Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Oh my.  Tomorrow is December First.

We are attempting to keep our gifts down to a somewhat minimal.  I think I'd rather take time with the family to play games, make pull-taffy (we've never done it before), or to go for some walks and coffees and see a few movies and drink a whole whack of tea with shortbread, of course than spend a lot of cash we don't have!  Perhaps we could have some kind of bread making day, where son teaches me the finer points of kneading.  All of these things are much more fun to do together, rather than alone.

We had a fund raiser at work today.  I sent an email out for everyone to put in a loonie to pay for a Christmas tree to be put up in our second floor office (as opposed to Jed, the Fir, in the Forest Center foyer on the main floor).  There were a few screeches and moans and complaints, be they ever-so-faint, but all in all, the folks are coming through with the cash.  In the morning we shall have a tree all up and standing ready to decorate....because Bruce is very kind and will get a tree from a local grower this evening...and with the cash we raised, I shall pay him back in the morning.  It's all good.  I do feel sorry though, for our poor government, who doesn't see fit to purchase a real tree for the main Forestry Office of the whole province.  But the folks in our office are bigger than that...they have shown how to come through in a crunch.  I think though perhaps my next fund raiser should be for the Finance Department.  We shall think on that.

This evening we held worship practice.  I shall lead the Sunday Service this week and we shall begin with a Christmas Carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem"...how still we see thee lie, above thy deep and dreamless sleep, the silent stars go by....." followed by the lighting of the Advent Candle of Peace.  This week we will also celebrate Communion....."to remember Christ's death, until he comes again".  After church we will have a celebratory luncheon together with a "mortgage burning" ceremony following plus a power point presentation of some memorable pictures of when Gateway Covenant Church was just a babe.

Lots happening.  I'm glad to report that my back is beginning the slow process of being healed.  A very good feeling indeed.

Here are a few pictures of our apartment all lit up....not quite finished decorating yet, but nearly...and then the tree will come. 
The two red lantern lights above....this is their 38th year of
holding a place on one of our walls. 
They're old, falling apart a bit, but it wouldn't seem
like Christmas without them.

Here are the pictures I managed to get up on our walls too.

I'm gearing up for a good nights sleep....tired......

Monday, November 29, 2010

What is fitting??

What should I write here on this particular blog space that would be fitting for the beginning of the second millennium of posting?  The one thousand and first blog post.  Here goes.  (To be sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies"):

Come listen to a story about a tree named Jed...
Poor prairie fir barely kept his big trunk fed
Then one day while he was shootin' out some branches
A voice came through the night sayin' "come and take your chances".

Flip a coin that is, go for broke, bet on it!

Well, the first thing you know, young Jed's a pine that's rare
Kinfolk said, Jed, get away from there
Said "Forest Centre Foyer's the place ya' otta be."
So he was loaded on the truck and became a ritzy tree ...

Christmas that is, twinkling lights, big red bows.

Well now its time to say hello to Jed with all his tin(sel)
And he would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin' in.
You're all invited over to see Jed in his array
To have some fun and watch his lights, cause Jed is there to stay...

For a few weeks that is.  Set a spell.  Take yer boots off.

Y'all come over now, ya hear? 

And here are the three great folks from Val's Floral who have done Jed a great justice!  Sharon, Lawrence and Pat.  They made Jed one happy tree, not to mention all of us who work at the Forest Centre!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sharon Kent, you have, as of this moment, posted your 1,000th blog entry!!!

Yes, you have blabbed, yakked, expressed, yelled, communicated, passed along, put across, acknowledged and conveyed 1,000  blog posts......mostly unwarranted, unending, long-winded words of wisdom, to the masses.

And where exactly does this get you, Sharon Kent?

Absolutely nowhere!

Do you know how long these 1,000 entries have taken you to compile? 

No!  I didn't think so!

If you spent 30 minutes on each blog post.....that would be around...ouuuuu....500 hours!

And that would be sitting at your computer for 20 solid days, 24/7 non-stop.

Yes, Sharon Kent, you have used up 20 whole days of your life, telling stories, making stupid comments, trying to encourage folks with your dim-witted sayings, and thrown a few pictures into the mix.  You had better consider if you really want to fritter away another 20 days of your life doing the same kind of thing for another 1,000 blog posts!  You really should consider whether all this blathering makes any difference at all....to anyone!

I shall leave the decision to you, Sharon Kent.

In the meantime, yes, CONGRATULATIONS!   (and you don't win a danged thing).

Although we could send you a Blogger T-shirt, I suppose.....

Now go and watch your Riders whip Montreal!

Ya, I even do blog posts to myself.  Weird eh? 

