5...........with another 4 to go.

..........and today, I really think I smelled fall in the air.