BTW, husband and I lit our first Advent Candle today as we sat down to lunch.  Here is the candle of Hope.

Ya, I HOPE the Riders win......but I guess that's not quite the kind of hope this particular candle represents.  This one is for the Hope we have in our God.

Update:  Oh Riders...my goodness.  Perhaps next year....:(

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doin' the shuffle....

That's what I did today as we went from one place to another.  I was slow but managed to get to where I wanted to go without too much attention being drawn to my shuffling self....I think.

I went back to one store to see if they had two more picture frames the same as the one I had purchased several weeks ago.  When the one was bought, there were several there.  Today...not a one.  So, I went to a different store and purchased two the same size overall but a bit different matting and frame.  They work.

The next thing was to put them together with the right kind of picture for the frame, which I did.

Then came husband's work.  The attempting to get the two new frames to fit exactly on either side of the one that was already on the wall.  Oh my.  Let's just say....it was an interesting time.  All three are now on the wall however they ended up.  We won't change them now!!!  They look pretty fine actually.  Two of the pictures are Matt's of India and Nepal and one is mine of Waskesiu.

In between times there was the usual house cleaning and a bit of laundry.  This kind of thing has been curtailed somewhat of late with the back thing happening.  Still sore but at least I got to leave the apartment for a bit today. 

Oh, and I won the door prize at St. Mark's Bazaar.  WOW!  A great basket full of everything from various types of chocolates to specialty coffee....plus a mug, Christmas napkins, Christmas tea towel, hot chocolate, cherry pie filling, pitted black olives, creamy spinach dip, Kraft dinner and wine...plus much more!!!  I was so excited I didn't even take a picture of it.  Many of our neighbors in the apartment complex make their church home at St. Mark's, so we went and bought up plenty of things which would constitute being a good neighbor!  It was great!

And now to the theatre with Shannon and Brittney.  We're going to see "Morning Glory" with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton at.....get this......9:20 p.m.!!!  That's waaaaaaaay past my bed time.  And tomorrow I have to get my lazy butt out of bed by 7:15!!! We're having breakfast at church and it's the first Sunday in Advent!  Oh, the things we do for love.:)

Just hope and pray this back of mine holds out.....

Friday, November 26, 2010


It's a tradition in our home to deorate the place for the Christmas Season.  That is a tradition handed down from my parents to me.  Mom would tack up some packing string wall to wall and hang up the Christmas cards as quickly as the post man would bring them.  There would be paper streamers of red and green wound around from corners of the room to the centre with paper fold out bells to match hanging from the middle of the living room ceiling.

As a child, we would go into the bush somewhere across the river, usually on a Saturday afternoon and chop down a tree, one which Mother would give her approving nod. It would come home atop the car and brought into the house to stand overnight on the bare kitchen floor to thaw out for next days decorating.  It was a huge deal.  It really was the most exciting time of the year.  Mother had kept the glass balls covered in paper stored in a large "Chiquita Banana" box up in the attic....and later in the basement under the stairs.  The golden garland and home-made deorations were all there too and she placed each one on the tree with great care....after Dad had strung the lights, of course.  It was truly a family affair and we could hardly sleep for the excitement of it all.  The pungent aroma of pine hung in the air...in every room....reminding us of the beauty of the season and of nature.

So, is it any wonder that a tradition so full of marvelous, precious memories passed on to me, would make me now known as the "Christmas Queen"!  It is because of tradition that I have such a desire to make this season special and memorable for my own children.  I desire to pass this on....this feeling of wonder, of goodness and of charity.  Of course Christmas isn't only a feeling, it's a reality that something wonderous has happened in the world, something that can help the world to change for the better.

I pray that you and yours will experience the wonder of Christmas...the wonder of new life and hope and love and peace.

Sunday, we will light the first Advent candle, reminding us of hope....the hope we have in Christ, who was born to this world to be an example of God's unending love for us.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keep those drugs coming....

Drugs are amazing.  They can help one overcome most any type of pain known to humanity.

So, ya.  They seem to be helping me along with my back problem.  I can bend, jump, lay down, stand, make faces, sit and go sideways.  I just can't walk.

And how was your day?

Good thing I began Christmas decorating a week or so ago!

Can't imagine trying to decorate with a sore back....guess that's where dear husband does his husband-y things.....holding this and that, me telling him how far it should go up or down...or sideways.  He's usually pretty patient with me...:)

We shall await the tree.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New ways....

That's what I'm doing...finding new ways to get around with this painful back situation.

I find if I only move my right foot forward and bring the left one up to meet it, instead of the normal left, right, left, right with either foot moving forward...I'm OK...kind of.  At least it's not as painful but a whole whole bucket load slower. 

Being a bit giddy with these muscle relaxants, I'm enjoying my time at home immensely.:-)


Say, that felt good, raising my voice a bit there.

My co-workers took good care of me too, today.  One brought me flowers and chocolates...how dear and sweet of her.  One plugged in my heating pad, having to crawl under my desk to do it.  One put letterhead paper in the color printer while I printed out about 40 letters at various times of the morning and she also put all the letters into the mail bucket for me.  Another one brought coffee to me while another one pulled out a chair for me to sit on while the coffee was being poured.

My church friend also took over my responsibility of reading the children's story for me tonight at Kid's club....on the spur of the moment!  As I've said before, I do hate ditching at the last moment!

See what I mean about how great my friends and co-workers are.  I swear I am the most fortunate person on the earth....oh wait....maybe it's just the drugs talkin'.....but I don't think so.  I can't imagine not being around these dear folks when I retire in a year or so (Lord willing).  I know times change and circumstances change, even relationships with friends can change.....well, I suppose today is not the day to think about that....

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Husband brought my favorite candy to me today...bless his blasted heart.  I'm a sucker for Licorice Allsorts.

I'd surely appreciate your prayers for this back to heal....thanks.....thanks alot!

We shall end the day with a few more frosty pics....

'Nite and blessings on you and all in your household.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OK what's next....

That's what I'm saying here...what's next?  Bring it on....

Actually, this afternoon brought it on.  I moved around my desk to turn around and go backwards a few feet and ended up with a pain in my back and down my leg like nothing I've yet experienced.   Not sure what I did.  Yet another setback in my busy, lively schedule.  I've had the heating pad on my right hip all evening.  Went to get up and YIKES!!!

Perhaps a therapist will be in order tomorrow....physio, that is.

Seems like it's one dang thing after another these days.  As I said to a friend yesterday....or was that today???.....we're just fallin' apart.  Old age does that...:)  And our memory begins to be not quite what it used to be....:)  Anyway, I say, if we forget what day it is, it's OK.....when we find out, it could be a nice surprise to find out it's a Friday!

I really hope tomorrow is Wednesday, otherwise I'm up the creek....

Now to get up from this computer and attempt to walk to the bathroom for a shower and take some kind of muscle relaxant...but I better take that AFTER I shower.  I don't want husband to find me relaxin' at the bottom of the tub!

I'd like to go to sleep now and dream of finer days.....

I feel much better already.  Sleep well.....

Monday, November 22, 2010


That's what today was about.  Emails coming out my toenails, opening up some cards and presents left on my desk from someone I will always hold dear but has gone on to further her career, letters to get ready to send out tomorrow, and catching up on people and what they've been up to for the past five days I've been away sick. 

I must say though, it is a bit sad when a particular boss didn't even know I was away and most other folks did.  Oh well, I have learned long ago that my life and the living of it, is not the centre of the universe.  Some people never do learn that lesson and they go on with life not realizing how important other people are to their own lives, their own well being.  They don't hear others.  They can't hear others because when you are the centre of your own universe, there are no others....just you.....and at the end of life, there is no one to care whether you have lived on this earth or not.  Being the centre of your own universe would be a lonely and difficult road to travel.  One would constantly be forced to look inward towards self, so there would be no point of reference as to how ones life is progressing.  It is a sad scenario, to be sure.

And having said all of that, who am I to judge others motives or lack thereof.  I only see what is on the outside of a human being.  I don't know circumstances, inner thoughts, beliefs, and reasonings of everyone I see.  So, I need to be wary of making a call on another's character...it could very well be me who is being judged by another!

Hey, I headed into a bit of a tirade of sorts, didn't I!

Yes, it was a catch-up kind of a day.  It was good to hear people talk and express their feelings...even their complaints.  Expressing ones self is vital to ones health!  And having daughter and granddaughter over for supper, followed by a Skype chat with son, has ended my day very well.

I guess the Advent wreath represents everything that is offered to me in life...love, joy, peace, hope and Christ, who is the centre of all those things.

Good night all you folks in blogger land.  May your dreams be peaceful.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You should be in bed....

and so should I.  Look!  It's getting up to 11 p.m.

I had such a dreadful sleep last night, I'm almost afraid this night will be a repeat.  Dang hormones!!!!!!

Well, the Harry Potter movie was just as boring as the last one.  I'm just not into these movies/books.  But daughter and granddaughter seemed to enjoy themselves.  For me, it was either football or Harry Potter....let's see....not much to choose from....so I chose to be with my girls...a no brainer.

Crikey, it's cold out there too this night.  Plugged in the old block heater so the car will start in the frosty A.M.

And this apartment is incredibly warm for being in the minus 20's.  We haven't touched the thermostat yet and the place remains a lovely constant +21C. 

And now, as I say, let's all hit the hay.
Ya, there's some hay for ya'.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A little bit more....

I got up and did a bit more Christmas decorating.  Kind of fun making the apartment look festive.  Decorations always tend to go up so much more easily than the taking down although getting them up and attached to walls that can't have holes or tape, etc. make it somewhat of a challenge!

But it's beginning to look good.  And having my English stubborn streak come out, I insisted to husband that we NEED to find a way to get my lovely lighted garland up one wall, across the ceiling and down the other wall.  It was a challenge but he found a way.  I won't say how exactly, but it involved screws into metal and white hanging (removable) hooks.  It's up!  It looks grand.  Husband CAN be innovative when I insist upon it!

Now we shall await the tree within the next 3 or so weeks.  I have the spot all planned and ready.  It may not be quite as large a tree as last year but it will be REAL and at least six feet high.

Yes, I really do love this season....:-)

Next Sunday is the First Sunday in Advent...the beginning of the Christmas Season.  Oh, and Grey Cup Day to boot!  Now if Saskatchewan can just get their act together tomorrow, we'll have it made....?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Still tired....

After lazing in bed for three days trying to get over whatever it is I have, I need to now get moving  and up and about.  One tends to get even more tired without some kind of exercise.  Appetite is slowly coming back...drats....and I ate a bit of supper.  Guess that's a good indication of my recovery.

I did manage to get up for a few minutes to take a few pictures while the sun shone on my roses.

They aren't coming out in their fullness like they should.  I'm thinking with the past cold weather, even with paper over them, their delicateness has been slightly touched with frost.  Nevertheless, they are lovely.

Sleep well, my friends...

What the hey???...

Three weeks ago I was a dutiful citizen of the Prince Albert Health Region and received my yearly flu shot...so what's this all about...new strain of bird/mammal/reptile flu???  Whatever...

I actually got up this afternoon to have a look about and to view the goings on outside.  Beauty.

Hmmm...I ran out of photo space on my blog last evening and had to purchase more from Google.  So this really is from yesterday's storm.

Then husband bought me some lovely roses to admire during my illness.  More beauty.

This was taken with a flash.  Later on today when the sun shines, I shall try to get some shots with the natural light.  Yellow roses with red on their insides half way down each peal.  Oh my.....I can't stop looking at them.  How such loveliness can grow amazes me.....and I thank God for his creativity in both color and design!

Monday, November 15, 2010


The sermon yesterday by Pastor Seth, was about obedience.  Then in our Sunday School class we also talked about obedience...about what it is and ways in which we can be obedient to God.  One wayI never thought of before was to use our gifts as a way of being obedient to God.  Now, if you're like me, the normal reaction would be to say...what gifts...I don't really have any gifts of significance and certainly not to share with others.

I've been thinking about that.  I guess I have come to the conclusion that yes, we do have gifts.  Some gifts are more evident than others, some are more developed than others but even the ones we think we are best at, probably need a lot more developing.  I become afraid of using gifts when I think to myself that my gifts may not even BE what I think they are.  And if they are what I think they are, I'm afraid to use them to any extent for fear of being criticized by others and to make it worse, that I wouldn't be criticized to my face.  I would far rather be offered constructive criticism than to have others whisper something like "I hope she doesn't think she's good at _____ (fill in the blank), because she really isn't!"  However, if we begin to use our gift in order to become better at it, then we are fulfilling God's desire for us to be obedient.  Not that we should brag, or boast, or let others know about this gift, but to use it humbly to encourage, and uplift and help others along in life.  For many of us, pride begins to set in and we actually believe it US who are responsible for having these gifts, that WE are so good at _____ (fill in the blank).  I believe offering ourselves to God to be used however he wishes and wherever he desires is the best thing we can do.  When we do that, we become less and God becomes more.  It is a matter of the heart...of not only doing what is good and right but knowing deep down that it really IS right.

It is true for everything where God is concerned.  He desires us to learn and change and become and move forward in this life.  For some of us, it takes a lifetime...but along the way, we meet people who become good examples to us and parts of us change because of what we have seen in others.  So too, when we ourselves are the ones being the good example, others also change a tiny bit because of what they have seen in us.  We are, as my son said to me today, "integral to one another" (as in 'Essential or necessary for completeness' according to the dictionary).

Guess that's enough for one night. 

By the way, thanks for how your life has touched mine and changed me into a better person.  I will always be grateful for that gift.

Here are a few pictures of the "Deb Farewell"...friends/co-workers/retirees....who have become a part of me, of who I am.

I will miss this little guy a whole lot when he moves
away...he too, has left an impression on my heart.